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  1. Keylite controlled blinds + windows

    No I never managed to find any useful information on how to make this work. I am now looking for a 3rd party controller for 2 windows and 2 blinds.
  2. OS 2.9 Wishlist

    Ability for owners, who have day jobs as programmers, to build their own drivers using driver editor to share with the community. This is a huge benefit to Control4 as the more devices which have drivers means more people who were holding back due to lack of support for their products are likely to invest in a Control4 system once a driver for their products is available. An Open Source GitHub style driver repository. e.g. Control4 released a DMX RGB Driver which controls 1 light but I wanted it to control 40 at the same time. The only solution was to add 40 of the drivers and then hide them in the navigator and create pre-defined scenes for them which is less flexible that I would like it to be. The Control4 released DMX RGB Driver is also encrypted so I was not able to get the driver modified to do what I wanted.
  3. Keylite controlled blinds + windows

    I have wired up the Keylite TF24R to my Control4 HC-800 using a Cat6 patch cable therefore I have 8 cores, 4 for the common and 4 for the normally open.
  4. Keylite controlled blinds + windows

    Did anyone ever reply to you regarding this question? As I also have the Keylite TF24R Control Panel for 2 windows and 2 blinds. I am a developer so I would be more than happy to write a driver for this if someone could give me a bit of a helping hand, I'll do all the coding I just need a few pointers to get started.