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  1. Plex

    With Alan’s plex driver does anyone else have the issue that you cannot scroll past a certain number of movies when on all movies. On mine once I hit movies starting with the letter I I cannot see more movies without having to go directly to the Roku plex driver or searching by letter or name. to be clear if I go my movies, movies, all movies once I get to movies that start with H I cannot scroll any further. Never worked right since day 1.
  2. RCA TV Driver

    Thank you. I will ask them to try it.
  3. RCA TV Driver

    Is there an RCA tv driver that supports HDMI outputs? My dealer is telling me there is not. But is there not a generic tv driver that will work? TV is RCA RTR3261
  4. I have 3 DCS-5030L D-Link cameras and a DCS-7010L D-Link Camera. Can they be integrated into Control 4?
  5. I have 2 Hikvision cameras outdoors. They are only 1.3 mp though so would like to upgrade and maybe add one more outdoors and one inside. Is there a list of Hikvision cameras that are able to be integrated into Control 4 or do they all work? Also is there anyway to access your tv controls (brightness, picture settings, etc) using the Control 4 remote? Kind of annoying to find the tv remote each time you want to adjust picture settings although I rarely change them. Just curious.
  6. When I click on my movies it asks me to login to plex. I do that and it says logged into plex home. Successfully logged in. Jump to library? I click on browse library and it takes me back to the login required screen. Has been like this for a week. Is this a driver issue?
  7. $649.99 Canadian @ bestbuy.ca for connect amp. I guess I should have clarified Canadian. I am going to price out the c4 audio matrix and some type of Yamaha amp. I guess I don't need anything fancy in terms of the amp. I will likely sell all the Sonos equipment as I believe going the way above gives me the most flexibility and probably considerably cheaper (than continuing down the Sonos path) in the long run.Thanks for the help.
  8. Msgreen, never said you cursed, I clearly said you were rude. I never said I wasn't rude. I was just rude after you were 2 times. Plain and simple. I actually was not the first one to curse, unless you call shit a curse then yes I was. Whoever this guys is took it up a notch by calling me an ahole. I have a right to defend myself and absolutely will. I never started any of it and quite frankly would rather just move on. In terms of the actual question which we can hopefully just talk about going forward, if I went with c4 8 zone amp does it have a digital input? I have a EA-5 and a leaf 10 x 10 matrix. I want to have at least 2 sets of outdoor speakers with the ability to run different inputs at the same time. Right now I use Sonos amp to run my one set of outdoor speakers and could get another Sonos amp for $650 to run the other set but that seems steep price wise every time you decide to add an independent outdoor source for a product that seems to be becoming less and less integrated in C4.
  9. Classy. Actually get the facts straight. I asked a question. Got a response that was rude. Called that person on it asked them not to do that and then got a second rude response. But an illiterate f$$k like you wouldn't be able to comprehend that. No one asked you anything. So sit down and STFU. Keep hiding behind your keyboard. Cause anytime you want to meet face to face let me know.
  10. My post was answered by others. There was no humor in the response. I don't come on here for lectures.
  11. I asked you politely to move on. Your post count does not matter. Content actually matters. Helping others matters. You just like reading your own posts? Stick to the point as most of your posts tend to fall into self promotion or know it all category. Better yet don't waste my time and post when I ask a question as I am sick of your shit. Dealer sold it to me. What can you do? You say anything and they just plead the 5th and we only have one main dealer in our area. They did give me a supposed deal on the EA-5. Who said it has to be either or? Can't someone make a product that looks good and has excellent quality. You should reread the third post as you obviously missed the underlying reason for bringing up the look. Thanks for the helpful post.
  12. I buy my electronics by specs as well and EXPECT the look to be alright. There is no denying the look of the amps is outdated. Your comment about looks is not useful so let's move on.
  13. Because it does. Why do you/most people care what your car looks like? Or why do they even bother to paint their products if they are just going to be put in a rack? Because look does matter. More to the point because of the old look it leads me to believe that they must be coming out with a newer version at some point. Realizing that no one has a crystal ball I was trying to see if anyone had any insight as to how soon that may be. I don't want to spend the money twice as I got burned buying the 1000 one month before the EA-5 came out.
  14. I have 6-8 zones right now but could reach 10-12 at some point. However 8 would be sufficient right now. Currently I have Sonos Connect Amp, Sonos Connect, Play 3 and a Play 1. I want to have digital audio, Sirius XM, my music, Spotify all as options as sources to select from. I am thinking of selling all my Sonos equipment and going with Control 4. But what do I get? Control 4 8 zone matrix amplifier? It looks a hundred years old. Has there been any rumours of new one coming out? What if I want 9 zones in 2 months. Then what is my options if I go with the 8 zone? Thanks