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  1. My apologies d1amund, it was funnyfarm299 who gave me a reputation point deduction for asking a question. Sorry 299 for being unclear about what an end user can and cannot do with a system I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on.
  2. I'm sorry, did I do something wrong to merit a reputation point deduction? I'm simply asking a question to see if that's something I can do. According to you, I guess not!
  3. Thanks 299, How do I get this? I am not a dealer.
  4. When I perform a factory reset, I get a message that says that Navigator was not installed but can be done so by using Update Manager. The HC-300 shows up but in red text as 2.0.0. Update Manager says it cannot update unless it is at least version 2.2.0 before it can be updated to 2.6 or later. I want to update to 2.8.0. This is the output from device manager... Any ideas? +++-===============================-===============================-============================================================================== ii c4drivers Control4 Drivers ii kernel-modules-wolverine Linux 2.6 Kernel Modules ii rootfs-hc300 Root Filesystem ii system-version System Version Utility OK The whole point to this is I need a serial port and my HC-250 IR Outs are full.
  5. My HC-500 will not completely boot. When I try a USB Restore, it will not recognize it. I am currently running an HC-250 and using all the IR outputs and need a serial connection. I can connect to it with Putty. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. C4Jockey

    Seeking HC-800 19V Power Supply

    Thanks but I did eventually get the UpBright one from Amazon. Unfortunately, after all that, my HC-800 was D.O.A.
  7. Detective suite will no longer run. I am using Composer 2.8.0. Any ideas?
  8. C4Jockey

    HC800 will not boot

    Can anybody help me with re-imaging the internal SATA drive as described by C4RVA? I took the unit apart and located it. It would be a shame to take it to electronic recycling without giving this a try if it is possible. I am currently running fine on an HC-250.
  9. C4Jockey

    HC800 will not boot

    Yes I have, thanks Matt, assuming I'm doing it right. I hold down the button then cycling power and release after ~10 seconds. The lights sequence as described above. Not sure what you mean by SSH?
  10. C4Jockey

    HC800 will not boot

    I'm working on that. Thanks for your reply!
  11. C4Jockey

    HC800 will not boot

    Thanks for your reply C4RVA! It doesn't look like I can return it. I bought it without a power supply. It took me forever to find one. Finally did though this forum. How does one re-image the flash drive? Is it a USB drive like the ones in an HC-1000?
  12. C4Jockey

    HC800 will not boot

    Thanks for your reply VINCEdUB! I tried that. It doesn't even look at the USB after cycling power.
  13. I purchased an HC-800 over a month ago without a power supply. It took me forever to find one (with the right coax plug) and I finally did. After a power cycle, the power light comes on, then the "LINK" light flashed about 5 times, then the "DATA" light flashed once and that's it. There is no output from the HDMI or the Component Video. I have tried a factory reset with the same result. Any ideas?
  14. C4Jockey

    HC-300B wlll not update

    Thanks for your response d1amund! Didn't work but what is really strange it that now it just keeps on rebooting! I will try a different version.