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  1. Call to what number? Their website is down until Sunday: I guess that must somehow be related to the disruption.
  2. Dear Alan: I am planning to add your IFTTT driver. As I look through the installation guide I see that the IFTTT website has changed somewhat relative to the steps you document for connecting the Maker service. In particular, when you connect the Maker service on IFTTT it no longer gives you anything called a "key." What it gives you now is a url which looks to my eyes like it has the key appended at the end. It looks like this I will need to tell my dealer what key to add to the appropriate field when he adds the driver (or is this something I can enter myself in Composer HE?) Do you know how to translate the URL they provide into the key as it is used by your driver? Is it just the text after the last slash in the url? URL
  3. Just brainstorming here: my first thought was IFTTT with Google voice. But I don't see google voice as a trigger for IFTTT. But as I was searching IFTTT I found this: I have never heard of Roger but it appears to be a voice messaging service and it is a trigger for IFTTT with applets such as "save a voice note to dropbox", and "share your voice on Facebook" and (most intriguingly) "Im Coming Home!" I cannot test this since I don't have the announcements driver installed (yet) but I would really appreciate if anyone who does could look into this. This is exactly the kind of application I was originally wondering about. Thanks to both of you for following up.
  4. I have a few things I would like to add to my system related to announcements and the Chowmain Advanced Announcements Driver looks like a good fit. I have a question: The documentation says that it can pull audio files from the web, thus circumventing the 10MB hard limit in Control4. My question is whether "the web" includes local NAS storage? If not, what protocol is used exactly to obtain audio files for announcements.\?
  5. Am I understanding this correctly? Its not enough to just have the dealer install the voice scenes driver but I must also tell him the names of all the scenes I want to program before I can do that in HE? I cannot add new scenes myself with HE?
  6. Never mind I looked at the IFTTT driver documentation (RTFM!) and i think i have answered the question myself. apparently it is the IFTTT driver that processes the pushover notification. i am assuming that i don't need the separate pushover driver (which according to its documentation is just for outgoing notification).
  7. this is helpful, thank you for the reply. so a driver in C4 is needed to receive and process the pushover message? and if so then am i understanding correctly that the IFTTT C4 driver would be used only for outbound interaction (i.e the IF THIS)? so in particular without the IFTTT C4 driver, could i still experiment with IFTTT recipes that only communicate TO c4?
  8. Can you explain why Pushover would be involved in this? I would have thought that IFTTT would hear directly from google assistant, and then talk directly to the IFTTT driver in control4. I don't have any experience with IFTTT so I am probably making some assumptions here, but it would help me understand how this works if you could tell me where Pushover fits in and why.
  9. I have not yet upgraded to 2.9, but I want to soon because I want to try out Alexa. But I don't want to "upgrade" the sonos driver. Can I use the legacy sonos driver with 2.9?
  10. I have not yet upgraded to 2.9, but I want to soon because I want to try out Alexa. But I don't want to "upgrade" the sonos driver. Can I use the legacy sonos driver with 2.9?
  11. I have not yet upgraded to 2.9, but I want to soon because I want to try out Alexa. But I don't want to "upgrade" the sonos driver. Can I use the legacy sonos driver with 2.9?
  12. I want to program a button to play a Sonos favorite but *only if* the Sonos is not already playing in some other room (so that it won't interrupt what someone else is listening to.) I see there is a device variable Play_Status for the Sonos and I could condition on that. BUT there is a slight problem with doing that. The Sonos might be playing but not actually being listened to by any room in the house. This can happen e.g. if someone uses the Sonos app to play the Sonos but then doesn't select the Sonos for any room in Control4. (This is not a crazy scenario. For example since Apple Music integration is poor, a typical way to access Apple Music is to start it using the Sonos app and only then select the Sonos in Control4. If someone gets distracted/interrupted in the middle of this process then the Sonos is playing to nobody.) Is there a way to check wether the Sonos is actually selected as a device in any room? I suppose that one could check every single room whether the Sonos is the selected device for that room but that seems very kludgy. Is there a better way?
  13. A great thing about Advanced Lighting Scenes is the tracking feature. You can specify conditions under which the scene is considered active or inactive. This facilitates lots of programming. I like to use Media Scenes as well. And in Composer HE, media scenes have some checkboxes under "Track" for various conditions. However the Track options for Media Scenes don't seem to be documented anywhere and I am not sure exactly what they do. It would be great to be able to specify that a Media Scene is inactive, say, when one of the rooms in the scene is turned off. Does anybody know what Track does in Media Scenes?
  14. I have four announcements. I cannot add a new wav in Composer HE file for a fifth announcement because Composer HE complains that I am already using 9,000,000 bytes out of the maximum 10,000,000. Is this a hard limit? It is very restrictive given that I can only use .wav files (which are generally big files due to lack of compression). Is there a way to increase the capacity?