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  1. Am I correct when assuming that since Blue Iris integrates with C4 , any blue iris compatible cameras will integrate as well?
  2. I'd like to put an older LG model 42LW5300 in my fianc├ęs work out room and stick an EA1 behind it in hopes of her being able to see a camera at the front door. The only reason I ask is that I had trouble with basic function of a JVC tv using the Savant Pro system( I know it's not the same brand but almost every dealer I talk to tries to sell me on Sony or Samsung). I don't mind buying into those brands but if I don't have to then I won't. Luckily the Savant remote worked okay in the LG I am asking about but in my head, only Sony and Samsung will do. Anyone know if that model will work an what functionality it would have?
  3. I wasn't sure if LG had tvs that were ip controlled. What are the best options for those without?
  4. That's awesome. So many more devices integrate than I expected.
  5. Are they controlled through ip?
  6. Do you have experience with Amcrest? I have a PTZ if that will integrate.
  7. Gotcha. That's cool. Maybe I'll wait and see if the technology gets better then. I appreciate all the info everyone.
  8. Maybe I'm misguided. My thought was this. I have three sensors plus the thermostat. My daughter's room is the coldest. All say 75 but hers says 73. If I include all in the sleep mode, it averages to 74 but that doesn't really make it colder in my room. It just prevents her Room from getting colder. Am I wrong regarding the temp sensors? thanks for telling me about the vents! Maybe that is the solution I'm looking for in the end.
  9. thank you everyone for the info and suggestions. I will look at this again. I like having remote temperature sensors but at the end of the day, it's just information. I can't really do anything about it. I have looked at smart vents but was told by my HVAC tech it's not a good idea to shut vents off. I may just go with the offering from Control4
  10. The reason I went ecobee is because of the remote sensors. The ladies in the house complain a lot so it was nice having proof.
  11. That's a bummer about the Nest dying. I wasn't sure how well the C4 thermostat worked. It I guess you are right, a thermostat is a thermostat. I have had had support from ecobee try to help me. I can't remember what we discussed. I can call them again. Like I said, here in Florida there aren't many opportunities to test the heat.
  12. Don't get me wrong... I'm very open to the idea that I have done something wrong.
  13. It is causing issues with the auxiliary heat. I'm in Florida so please know it isn't all of the time. The last several weeks or so it has switched to auxiliary. I had my AC company out to look at the upstairs unit for an unrelated issue. I had him look at it and he didn't think it was performing correctly. He looked at the wiring and it was fine. Basically I'm waking up to a freezing house because the heat shuts off due to the aux heat running for greater than 180 minutes. Makes the ladies in the house very unhappy. I was wondering if I'd be better off with a slightly dumber thermostat that can connect by wifi or zigbee.
  14. Hey guys, just winderung if if you could comment on the best choice for thermostat. I currently have an Ecobee3 but it is causing problems with my system. There are plenty of choices but I'd really like it to work well with C4. I'm also seeing similar stories about the nest thermostat acting funny.