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  1. spjuenger

    OS 2.9.1 out

    I have not upgraded to 2.9.1 yet. But as of yesterday, none of my Alexa commands work. It keeps telling me the device is not responding.
  2. Controller reboot fixed this issue.
  3. Alan, You should update the documentation to reflect the changes that IFTTT has made.
  4. spjuenger

    Alexa or Google Home Response

    You cannot ask the amazon echo devices what commands are available. You can through Composer HE print all available commands for your system.
  5. Digital Media is not hidden and I did refresh the navigators. So when I select Cable 1 in the master Cable 1 plays over the speakers. On my T3 I select active zones and it shows "Master" -> "Cable 1". When I selected "Pandora" in the master and I selected "active zones", master does not show up. The only way I can get Pandora to stop is to turn the master room off.
  6. No zones are not hidden under listen.
  7. Pandora is not hidden under the listen menu. The icons show under the listen menu. I guess I don't understand this. Maybe this isn't something I can change in HE?
  8. The zones show up for all audio sources such as TVs, just not Pandora. Do you mean that audio sources are hidden under listen? I'm not sure it is a connection problem. When I select Pandora 1 everything works (minus showing up in the active zones list), when I select Pandora 2 is plays whatever is on Pandora 1. If I have two zones running with Pandora 1 in one room and Pandora 2 in a different room, they both play the same thing. If I change the station in Pandora 1 it changes the station on Pandora 2.
  9. After upgrading my EA5 to 2.9, Pandora no longer shows up in the active zones list. It is really annoying to have to change rooms and shut the room off to kill the pandora stream, especially when my wife puts all 15 zones on. I also lost my second Pandora Channel. The icon for Pandora 2 is still there but it is tied to Pandora 1. Is this something that can be fixed through configurations or do I need to wait for a patch?
  10. spjuenger

    Alexa Watch Release (CoWatch)

    Just speaking for myself, but every "smart" watch I've owned (4 so far) has been nothing more than a notification viewer. Something to keep me from having to pull out my phone while in meetings. I don't "create" anything on my watch, just view data. Making calls on my Apple Watch is just a silly user experience. Two things I see from an unbiased opinion are platform independence, works with iPhone and Android phones. And, it has Alexa on your wrist, a truly useful capability. If this Watch had a big name attached to it, Amazon or Samsung, it was be an instant purchase for me. But, I don't "play" on my watch.
  11. Great timing with the Control4 release of their Alexa integration. https://www.engadget.com/2016/09/21/the-cowatch-brings-amazons-alexa-to-your-wrist-starting-today/
  12. spjuenger

    Add Room to Audio with Keypad

    Thanks CyKnight. Your solution worked!
  13. spjuenger

    Add Room to Audio with Keypad

    Thanks for the info tyler. I'll give it a try when I get home.
  14. I'm trying to set a keypad button to turn on and add the kitchen to the audio that is playing in the great room of my house. I have been success in setting the button to set the kitchen audio to a specific source such as the cable box, but I have not been able to "copy" what is playing in the great room. Is this outside the realm of the "Home" edition?