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  1. It’s been bad since I first downloaded it. I called Control4 and they had me close the app and reopen. It worked for a day or so but now it isn’t worth opening.
  2. Geofencing

    I am currently using a Lutron Caseta Lamp module as a presence sensor and have set up automations in Homekit to turn it off and on. I then tied the lamp module to a routine in Control4 using Composer. Because Homekit supports multiple family members, I’ve been able to run my Home routine when the first person arrives, and my away routine when the last person leaves. It’s been pretty solid for a week or so. Just wondering if there is a better solution that I’m not thinking of. I’m trying to get away from relying on multiple systems to perform automations. Thanks in advance.
  3. Clare Control Control 4 Driver

    So I should be able to have it show up like the rest of my security cameras? That would be great.
  4. Clare Control Control 4 Driver

    Does the Clare doorbell need to be connected to an NVR to work? Has anyone integrated the Hikvision or LTS yet?
  5. Anyone mess around with Automatic or Automatic Pro for presence detection?
  6. Nest Secure

  7. Nest Secure

    I just spoke with Nest. Apparently the nest thermostat can arm and disarm the Nest Secure by switching from home and away. Does anyone know if the nest thermostat driver can change the home and away mode as opposed to setting temperature set points? In theory, I could have the Nest Secure arm or disarm when I use my “leaving” or “home” routine in C4 if the nest driver will focus on home and away in the Nest app.
  8. Bond Ceiling Fan Controller

    Agreed. Control of the light when you are in the room is no big deal. It’s for automations like “away” that it’s tricky. I agree though. I has a ton of potential. It’s been very reliable.
  9. Bond Ceiling Fan Controller

    Awesome! The only complaint I have about r is that the light button is just a toggle. There is no way of know Esther the light is on or off. The Dan control is solid though.
  10. C4 Tech in Tampa Bay, FL - RELOCATION/SIGNING BONUS

    Absolutely! I’d like to see more of these systems in healthcare facilities as well. That is my speciality. I’m right down ithe road in Wesley Chapel. I’m ready!
  11. Lutron Caseta Stopped Working

    Yep. Everything else works on the C4 controller. I’m pulling my hair out. I’ll have my programmer take a look again but the Lutron app works fine.
  12. Lutron Caseta Stopped Working

    Exactly what I thought at first but it didn’t.
  13. Nest Secure

    Thanks for the info! I didn’t know that. I’ll look into it.
  14. C4 Tech in Tampa Bay, FL - RELOCATION/SIGNING BONUS

    Train me and I’ll do it!
  15. Nest Secure

    I have a Concord panel in my house but I like the way the Nest system looks and especially like the quiet open feature. For my use case, it would work very well.