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  1. Hertz

    EA5 Audio Out Volume

    Audio out volume is a setting. Not a controllable feature.
  2. Hertz

    Control4 HDBaseT connectors dying

    Ive had at least 1 die on every project with a c4 matrix. One died almost immediately. Plugged it in and it smelled like smoke. Worked for 1 day and died.
  3. Hertz

    22 TV's

    Sony is what you want.... Forget the others... I havent sold anything but Sony in like 4 years thanks to the quality and IP control.
  4. SES units are very simple intercom/ access control systems... What are you trying to achieve?
  5. Why not just hire a dealer to install the second repeater and add what you need? You're going to have to buy a second repeater anyway.
  6. We are in Miami. Feel free to PM me to discuss your needs.
  7. Why don't you TRY to live in the house and use the system first? Seems like your looking for a problem without there actually being one. Hopefully since the house was built by a dealer it should be well done.
  8. Hertz


    Look into Aruba or Ruckus wireless.