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  1. Axis24

    Security system

    There is no way in any universe that GE is better then Honeywell! I have both types in use and GE has the least amount of abilities. It was "OK" on setup and connectivity. That's where it ends.
  2. Axis24

    Ea audio issues

    They have been having some issues with that. I have been dealing with a few like that. A few things to try are checking the network tools and make sure it had a proper boot up. Make sure you are on the most current version of the firmware. If you are having issues with Napter there is a patch for it. Control4 has told me to add a speaker point into the project. Make a room for it, add the speaker point, make sure it bound to the room audio end points. Then run an audio test. If that fails, then a factory reset is next. After all that, Control 4 tech support can log in and run a test as well. These are the steps I have taken. So far they seem to help. Good Luck!
  3. Yes they make the ability to retro great! Gives the ability to do many great things when integrated! They allow a lot of flexibility with the programming. When originally programmed it's a toggle. You can program 2 buttons, one as on and the other as off if desired, but typically just left as a toggle. If you wanted the up down arrows, you can make them ramp the lighting load up and down, or hold the programmed button and it will also ramp. And you are welcome!
  4. The short answer, yes it is customizable and able to control the load it is attached to. If the C4 system goes down then it would not be able to control any other light except itself, if you programmed one of the buttons to control the load it is attached to.
  5. Axis24

    Audio Matrix vs Video Matrix

    I use video and audio matrix is most jobs. Programming is not complicated and it works just fine.
  6. Why don't you just add the Wattbox drivers into your project and control it that way? Then you don't need OvrC.
  7. Unmanaged. No need for managed switch for C4 integration.
  8. Not sure if Lurton Shades has a European decision, but it's a thought.
  9. Sony. Drivers are certified. I have had the least amount of issues using these drivers. Just make sure you are using a LAN connection not WiFi.
  10. Here is an option. www.nycesensors.com
  11. Axis24

    Keypad LED/HVAC

    There ya go! That looks like a good place lol.
  12. Roku would be better. The new Apple TV with Netflix is not a user friendly as the old 3rd gen ATV. Roku is IP controllable as well.
  13. In the past I have used Sonos Connect to make this work. With the change of the API, C4 is saying there is new drivers to make it work. Autonomic would be my other suggestion.
  14. There was a known bug with certain dimmers. I believe they had a patch for this. Trust me I'm not saying 2.9 is perfect. Any and every update they have come out with and will come out with will have issues. This product is scaleable for small or large installs. It works for so many applications that the deployment of a firmware update will never be perfect. If you read the notes on the update features and it looks as if there is something that peaks your interest, upgrade. If your system is running fine and none of the features catch your eye, then sty where you are.
  15. Axis24

    Keypad LED/HVAC

    No worries. Glad I could help a little.