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  1. I have both fusion and autonomics working directly with Spotify. Both have easy integration, similar setup as previous sonos.
  2. I was told my autonomics tech support before it got acquired by snapav that the beta driver had been out for awhile and that it had been working great. I couldn't get it to work but the mms2a works great I like the Spotify interface better then the old sonos. I did initially have a problem with the mms2a it was causing the network to crash but ironically as soon as I disconnected the sonos from the network it's worked flawless.
  3. The 1e only has a beta version, you can get the driver from autonomics. I couldn't get Spotify to work on 1e but works great on 2a.
  4. I was referring to a roku box vs fire stick.
  5. I'm trying to decide which streamer would be best, would like some direct native control of channels. Thanks
  6. I've deleted and readded it several times same result. Getting binding error
  7. I am trying to integrate my gas fireplace into C4 and was able to get one of the old C4 fireplace switches but when driver gets added to the project it says there is a binding problem. I added a single relay to project but wont give me option to bind the fireplace switch to relay. Any suggestions?
  8. Does anyone know if there's a way to program touch screens to reboot at a certain time daily?
  9. Mine house logic driver stopped working.
  10. Thank you, can the icons only be done to experience buttons... or do we just follow the same procedure for any driver with a .c4z extension?
  11. Does someone have the steps or where to go for directions to change icon to a .c4z file?
  12. Could someone please tell me what version of the IP driver for DIRECTV shows the icon as opposed to the grey satellite? Thanks
  13. What additional/different features does this driver have compared to Alan's driver available through houselogix?