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  1. I got it going, a simple reset worked. thanks
  2. It's shared through the matxrix.
  3. Is it possible to pull up intercom/camera display of t3 on tvs?
  4. I have an 8 zone system and the navigator display is working fine except in one zone, it's being ran through a c4 hdmi matrix. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  5. I got one in ivory
  6. yes on 4 tvs the 940 and 930e
  7. Yes it appears as the D series drivers works perfect with the E series .
  8. You can generally add some programming under the specific room. When video seclection DIRECTV... is selected as watch source in living room change surround sound mode on Harmon Harmon to multichannel stereo (DTS, prologic.....) you can also add a custom button on remote ".." Is pushed set surround sound mode to multichannel stereo
  9. http://www.autonomic-controls.com/products_hardware_mirage_MMS-2A.php has most streaming options even Spotify
  10. Is there a Sony driver for the new E series tv's?
  11. You could just change the driver from a .c4i file to a .c4z file and use any icon you want.
  12. You need to set up air play in setup wizard.
  13. I used the one in composer look under summit, you also need to download the setup wizard. https://www.fusionrd.com/control4
  14. Annex4 in there free link driver has the ability to refresh navigators, director and reboot controller. You could add the link driver and the rename driver and accomplish this via programming.
  15. Does anyone know of a pool alarm that integrates with control4?