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  1. Just two operations...you thing wireless relay would work?
  2. Just the buttons on side.
  3. Has anyone ever integrated a battery powered Hancock and Moore reclining sofa?
  4. Is there any application out there that would allow existing wood blinds to add a motor to them and integrate into control4?
  5. C4CA

    Fireplace Relay

    I had similar problem and it turns out cable I was using for relay was to thin changed it to 16/2 and now it works perfect. What are you using for cable run? Also should be on NO at relay I believe.
  6. Does anyone know of a double cylinder deadbolt that’s compatible with Control4? Thanks
  7. If possible could you paste your programming when you have a chance. Thanks
  8. I did not unfortunately... I think we need to place a call into tech support. Unless someone here has some ideas.
  9. Hello has anyone had issues with the fan speed control switches with keypad engraving? I have 6 fan speed controllers along with multiple other keypads and only the fan speed controllers for some reason when I change the setting to turn backlight off when room brightness >70 they just flash on/off in completely dark room.... when I increase brightness setting to say 150 they work fine. All my other keypads work fine just fan speed controllers. Thanks
  10. Hello I’m looking to upgrade my existing receiver and was wondering which one you guys would recommend I have a 9.2 system with front wides. I have three I’m considering Denon AVR-X8500H Pioneer Elite SC-LX901 Integra DRX-R1 Thanks
  11. That is corrrect you would only use group if you have more than one echo into matrix. For example one for living room and another for kitchen and the group would be called say great room. When you say Alexa play xxx in great room.. both kitchen and living would turn on.
  12. In the Alexa app you can name each echo or you can create groups... so you would say Alexa play xxxxx in (name of echo or group name).
  13. I tried turning the volume all the way up and also tried hooking up computer and playing music off it and no luck. i can see the light on input in amp turn on when music turns on however it doesn’t execute script. I tried the same thing off of the audio sensing from ea-5 and it works great, but need more inputs.
  14. I have an audio matrix amp and have programmed a certain audio event to occur upon audio sensing and it’s not working.. however when I copy the programming and use the audio in off of the ea-5 For the audio sensing it works perfectly fine. Anyone have suggestions?