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  1. Can someone please explain to me how to get the variables from SNMP agent in C4 to an external program. I have installed PRTG on the computer and started the SNMP agent in Composer. But all I get are the disk space, uptime and so on...
  2. Will the Micasa Verde driver for temp be upgraded. The Vera is now on UI7 and sends decimal number for temp. This result in a [string "Lua Code"]:120: bad argument #1 to 'SetVariable' (strValue should be a string) (ReceivedFromProxy) in the Lua Output of the Zwave temperature sensor driver
  3. If I want to exchange my HC250 with a HC800 or a EA-3. Do I need to buy a controller with myhome license, or is it possible to transfer the license to the new HC800 ? All EA controllers have the myhome license ?
  4. Is this solved ? I have the same problem
  5. Do you have any clue how to Get The Nodon wall switch or similar to be visible in c4. I want to have a push button on the wall to turn off the whole house ? If that is possible, I agree.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I have programmed a scene in Vera, which I have added as a Zwave scene in C4. I also have Zwave scene controller. What I want to do, is to turn whole house off with this scene controller. And since all A/V are in C4, and all lights are in Vera I do have to use the scene programming in C4. It works the first time, but I don´t have the possibility to deactivate the scene again through C4.
  7. I have successfully programmed a Zwave switch and dimmer into C4 via vera. I now try to program a Vera Scene. I have made to get it visible in both Vera and C4, and it shows the right ID. But nothing happens when I try to trig it on Vera or on C4. I have tried to delete the scene both places and have created new ones without any luck... Edit : The scenes work in Vera Anyone who can help please ?
  8. If it possible to write a driver for the Mysensors.org network for Control 4 ?
  9. I have a Vera Edge connected to my C4 system. On the Vera I have a Temp sensor, which shows the temp nicely in the Vera app. I have managed to add it to the C4 in composer, but it doesnt show any temp. I got the error in Lua Output : [string "Lua Code"]:120: bad argument #1 to 'SetVariable' (strValue should be a string) (ReceivedFromProxy) Anyone have a clue on that ?
  10. The driver has hdmi input and VGA output, rca output and Are capable to convert signal.
  11. I have made an driver for hdmi to VGA and audio from hdmi, but no sound... ant place to adjust the volume ? I also have the physical extractor connected to the hdmi and the audio to the audio Matrix.
  12. Is it possibe to use a HDMI extractor from the HDMI Out on a HC250 to get an extra audio stream ?
  13. You can buy a Vera, and use that as an interface for Z-wave.
  14. How to change the set temperature from navigator on the tstat, msgrren ?