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  1. Ubiquiti

    My experience: -Has all the horsepower you could need (incredible price/performance ratio). This is not consumer-level 'junk.' -The early versions of the configuration GUI were a little rough on the edges (and consequently, rough on me). Newer versions are reported to be much better. This is probably a moot point if you're an adept network engineer type. Especially if you know command line interface programming for routers- I believe Ubiquiti's EdgeOS is a fork of now-defunct Vyatta's OS... meant to be sort of like an open source version of Cisco IOS. -Biggest problem is support. It's mostly forum-based (albeit with lots of dedicated fans and user guides).
  2. Question about MyQ-Chamberlin Garage Door

    I had the EDS MyQ driver, and it stopped working; needless to say I wasn't too happy about Chamberlain breaking a perfectly working install 'just because.' So, I soldered the relay to the remote for my Chamberlain opener to fix this MyQ problem once and for all. Props to my dealer, AK1, for that tip! I already have wireless status sensors in place (GE alarm sensors for the garage door, that work w/ my Elk and most GE alarm panels). So, now no cloud dependency on MyQ, and rock-stable functionality to boot. If I can do it (with a sum total of 1/2 dozen wires soldered ever), it's within the reach of pretty much anybody. It's obviously not the prettiest/highest quality job, but it worked with a $10 soldering iron. I used a Chamberlain 953 remote (which controls pretty much any MyQ-enabled garage door opener). The remote itself can control up to 3 openers, and it's easy to wire straight to the relay/controller; the remote has pretty good range, and I just hooked it up to my controller.
  3. Autonomics

    Oops. Sorry, was away from the forum for a while (work/real life), and just saw this belatedly. The Mirage server works pretty good. Honestly, it's a nice setup for what it is: online streaming service provisioning. So, works for my uses, though I'm finding myself using a lot more NAS-stored local music (FLAC/AAC) for more and more of my listening. I guess I'm getting old :-)
  4. Help for a new build

    I had started out with the Elk M1, and migrated to C4. The Elk can do a fair amount of automation (regarding security/lighting/motion primarily), but it uses the UPB standard for lighting- which does not work natively with C4, but could, via the Elk itself. Might also use Z-wave for lighting/outlets if going w/ Elk, but again those have limited tie-in with C4. However, all the above can easily be DIY. Not familiar with Push Controls, though from their website, seems to be a easy-to-use smartphone/iPad app for tying it all together. I'd recommended relegating the Elk to security and possibly some relays as needed. As noted by ILoveC4, use C4 for everything else. Much more options that way, and I think a better 'experience' overall. But you are tied to a dealer. If problems with getting a local dealer, some of the remote dealers here are excellent.
  5. Same here, I get just about 4-5 sec delay w/ my Mobotix intercom. There was a 1/2 second delay b/w the TS's chiming and the speaker notifications as well, so I think I even added a 500ms delay to sync things up. For such a 'luxury' feature (over and beyond a regular $15 doorbell), you'd think this would be more responsive.
  6. Autonomics

    Just got a MMS-2A (literally the day before SnapAV/Autonomics news came out). Hoping that news ensures the company's longevity. Now, I myself don't use Spotify, so can't speak to that (the login option is certainly there in setup, but I'm wary of putting my eggs in that basket given all the recent news) . However, I do use it for other services (Deezer, Pandora, local media)- which it does nicely. I attached an info sheet on some streaming service options (I don't think it's all-inclusive, but the dealers here can speak to that with more authority). Who knows if/when the other services (Amazon Music, Apple Music) get integrated? I believe, in theory, it can do three outputs- I've only hooked up two so far- so in my mind that's the equivalent of three Sonos Connects. Autonomic Mirage_Streaming_Services.pdf
  7. Looks interesting. Re: C4 integration, I got this out of their tech support: "Control4 is currently testing our samples. Hopefully we'll be fully supported soon!". So I guess we'll see.
  8. Wifi Cameras

    Probably not at all in your case, though if you have a server just laying around, installing BI on it offers some advantages to storing video (over the subscription model employed by a lot of these 'internet cams'). Could still view on the tablet/smartphone navigator screens as well if integrated w/ C4. Even w/o any of that, I think most of them are simple to set-up.
  9. Wifi Cameras

    I think Blue Iris recently added support for RTMP streaming cameras (like the Nest). May be this would allow integration into C4 w/ the BI driver?
  10. Plex releases Kodi plugin

    I'm just starting to integrate my media w/ C4. Music is with the native C4 interface currently (which actually works ok). I already have Plex setup on a server (with it's media browsing capabilities- for pix and videos- having been woefully underutilized up to now). I'm debating whether or not to use Kodi or Plex driver for C4. Based on the discussion so far, I take it that Emby can be installed on my server (as the backend library management tool), and then Alan's Kodi driver can work with that? Or Kodi driver only works w/ Kodi installed on another client (i.e., FireTV) somewhere?
  11. External SIP access

    Yeah, sounds like a good set-up. The Intercom function integration w/ C4 was the tough part on my end... ended up getting user Mobotix (see Hunter's post above) to help my dealer with the install. Camera integration was cake. Once set-up, it's a nice little system which is eons ahead of the convenience/functionality available to us C4 minions just 2yrs back.
  12. UPB switches and C4

    Yeah, I think vinceldub is onto it... need a "middle-man" controller for C4 to see the UPB devices. I have an Elk M1 alarm which interfaced w/ some of my older UPB stuff (and to be frank, the UPB switch quality was pretty good, so if you have a lot of them in your house, wouldn't chuck them out). The Elk (or HAI) will control the UPB stuff fine, and C4 works quite well with either 'smart' alarm panel.
  13. External SIP access

    Here's a link to another topic which has the download links... http://www.c4forums.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1492 http://www.c4forums.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1493
  14. External SIP access

    I think what you are trying to do is feasible. One PoE Cat5e is sufficient do control the Mobotix T25 (and I believe most other current options, i.e., DoorBird, C4 Door Station). The Mobotix camera is not PTZ, but the software/programming interface is essentially 'over-engineered' as a commercial solution (i.e., lots of configuration and accessory options). I have it configured to send a video clip to me (via email) and sms a pic to my phone, when somebody pushes the doorbell. The notification delay to my phone is minimal. I then fire up a 3rd party app (Mobotix usually) to do the audio interaction- in theory, I think the Mobotix app will itself notify me remotely if I kept it on all the time on my phone. Dunno know how this compares to other products' functionality. Now, since you are building new, my advice is to add a little more wiring around the front entry door area (say a few extra 18/2 wires), such that other options could be entertained in the future- for instance, an electric door strike, alarm relay, or backup/simultaneous door bell chime, etc. It's minimal up-front work now, but pain-in-the-rear to retrofit.