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  1. What additional/different features does this driver have compared to Alan's driver available through houselogix?
  2. I currently have a wall switch! No thermostat, and no accessibility to bottom of fireplace. Would one of the discontinue switches work?
  3. What's best way to integrate electric fireplace into project? I believe the C4-FS1-Z single relay switch is discontinued. Thanks in advance!
  4. Has anyone had a chance to integrate Fusion research new driver for there music streamers? Just wondering if its worth purchasing one of there streamers.
  5. I have a fusion streamer that for some reason isn't coming up on network, did multiple scans and nothing. Any ideas, workarounds?
  6. Which type of switch typically integrates better with Control4?
  7. When is the anticipated release date of driver?
  8. I recently added a MMS-2 from autonomics and seems to be working great, the Spotify integration is better in my opinion then Sonos old driver. There is also fusion research!
  9. What is best way to ad more serial connections without adding another controller?
  10. What is newest version of the appletv IP driver that works with 4th generation Appletv? Thanks in advance
  11. I purchased a MMS 1e and could not get spotify to work. There is a Beta driver out there but after 2.5 hours with autonomics tech support and them trying different versions of the driver, they had no luck. I messed with it over 3 weeks and had different integrators look at the driver. I recently returned the unit and dealer is upgrading me to the MMS-2 will see if this one works.
  12. I purchased a MMS1 from Autonomics and couldn't get the spotify integration to work in my system. Even Autonomics tech support couldn't get it to work, they installed several versions of the Beta driver for the MMS1 and no luck.
  13. I'm upgrading to the new 4K matrix that just came out with down mixing.
  14. Used less then 6 months Leaf 8X8 4k Matrix will ship within U.S. asking $4,500 OBO.