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  1. Director is not responding to commands

    Yes checked trough system manager and and director service is running. Still unable to connect director
  2. Director is not responding to commands

    Screenshot attached for reference.
  3. I have HC800 Controller and using Composer 2.9 unable to connect the director. I am getting the following message: Director is not responding to commands. Would you like to keep waiting for a response? Please Help to connect the Director.
  4. LG 47LW4500 Driver

    I have tried one of them LG 47LS4500 but volume control and power control is not working.
  5. LG 47LW4500 Driver

    Driver required to control LG 47LW4500 TV
  6. Anthem® | MRX Series | MRX 1120

    This driver works for me. https://annex4.link/drivers/mrx-1120
  7. Marantz UD5007 Deriver Required

    Marantz UD5007 Driver required. please help
  8. Marantz UD5007 Deriver Required

    I have tried the UD8004 Network driver but it not worked
  9. Marantz UD5007 Deriver Required

    Marantz UD5007 driver required can anyone help
  10. Dish TV (Dishtru hd +) IR Driver Required

    It have the following connections on back: - IF IN - HDMI - AV OUT - SPDIF - IR IN - CARD SLOT - CI SLOT Need driver to control it via IR
  11. Dish TV (Dishtru hd +) IR Driver Required

    Dear Matt, I did not find any similar driver in the C4 driver database. Any other sugesstion
  12. I have a DTH HD Services Setup Box for my Satellite Dish TV. I am interested to add it to my Control4 System. But did not find any driver for it. The Model # is AF-8012h Any Ideas...
  13. Can you share other Media players except Dune?
  14. I have Lutron keypads integrated into my control 4 system. Is it possible to program the double tapping in Control4 environment?