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  1. I have a push notification that tells me when a lighting scene is deactivated. The lighting scene tracks certain lights and when one of them goes off the lighting scene is deactivated. At the time the scene deactivates I would like to be able to tell which light it was that triggered the deactivation and put that in my push notification. Is there a way to do this?
  2. Logs

    What logs does C4 Director leave and what is the best way to access them? I can ssh into my controller and go to /var/log/ and see various logs. but 1. that's not a particular convenient way to access logs. 2. they seem to get overwritten when the controller reboots. is there any way in Composer HE or any other way to access these logs? are there any other logs to be found?
  3. Sonos Error

    thank you. apart from the small occasional hiccup i mentioned (which i now understand has a quick and painless solution) the driver works great for me. my system is 2.9.1 btw
  4. Sonos Error

    I would just like to share my experience with the Sonos driver. I believe I am using the "old" one and not the Sonos endorsed one. Quite often in my iPhone app or touchscreen i get the Error With Setup message. I used to just reboot the controller and it would restore Sonos functionality back to normal. I got tired of doing that so I explored a bit and in the Actions Tab for the Sonos device in Composer HE there is a Scan For ZonePlayers action. Clicking that will allow C4 to find the Sonos device and bring Sonos Favorites back to the Navigators. No reboot necessary. Incidentally I don't know for sure if I am using the old or Sonos endorsed driver. Composer HE reports driver version 8.1.2. Can anyone tell me which driver that is?
  5. Recommend a Security Camera?

    thank you. do you have a specific camera to recommend? they seem to have many many cameras. its a residence, front door camera, small footprint would be ideal.
  6. Hi I am looking for a standalone security camera for our front door. I have PoE. I need ample storage, cloud or otherwise, to save say a day or weeks worth of video. Ideally it has a small physical footprint and not too ugly. Can you recommend something? Control4 integration would be nice but not absolutely necessary.
  7. Yes I have refreshed navigators and I just looked at the touchscreen and it reports that the touchscreen software is 2.9.1-1426. The director is 2.9.1-532460-res. That difference can't matter right?
  8. Hi everyone, After having upgraded to 2.9.1 my touchscreen will no longer activate advanced lighting scenes. The scenes are unchanged from pre-upgrade, they are toggled just fine using the iPhone app and directly in Composer HE. But when I try to toggle the scene on the touchscreen, the on/off bar simply doesn't illuminate (or de-illuminate if trying to turn off) and the lights do not respond. Anyone seen this or know of the issue?
  9. Wink Driver Pack Version 2

    Thank you very much for the speedy reply! So just to be clear, after installing the Wink_API_Connect, my dealer should also add Wink_Device? And do you know if I have to give him my Wink password or can I enter it using Composer HE after he installs the driver?
  10. Wink Driver Pack Version 2

    I want to use the wink driver to integrate my myQ garage door. I understand from other threads in this forum that I don't need a wink hub for that purpose. Still I would like to get a sense for how this would work before I ask my dealer to install the driver. The driver pack has 5 drivers. I am looking at the Synapse Wink API Driver Manual from version 1 of the driver pack. It is here: https://www.houselogix.com/shop/wink-driver-pack Does the same installation process apply to version 2? The manual says to first install the Wink API Connect driver. The next step is to enter the Wink username and password. I assume that I can do that in my own Composer HE after my dealer has done step 1. Is this correct? (This worked with previous driver installations for other devices) The next step is to configure device drivers where you add additional Wink drivers. Here is where the process is not clear to me. I see that in version 1 of the driver pack there is a Wink_Garage_Door driver but not in the new one. I suppose that means I don't need to install a separate device driver for myQ. Am I correct? If so does this mean I am basically done after the previous step? (And subsequently entering my wink username and password). At what point will I provide my myQ username and password so that the Wink driver can find my garage door? Thank you for any help you can provide.
  11. EDS MyQ Driver Revival - AND FREE

    Call to what number? Their website is down until Sunday: http://www.chamberlain.com/smartphone-control-products/myq-smartphone-control I guess that must somehow be related to the disruption.
  12. Chowmain 3 Year Anniversary Sale

    discount on ifttt driver?
  13. Dear Alan: I am planning to add your IFTTT driver. As I look through the installation guide I see that the IFTTT website has changed somewhat relative to the steps you document for connecting the Maker service. In particular, when you connect the Maker service on IFTTT it no longer gives you anything called a "key." What it gives you now is a url which looks to my eyes like it has the key appended at the end. It looks like this I will need to tell my dealer what key to add to the appropriate field when he adds the driver (or is this something I can enter myself in Composer HE?) Do you know how to translate the URL they provide into the key as it is used by your driver? Is it just the text after the last slash in the url? URL https://maker.ifttt.com/use/SoMe_RAndom-TExT_
  14. Advanced Announcement Driver

    Just brainstorming here: my first thought was IFTTT with Google voice. But I don't see google voice as a trigger for IFTTT. But as I was searching IFTTT I found this: https://ifttt.com/roger I have never heard of Roger but it appears to be a voice messaging service and it is a trigger for IFTTT with applets such as "save a voice note to dropbox", and "share your voice on Facebook" and (most intriguingly) "Im Coming Home!" I cannot test this since I don't have the announcements driver installed (yet) but I would really appreciate if anyone who does could look into this. This is exactly the kind of application I was originally wondering about. Thanks to both of you for following up.