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  1. thank you for your quick attention Derrick
  2. ryan: how will we know when your controller has received the certificate update?
  3. except that i had that box unchecked all along and i still got the original security patch that started this whole adventure.
  4. hi thegreatheed. is this an authoritative answer from control4? i am only asking because it is not clear from your profile that you are a control4 employee. just checking.
  5. Ryan thank you as always. Will the controller patch be applied if I have unchecked on customer.control4.com "I allow my system to be updated automatically with critical software updates from Control4."? I could of course check that if necessary but I would like to know. Thank you. When will we know whether or not our controller has received the update?
  6. thank you. either way would be fine for me.
  7. ryan i appreciate that you gave us the information that you did. thank you
  8. ok thank you. my question is whether, in this typical situation you describe , the patch can be applied remotely? i am not at home and won't be for a while but really want to be able to patch my controller
  9. Can the controller patch be done remotely by a dealer?
  10. Dear RyanE: Again thanks for your availability on this forum. I would like to ask you for just slightly more information which would be very helpful in the particular situation I am in. Since I am out of the country for a bit, applying an update to my controller will be challenging (although possible). Applying a software patch to Composer HE would be trivial. I know that you cannot say for sure but based on your post and the other discussion it appears likely that any eventual fix will involve just a patch to Composer HE. Do you think that indeed this is the likely eventual solution (without committing to certainty and without committing to exactly when)? If so then I won't need to do anything now and can wait patiently. If a controller patch is going to be necessary I will need to make some (somewhat undesirable) arrangements for that.
  11. RyanE I very much appreciate your attention to this forum and your willingness to keep us updated.
  12. you are saying that rebooting the controller solves the problem?
  13. same problem. connecting remotely. 2.10.1, i have the patch and could connect less than 24 hours ago
  14. As of this morning I cannot connect remotely with Composer HE to my system. I get the output below from the Composer HE connection dialog (after clicking More Details). It seems the certificate is being rejected because it is self-signed. I recall that the 2.10.2 update that happened two weeks ago was related to certificates. I am on 2.10.1. I have had no trouble connecting until today (last time was a few days ago, no problem.) Do I need to use a new version of HE? My system has not been upgraded (at least I have not enabled auto upgrades and my dealer would not do it without my asking him to) from 2.10.1 Thu Jun 07 03:19:48 2018 WARNING: No server certificate verification method has been enabled. See http://openvpn.net/howto.html#mitm for more info. Thu Jun 07 03:19:48 2018 Socket Buffers: R=[65536->65536] S=[65536->65536]Thu Jun 07 03:19:48 2018 Attempting to establish TCP connection with [AF_INET]XXXXXX [nonblock] Thu Jun 07 03:19:49 2018 TCP connection established with [AF_INET]XXXXXXX Thu Jun 07 03:19:49 2018 TCPv4_CLIENT link local: [undef] Thu Jun 07 03:19:49 2018 TCPv4_CLIENT link remote: [AF_INET]XXXXXXX Thu Jun 07 03:19:49 2018 TLS: Initial packet from [AF_INET]XXXXXXX Thu Jun 07 03:19:53 2018 VERIFY ERROR: depth=2, error=self signed certificate in certificate chain: C=US, ST=Utah, L=Draper, O=Control4 Corporation, OU=IT, CN=Control4 Corporation CA, emailAddress=pki@control4.com Thu Jun 07 03:19:53 2018 TLS_ERROR: BIO read tls_read_plaintext error: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed Thu Jun 07 03:19:53 2018 TLS Error: TLS object -> incoming plaintext read error Thu Jun 07 03:19:53 2018 NOTE: --mute triggered... Thu Jun 07 03:19:53 2018 1 variation(s) on previous 3 message(s) suppressed by --mute Thu Jun 07 03:19:53 2018 Fatal TLS error (check_tls_errors_co), restarting Thu Jun 07 03:19:53 2018 SIGUSR1[soft,tls-error] received, process restarting Thu Jun 07 03:19:53 2018 Restart pause, 5 second(s)
  15. pfissure

    help with Hunter Douglas PowerView

    interesting. what would be a symptom of the blinds not reporting their top and bottom limits to the hub?