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  1. Drake0508

    Doorbird Chime

    Taking a picture is a great idea. Never thought of it. I contacted Doorbird but that is one of their issues. It takes forever for someone to get back to you. Thanks!
  2. Drake0508

    Doorbird Chime

    Yes. But unfortunately I don’t have the QR code for the chime. It was removed from my account so I have no way of adding it without the code.
  3. Drake0508

    Doorbird Chime

    It did. Just like my doorbell. Problem is I have my code for the doorbell but have no clue where the one for the chime is.
  4. Drake0508

    Doorbird Chime

    Not exactly C4 but I’m having trouble installing a Doorbird Chime. I cannot find the Digital passport for it. Has anyone ever had this issue?
  5. Drake0508

    Modes Agent Cintegration

    That is awesome. I have automations that I don’t want to happen until that mode changes. Not time of day. Or sunset, but the second we want our home in “Night” mode.
  6. Drake0508

    Modes Agent Cintegration

    Can anyone comment on the Modes Agent? I came from a DIY system. It was really unreliable but it ran based on modes. It was really nice to program sensors to do different things based on the mode of the house. Just wondering if this is similar.
  7. Drake0508

    Great Deal on Kasa plugs

    That’s a great deal. They work really well. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Drake0508


  9. Drake0508

    Regular US outlets and c4

    Just paid $8 per outlet for the GE model st Lowe’s. It’s in an outdoor box. Should be okay, right?
  10. Drake0508


    Is watercop sold through C4? If not , what version should I be looking for?
  11. Drake0508

    Smoke Detectors

    . I agree price is a huge problem.
  12. Drake0508

    Smoke Detectors

    I use Nest and I love it. Also hey morion lights at night for my daughter. Works really well.
  13. I have it installed and am running a Schlage lock right now. I have 4 GE outlets that I had from a previous hub but have not paired them yet. So far the lock is working out really nicely.
  14. I can say that I came from DIY and making the system do whatever I wanted was easy. The hard part was keeping it reliable. It is sort of frustrating that I cannot add anything to my controller but overall, I’m really happy with the system. But I would be aware that there are good options for DIY out there and some of them are very powerful.
  15. Drake0508

    Would you do it all over again?

    Anyone have experience with other pro systems that might be able to give comparisons? I really wanted a Savant system when o started hunting but went with Control4 based on the third party support. Anyone had Savant and can compare the two for us?