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  1. I was able to see my Napster playlist under the 'wake up' agent, it no longer shows now since I done an OS upgrade to 2.10.1. I can no longer wake up to our playlist Any help?
  2. dipskhatri

    2x 7" T3 touch screens

    are you a C4 Aut Dealer? if so where are you based in UK?
  3. dipskhatri

    2x 7" T3 touch screens

    How much for that one?
  4. dipskhatri

    2x 7" T3 touch screens

    Do you still have the "1x 7' Wall Mount touch screen ( Black)" for sale, if so how long have you had it for? Regards
  5. dipskhatri

    Messing about with alarm announcements

    Thank you for this i just tried it, and i think i got it to work however, the sound file that i used "AlarmActivated.mp3" (the file from @NextGenAV, thanks for the file :))that comes out of the speakers it starts half way of the file, i.e. not the beginning, i believe i need to set the "Star Delay" and "Stop Delay" in the announcement, what should i set that to? also it seems that once the alert has gone off, all the volume in all rooms stays high (what the announcement was set to), and does not revert back to normal volume setting
  6. dipskhatri

    T3 Touchscreen

    Oh OK thanks for letting me know, i will need to get in touch with my dealer to update me to 2.10 now. Thanks,
  7. dipskhatri

    Messing about with alarm announcements

    im trying to do the exact same thing to mine, where by if the alarm goes off it plays a siren through out the house, how can i do that? i know i have to create the announcement and add the .wav file and then select the rooms where i want it to play, but cant work out how to connect "When alarm goes off play announcement" can i add it to be part off my push notification (so when the alarm goes off get notified), so when that triggers play announcement? Thanks in advance.
  8. dipskhatri

    T3 Touchscreen

    My answer is not going to be helpful sorry but the answer is yes, it can be done as i have it on mine... but saying that, i was told that we can not have the face turn up on the TV if anyone presses the doorbell, how did you do that? are you using the C4 Door station?
  9. dipskhatri

    shuffle music

    Hi, Thank you for your help, i found it and have added the commend, hopefully i have done it correctly I'll get back to you if it does not work. Thanks for your help.
  10. dipskhatri

    shuffle music

    Hi, I hope someone can help me, i have a wake up scene in the morning that wakes me up playing music from my playlist which has around 50 songs (i did this using C4 home edition), but how do i get it to shuffle? right now i hear the same songs playing in the morning everyday as it always starts from the first song, it would be nice to hear different ones. Thank you in advance.
  11. Thank you for the clarification
  12. what is the "stop delay" used for then?
  13. For my lounge only I have a Integra AMP connected to C4 so I can have 5.1 surround sounds, in the rest of the house its all controlled via the C4 AMP, so in my study works as expected the sound comes out of speakers, but because I also included the lounge, it only works when the amp is on, as it has been configured that when I turn the TV on the amp turns on and when I turn the TV off it turns the AMP off, so the door bell will only work when the amp is on, well that's my understanding... But again thank you so much for your help really appreciate it.
  14. OMG it works nicely thank you so much it only works for my lounge when my TV is on, because I have a separate amp just for the lounge, so when I ring the doorbell the TV goes blank and can hear the door bell, then few seconds later it comes back on, but I guess that's OK... Amazing thank you.
  15. i have a copy I have created the announcement and selected the room, I just need to find the trigger... for once it's press could you guide me? I found the triggers but I cant work out from the list which is the one for the doorbell (the button that has 3 lines) also are we able to show the video if the TV is on, so we can see who is at the door? I really appreciate your help.