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  1. I used the one in composer look under summit, you also need to download the setup wizard. https://www.fusionrd.com/control4
  2. Annex4 in there free link driver has the ability to refresh navigators, director and reboot controller. You could add the link driver and the rename driver and accomplish this via programming.
  3. Does anyone know of a pool alarm that integrates with control4?
  4. I have a fusion duet streamer, using strictly with Spotify. Interface works great very similar setup to old sonos. I was told by fusion the issue with the sonos setup is, sonos is requiring user authentication so the back end setup is different. Not sure if this is actually true. they should be adding SiriusXM radio in next 2 months.
  5. Hello Can someone tell me if the wireless switch (C4-SW120277) works with 3 way wiring?
  6. Can someone tell me if the C4-APD120 work with 3 wiring/switch? If not what is best way to integrate 3 way switches? Also I have a bank of incandescent lights with about 800 watts which switch would be able to control this load type? Thanks
  7. I will re-run the calibration with the tvs on. Thanks
  8. I have a c4-LU862D and can not get it to play anything in 4K, it has latest firmware. 4K devices work when connected directly to receiver and it bypasses matrix. I've disconnected all zones from matrix and just left my main zone (home theater) and also only one input source and I still can't get 4k to work. Any ideas?
  9. Is it possible to set appletv to stream a video source automatically when selectected. For example when streaming a YouTube video on iPhone, select appletv on I phone and have living room turn on and stream directly from phone. Right now I have to go to select watch>appletv then start streaming from phone.
  10. Does anyone have a 10" table top touch screen for sale?
  11. I have autonomics (mms2) and it appears it times out after 90 minutes of it being idle.
  12. Does anyone know of a potential workaround to SiriusXM timing out after 90 minutes?
  13. Is this for kodi lite or kodi full?
  14. I have both fusion and autonomics working directly with Spotify. Both have easy integration, similar setup as previous sonos.
  15. I was told my autonomics tech support before it got acquired by snapav that the beta driver had been out for awhile and that it had been working great. I couldn't get it to work but the mms2a works great I like the Spotify interface better then the old sonos. I did initially have a problem with the mms2a it was causing the network to crash but ironically as soon as I disconnected the sonos from the network it's worked flawless.