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  1. Neil just really helped me in a pinch and was very accommodating and easy to work with. I just remodeled my study and replaced a receiver. Unfortunately the Rotel Pre Amp I purchased didn't have IP control available. I purchased an HC-250 on ebay to add local serial control to this room. My in-laws are coming to stay for a week tomorrow and without Neil's help I would have had to explain a few different remotes. Neil got me setup with the additional control in a day and it worked flawlessly. I will be having Neil do some additional work soon. Highly recommended.
  2. My main controller is an EA-3 running 2.9.1. Is the HC250 Compatible?
  3. I replaced my receiver with a Rotel RC-1590 and there are only IR and RS-232 drivers available. I don't have either available in the media console where the Rotel is located. My installer is recommending the card access zigbee to IR device. I don't have any IR in my system today and would prefer to use rs-232. What are my options? He said the IO extender would be overkill and I agree. Is there an inexpensive IP to rs-232 device that works well with with Control4 and will give two way control? Thanks
  4. I need to move the master box to the living room from the study and the mini to the study from the living room. I have ComposerHE. Can I change the names and IPs between the devices to have the correct room remotes control the correct receivers? Thanks
  5. Has anyone used the product from Axxess ? It is a lamp dimmer and 4 button programable keypad. Seems like it would be perfect for bedroom nightstand. http://www.neobits.com/?n=xqOEHSg0jeXEhUxAnR6IUUGD7FkL5-pKu*cPANDMJ5yVu7p4sbjdGRgECiP94UPqRf3Jsf5PexAxzcXntX6ScYcn6WnrM3pSwNdHsM42autqp4SQKdlptmkHWQt9zzGk
  6. I have just purchased an EA-3 and 2 SR-260s that I am waiting to have installed by my integrator. I am looking for recommendations on a 4 zone matrix amplifier. The Control4 unit new seems a bit pricey. What are alternatives people are using? I have 3 zones of audio I am looking to drive with this distributing 2 sonos connects and the EA-3 as inputs. Thanks, Dave