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  1. In Composer HE in the project properties (top level icon on left pane, Properties tab on right) there is a checkbox for Secure Connections Only. I am curious as to which connections this is referring to. I can ssh into the director. It refuses e.g. telnet connections (good!!!). So I am assuming this rather means connections from devices like iPhone app? or 4Sight? I would worry if it also means connections to devices like my HD shades hub or MyQ controller which I don't think support SSL. Anybody know exactly which connections this is referring to?
  2. long answer? this is the output of a port scanner?
  3. What exactly is that listing showing?
  4. Whenever I use the C4 remote to control my Sony Bravia TV I get an error in director.log. Typical lines are copied below. The commands work fine and the TV responds but the errors are worrisome. Has anyone seen this before? 2018-01-06 13:49:37.098 -0600 home-controller-XXXX [4710] ERROR: TV device may be reselected due to unhanded command ENTER 2018-01-06 13:50:01.927 -0600 home-controller-XXXX[4710] ERROR: TV device may be reselected due to unhanded command ENTER 2018-01-06 13:50:03.691 -0600 home-controller-XXXX [4710] ERROR: TV device may be reselected due to unhanded command SELECT_SOURCE 2018-01-06 13:51:03.983 -0600 home-controller-XXXX [4710] ERROR: TV device may be reselected due to unhanded command WATCH_BUTTON
  5. this is what i thought. and i do believe i have the newest driver. is there a way to find out? and if i am using the latest driver, it would appear from my experience that SDDP has not been enabled for the driver in my project. thanks
  6. For posterity: When I checked the network settings on the Tivo Roamio it showed that the box was using fixed ip and it gave the ip address. I switched it to DHCP and then back to fixed ip at the same address it was using before. That fixed the problem. Its a little bit of a mystery but here is my theory. It had actually switched to DHCP and the ip address shown in the settings was actually the address it was programmed to use when it was set to use static ip. And so what I had done was change it back to static ip using the old address and the one that C4 was trying.
  7. Thank you so much. Questions: 1. Composer HE does not appear to offer any way to inform the director of the IP address of the Roamio. I was assuming it was obtained by the SDDP protocol (which may just reveal how little I know about that protocol.) Can I fix this without a dealer? 2. Does this mean that DHCP is out of the question for TiVO? I will check later but I believe I have it using DHCP but this is the first time in two years this has happened. 3. At a minimum it would be nice if Director would tell me what address it is trying to communicate with the TiVO on. I could just change the ip to that one.
  8. As of a couple days ago my TiVO Roamio, which has played nicely with C4 for two years, is not responding to the C4 remote commands. I can select it as an input and using the TiVO remote I can control the TiVO but the C4 remote commands yield no response. Any button press on the C4 remote produces a line like this in Director.log: 2018-01-01 22:30:33.675 -0600 home-controller-800-000FFF58EFF5 [4710] ERROR: Unable to determine address for device: [id: 53][name: TiVo Roamio / Model 3+][binding: 6001][port: 31339] Does anybody have any suggestions?
  9. yes. i had removed it last week because i assumed i didn't need it. (no door station, no other touchscreen, no intercom.) just put it back and no more connection failure log entries thank you cyknight. ok while i have your attention is there any way to use intercom features with only one touchscreen and no door station? i don't suppose it is possible to intercom to mobile devices like iOS?
  10. do you mean software version? both are on 2.10. touchscreen reports build 542686-res which is the same as the director. or do you mean something else?
  11. In director.log, every minute I see the following failed connection: 2017-12-29 11:56:23.295 -0600 home-controller-XXXXXXXXXX [4664] ERROR: handleConnect(): Error connecting []: Connection refused the ip address is my T3 touchscreen. I interpret this as the controller trying to connect to the touchscreen but maybe its the other way around. but either way there is some connection that is failing every minute. the touchscreen is working fine i see no other problems. but at a minimum it is a waste of resources and network bandwidth to have this going on continuously. any ideas what could be going on?
  12. Add NVR to Hikvision Camera and C4

    OK I have SecuritySpy configured and running. It is quite nice. Now I want to integrate with C4. I understand there is a free driver. Can I just have the dealer install it into my project remotely and then do all the configuration myself with HE? Thanks again for all your help.
  13. I asked my dealer about DSC Neo integration and he said that it would require the addition of some hardware that would allow the Neo to talk to the network. I find this surprising because the Neo already talks to the network through my alarm.com app. Did you have to install any additional hardware?