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  1. johnpg

    Apple TV ‘hold’ button

    Guide, info and STAR don't work for me. I didn't think there was a way to do this, so I'd be happy to learn otherwise. I do know there's a fellow with an IR driver that claims to have all of this working. But that would require getting that IR driver, having your dealer install it, along with an IR blaster on your Apple TV. May or may not be worth it. I suspect the eventual "official" integration from Apple will allow for this as well. For now, I just keep the Apple TV remote handy (or use the remote app on my phone) if I need that functionality. John
  2. In case anyone is interested, the integration (according to the WWDC sessions) is the ability to add a "remote" to Homekit as an accessory, which would then be able to control Apple TV including issue Siri commands (to the apple TV). In other words, just like the Siri remote that ships with the Apple TV, but now third parties can do that. There was no mention of any other capabilities. That's not to say they do not exist, but that's all Apple has said. For what it's worth, C4 (or Savant, Crestron, etc) could integrate their systems with Homekit as a bridge, and that's not new capability. The fact that this hasn't happened yet is probably a pretty good indicator that it won't in the near future. John
  3. That wasn't my point. It's not a real shame for Control4, it's a real shame for those who'd like to do that.
  4. I take it those types of users are never going to be supported, which is a real shame.
  5. This is a great point, and could be what Crestron and Savant are looking into, based on their public statements. None of this is under NDA in any way. I wish Control4 would simply clarify what they mean by Siri control. But I wish for a lot of things that I don't get. 🙂 Anyhow there's more we need to learn about Shortcuts and what apps can do. But if it's open enough then the possibilities are exciting. I missed the WWDC session on this yesterday, but I'm going to watch the replay tonight. Hopefully this exposes enough capability to make device control possible. John
  6. Agreed. I took the Apple announcement to mean the integrators remotes could do everything the Siri remote can do, including using it to issue commands to the Apple TV by voice. There was nothing in Apple's announcement that suggested anything other than that. But both Crestron and Savant have indicated that there's more to it, including control of their devices using Siri, akin to what we have with Alexa today. This is why I'd like Control4 to clarify this, because we're hearing different things from all parties. John
  7. Savant posted their release and I asked them about Siri control of Savant devices. Their response to me was they are investigating both options, as in both Apple TV control and Siri control of Savant devices. Which is exactly what Crestron said. Also, my comment about Control4 clarifying was not to suggest we get special information. I think it's perfectly reasonable for them to clarify what is obviously a question many of us have, and is probably not under NDA given open statements from both Savant and Crestron. I don't expect Ryan to unilaterally decide to tell us stuff, but at the same time there's nothing wrong with asking for some clarification. Again, to be clear, I'm not trying to pressure Ryan or anyone else. But given the statements from Savant and Crestron, it would be nice if they could see if a clarification could be given on this. If the answer is no, then that's fine, but as I said earlier, I think it's a perfectly reasonable request. John
  8. I'm second guessing myself already. The article says, "This announcement is enabling better integration with Apple TV and support for Siri voice control". I think the thing that needs clarifying is, is it Siri voice control of the Apple TV only, or also Siri voice control of Control4 devices? Crestron clearly said it was to use Siri to control their devices. Perhaps Apple is offering that feature without a Homekit integration requirement. I feel like that's a reasonable thing for Control4 to answer. Ryan can you confirm what the Siri control is to be used for? John
  9. This is consistent with what Apple and Control4 have both said publicly. But it is not what Crestron said. So is this a case of Crestron simply being wrong and Apple isn't offering that capability or is C4 intentionally choosing not to support Homekit? I'm not sure if we'll get those answers, but it'd be nice to know. I would not be shocked if it turns out Crestron was simply overly optimistic and Apple never offered them anything more C4 is claiming. Thanks! John
  10. I wasn't expecting this. https://www.crestron.com/en-US/News/Press-Releases/2018/Crestron-Integration-with Apple-TV,-Siri,-and-Home?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign= If what Crestron is saying is true, then I'm sure it's the same for Control4. In the keynote Apple specifically said it was to control Apple TV, including the Siri feature. It was about control of the Apple TV, with no mention of HomeKit or anything else. But the Crestron announcement says otherwise. Can anyone from Control4 clarify what is actually being made available? John
  11. I think it's a huge deal for integrators to be mentioned at all, it's not a market Apple would typically get involved in and especially not devote precious keynote time to. However part of the reasoning may be due to the lack of much to say about tvOS. There wasn't a lot new announced. I wonder if this is an isolated thing, or if it signals more Control4 integration opportunities in the works. Apple Music being the obvious low hanging fruit. John
  12. johnpg

    Kwikset SmartCode 914 Zigbee?

    Based on the eBay sale of a known good one, linked to in another thread about this (from a few years ago), they look to be identical. But obviously I can't be sure.
  13. johnpg

    Dimmable Window Film

    The film was only a couple hundred dollars. I think I bought like a 7" by 6' sheet for my front door. Then there is the cost of the transformer, depending on what you get, plus any installation charges (electrician if needed, etc). I think SmartTint has prices right on their site, although you can negotiate those a bit when you call. John
  14. johnpg

    Occupancy List

    I was going to do just that but the problem is devices go on and off the network all of the time. It's just not reliable enough to program against. You might be able to do something where if a device is off the network for a certain period of time then do something when it comes back. But trust me that's going to happen when your battery dies and you put it on the charger and then 30 minutes later your welcome scene will fire and the WAF goes down the drain. :-) Geofencing with a mobile device can work, but is still not perfect, and not good enough to let's say use to unlock your door, etc. It's not accurate enough, unless you want to risk your door unlocking when you're a few blocks from home. For some that might be okay. I'm surprised that Control4 doesn't offer Geofencing in their iOS and Android apps. Does anyone know why? It seems like an obvious thing. John
  15. johnpg

    Dimmable Window Film

    I have SmartTint on my front door, along with a switch (on/off not a dimmer) so I can flip it on to make the window transparent when someone comes to the door. It's definitely a neat effect. I have to second what dman said though, it does NOT get completely transparent. That's the primary reason we decided not to use it in other places. We have a lot of clerestory windows that are hard to cover with traditional window coverings (trapezoid shape) and SmartTint would have been great for that, but when transparent it's obvious there is a hazy tint on the window, so we decided against it. It's great on the front door though. John