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  1. Drake0508

    Smart outlets

    I am using Ge z-wave outlets and they work really well. They also work locally and are reasonably priced. Of course, you have to have z-wave working.
  2. I bought Lutron just to avoid Zigbee. At the time there was no z-wave support in Control4. Now that there is, I keep to z-wave whenever possible. I always had interference with WiFi when I ran Zigbee.
  3. Drake0508

    iOS App Crashing

    If love a solution. I just got my wife completely on board with a “one app” lifestyle and bows she’s grouching again!
  4. Anyone else using the Schlage lock have issues with the user code screen malfunctioning? I thought it was due to being far away from the controller but the lovk status still updates. When I open the lock page, it only opens halfway and is missing the user codes.
  5. I did it on my Fire tablet but not he show. I’ll have to look at the app I used to grab the notification.
  6. Drake0508

    in-wall outlet

    So far so good! For $9.99 on sale, can’t beat it. They also fixed my range issue with my Schlage door lock. It is an older version and not Z-wave plus so the distance from the module was far. Has worked perfectly since integrating them.
  7. Drake0508

    IOS App

    Camera view page keeps force closing my app. I also wish the watch app would work.
  8. Drake0508

    in-wall outlet

    Just installed 4 GE outlets with z-wave. I will let you know how they work as soon as I get them added. They were $9 each at Lowe’s on clearance.
  9. Drake0508

    Wemo Smart Plug

    And they are $18 on Amazon right now.
  10. Drake0508

    Neeo Remote for Pro Channel

    Anyone know when it will be available?
  11. Drake0508

    iOS App Crashing

    Yep. I’m on 12.1
  12. Drake0508

    iOS App Crashing

    I was hoping a reset of the devices would fix it. No deal.
  13. Anyone else having trouble with the app crashing? It’s happening on my iPhone and my iPads. It seems to only do it when I open my security camera feeds.
  14. Drake0508

    Buying switches elsewhere?

    Ouch. That’s not good at all.
  15. Drake0508

    Buying switches elsewhere?

    I admit that z-wave is new to some of the dealers. It doesn’t act the same as the zigbee stuff. I just happened to run into a guy that knew how to handle it. The Schlage is a solid lock and works well. I’d prefer you get it working. I know it’s frustrating to have everything spread out across apps.