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  1. Caseta Integration

    Thanks guys!
  2. Hey guys, For anyone using the Caseta integration, does the Lutron thermostat cross over in the integration? Or is it left out?
  3. I know you are trying to get away from hubs but I have been very pleased with my Lutron Caseta switches. They are cheaper than C4 and are rock solid. You can install them yourself and do not require a neutral wire.
  4. Nest protect integration

    Awesome! I have several Halo detectors and was wondering if it would be worth swapping them out.
  5. Nest protect integration

    Are the protects able to run a lighting even or flash porch lights of smoke is detected? It looks like it will only send notifications and maybe control the color of the ring. Is that correct?
  6. Honestly the are sold by a guy on the SmartThings Facebook group. $35 for the dock and $39 I paid for the Fire tablet.
  7. Kindle Fire HD8 and Control4 android app

    Load google play and install fully kiosk and Dakboard. It will work great.
  8. I know a guy who makes these docks for all of the Fire tablets. They work very well. Once you load google play on them, they can use all of the great programs androids are able to work with.
  9. Clare Control Control 4 Driver

    Awesome! Thanks for the info. I don’t see Ring allowing that anytime soon.
  10. Clare Control Control 4 Driver

    Does it supper video stream or just button press?
  11. Clare Control Control 4 Driver

    Seems promising for integration.
  12. Hey guys, Just unloading this controller and remote. Controller has the power cord and three IR blasters. The remote is battery powered. Taking offers. Thanks! Having trouble uploading pictures to he site so email me for pics.
  13. Clare Control Control 4 Driver

    Looks like the Clare Vision app is identical to my iVMS app. It discovered all of my Hikvision cameras in the same way. Interested!
  14. Does anyone know if there is integration with Axis Companion? They appear to be stripped down models with less features than the Axis standard line. I like the interface and Axis appears to be a nice camera.
  15. IP Cameras - best integration

    Huge help! Thanks so much. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to cameras.