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  1. pfissure

    Automated blinds

    OK I have had my dealer install this Cintegration Driver for Hunter Douglass Powerview. It is definitely an improvement. However I am not seeing communication back from the Hub to Director/Navigators. In particular 1. The battery status, which is a field in the driver Properties within Composer HE, does not seem to be updated from the Hub. It just says OK, whereas it would appear from the documents that there should be a percentage. 2. The shade position does not get updated in Navigator or Composer. For example, if I use the HD Hub iOS app to adjust the blinds, the C4 navigators don't get the memo that the blinds are in a new position. Worse, if I go to a shade in Composer HE and select the Driver Action "Refresh Shade Position and Update Battery Level", the shade position does not get updated. (I see the shade "jog" so I know that the Hub is querying the shade but the data is not coming back to Director.) I get the impression that something needs to be done to get two-way communication with the hub (right now it seems it is only one-way, i.e. C4 -> Hub) and my dealer didnt do that. Am I correct or is this really just a one-way driver?
  2. pfissure


    Thanks to everyone for their views. Interesting thought that (with some routers) one can disable port forwarding but still allow UPnP internally.
  3. pfissure


    Sorry to bug you with the repeat questions, but what i am curious about is what drivers *require* it. What would break if UPnP were disabled in the router?
  4. pfissure


    I seem to recall that the old Sonos driver used UPnP. Are there any other drivers out there that rely on it? Did the old Sonos driver work without UPnP?
  5. pfissure


    Hey everyone: I know that the C4 network guidelines suggest enabling UPnP in the router. We also know that UPnP raises some security issues. My question for the community is what would be the implications in C4 of disabling UPnP? Which services use it? Would disabling UPnP break these services? How do we feel about the security implications of UPnP in a smart home?
  6. I am seeing this almost every minute in director.log: 2018-05-05 10:26:19.477 -0500 home-controller-800-XXXXXXXXX ERROR: handleConnect(): Error connecting []: Operation canceled With an occasional: 2018-05-05 10:25:59.207 -0500 home-controller-XXXXXXXXXX ERROR: handleConnect(): Error connecting []: Operation canceled (the only difference being the port 5000 in the latter message) As far as I can tell there is no device at address .135. So I am assuming that some driver in the system thinks there is a device there because of some hard-addressing done in Composer Pro (which I do not have) and is trying to access it. I would like to find out what service is throwing up this error message. There are lots of other logs I could look through to try to correlate the timing of this error. Does anyone have advice as to which log(s) would be the most informative in terms of locating this error?
  7. pfissure

    Automated blinds

    Hi Cy one more question. Is this driver one that will require customization in composer pro by my dealer or is it one that I could ask my dealer to install remotely and then take over from there with he? As always thank you so much for your contributions on this forum
  8. pfissure

    Automated blinds

    thank you!
  9. pfissure

    Automated blinds

    Hi could you elaborate on the cinegration driver for PowerView? I have those shades and a driver that was the first one that popped up as my dealer was hastily integrating but the integration is rather disappointing. (The shades are great though and the hub/app are great too) does the cinegration driver have two-way communication? Can I trigger on events like “blind 3 in the living room is opening”?
  10. pfissure

    Timer Variable?

    Is there a way to fetch the current elapsed time on a timer? HE has conditionals for Timer Running and Timer Stopped but I would like to condition on the current elapsed time on the timer.
  11. pfissure

    Biometric Finger scanners

    i would assume that one could develop an iphone app that uses the built in touchid to verify your identity and then sends an IFTT or text message or otherwise interfaces with the rest of the world and this could be used to trigger events in C4 based on touchid. right?
  12. Hi, recently we have been seeing a latency in accessing the C4 (Aprilaire?) thermostats from our T3 touchscreen. The T3 is otherwise quite responsive. But tapping Comfort leads to about a 2 second delay before the thermostat icons appear and then tapping any of the thermostats gives another 2-3 second delay while the screen populates with the thermostat data. Has anybody seen this? Any ideas what may be causing it? There is no delay through iOS devices.
  13. In Composer HE in the project properties (top level icon on left pane, Properties tab on right) there is a checkbox for Secure Connections Only. I am curious as to which connections this is referring to. I can ssh into the director. It refuses e.g. telnet connections (good!!!). So I am assuming this rather means connections from devices like iPhone app? or 4Sight? I would worry if it also means connections to devices like my HD shades hub or MyQ controller which I don't think support SSL. Anybody know exactly which connections this is referring to?