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  1. Pushing down the “ok” button and holding it down. It has function with the Apple remote. My C4 remote won’t do it.
  2. Sorry to jump in but does anyone know if the “hold” function works yet?
  3. Drake0508

    Nest Secure

    All I was able to do was program C4 to run my home and away activities based on the home and away status of the thermostat. So I still have to arm the system but it will run away in C4. I just would rather do everything through the C4 app.
  4. Drake0508

    Nest Secure

    Nope. I have tried several things. I tried getting my nest thermostat to set to away, in hopes it would arm the alarm. It won’t unless you change the nest app to away directly through the app. Bummer.
  5. Drake0508

    *** NEW *** Is Composer HE down AGAIN?

    Mine is down as well.
  6. Mine has been working fine since the patch but I came home to a disconnected ecober3 again so I had to log in to reconnect. Unfortunately it started showing unable to connect. What would cause it to happen again?
  7. Hey guys, I’ve been trying to get this Nest security system to arm and disarm based on the home or away status in the Nest app. I set my C4 “away” to change the thermostat to away. The problem is that Nest seems to know that I didn’t go into their app and choose away. I spoke with someone earlier who is able to get this to work with Homeseer. The plug in he uses has a separate “presence” simulator. Does anyone know if someone has anything similar to this in Control4?
  8. Not always connected. Also I believe the closed OS of the iPad probable doesn’t allow for some of those options. I do have a hard time even thinking about spending the money on a T3. They are extremely overpriced. Remember, they are android tablets. I’ve never owned an android tablet for longer than 1 year due to buggy OS. It just seems like a lot of money for what it is.
  9. Drake0508

    Ecobee3 Integration

    So I happened to notice that my nest protect shows when it loses power. I was able to track it back and the ecobee integration drops everything we have a quick power outage. My nest thermostat doesn’t lose its connection like the ecobee does. Is there something I can do to keep the ecobee from disconnecting from the driver even power goes out? I live in Florida and it happens often. The IP address and MAC address is the same (if that even matters)
  10. Drake0508

    Nice new Fire tablet dock

    I heard that amazon is going to lock the Fire tablets down to prevent loading Google Play on them. Has anyone else heard that?
  11. Drake0508

    Ecobee Driving Me Nuts

    Internet is solid. I usually have to go into Composer and request a new token to connect.
  12. Hey guys. I’m seriously going insane here. I came home this evening and pressed my “I’m home” button. After about an hour, it becasme obvious that my thermostat was not responding to the system. I opened the app and the thermostat has a blank circle and all of the temp sensors have three dots where the temperature should be. The navigator screen also still shows just three dots and not the set temp. This is the 7th total time I’ve had it disconnect, the last two have been since connected to the C4 driver. Can anyone please share with me any isedul tips or tricks to keeping this thing connected? I had it integrated with a Samsung SmartThings hub and only had this happen once in three years. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Drake0508

    Control4 Ecobee Driver

  14. Drake0508

    Control4 Ecobee Driver

    Since I’ve changed from the Blackwire driver to the official C4 version, I’ve lost the setpoint temp on the icon on the navigator. Anyone else have that problem? It just shows three dots.
  15. Thanks! I definitely followed all the steps. I will delet and start over to make sure I didn’t mess something up.