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  1. Great info all! My current set up is pretty lean. I don't have any of the 3 audio outs from my EA3 connected to anything yet. My AVR (Onkyo TX-RZ820) has 2 zones connected to it, my 5.1 living room and my 2.0 kitchen. I'd like to have the ability to play at least 3 different sources at the same time, and I'd like to group zones together as needed. We have 12 zones (including the 5.1 "zone"), but don't need all of them wired up. We'd be fine with 4 or 5 of them wired (1 or 2 from the AVR and 3 or 4 from a separate device). hope this all makes sense! i was looking into the HEOS Drive and this XZone4. Not sure why I was thinking just buying a C4 amp wouldn't meet my needs?
  2. Hi, considering the russound xzone4 for my c4 installation. thoughts or advice? My controller is an EA-3. Thanks.
  3. How detailed can Onkyo settings be in C4?

    thanks! i'll try it out later today.
  4. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Oh that's cool!
  5. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Toast messages?
  6. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    That's great! All we're really wanting is direct access to apps (Netflix, amazon, plex). Thanks.
  7. Schlage sense

    Thanks sonic!
  8. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Thanks Matt! Will do.
  9. Hi, ‘I have a new Onkyo tx-rz820 receiver. Using the Onkyo app I can modify the subwoofer and central channel levels directly. Anyone here have a 2017 Onkyo? I’d really like to be able to access these controls directly from the c4 app and the sr260 remote Thnaks!
  10. What LG TV do you have Chris?
  11. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Hi! Does this driver work well with WebOS 3.5 (2017 LG TVs). I have the C7.
  12. Schlage sense

    Hrmmm...does this mean the Schlage Connect locks integrate with c4? They have zwave. (Though I think the radio is disabled by default)
  13. I'm very new to C4. My Onkyo AVR (TX-RZ820) says the following in the manual: "Control4: Register this unit if you are using a Control4 system. " I asked my dealer and he said, "We did not register the Onkyo with control4, it is brought into the project with it’s unique UUID so I am unclear for the need ." I'm interested in what "registering" the AVR with C4 does, or is it just a different way of saying what my dealer did? Thanks!
  14. UniFi Drivers Coming Soon - Ideas

    Thanks for the update. I have UniFi networking equipment and C4. I haven't purchased cameras yet, but am hoping to be able to go with UniFi's.
  15. Ketra

    thanks. do you mind pointing me to some of the DMX drivers available? I just found this one Ketra's website: https://www.ketra.com/assets/ketra_pdfs/DMX_Control_Support_with_Ketra.pdf it looks like Ketra supports DMX512. I need to find configurable driver that lets me do step 6 below. I currently can do steps 1-5. (well, I think can do step 4. haven't tried yet, but i have set up ketra profiles and scenes). (from the linked PDF): The workflow is as follows : 1. Physically install and connect power to Ketra’s products. 2. Run the Design Studio software and create the installation file. 3. Create groups of lighting products as required for project application. 4. Setup DMX profiles in Design Studio and select which lighting groups each profile is mapped to. 5. Publish Ketra installation data. 6. Setup 3rd party controller by “patching” appropriate Ketra DMX profile ranges to controller channels.