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  1. I have a few wireless door and motion sensors that came with a Wink system I no longer use. Any way to use these with Control4?
  2. Does anyone know if the Heos driver supports volume and input control for the soundbar or would this require the use of IR?
  3. AVR is actually a 2 channel Rotel Pre-Amp. It is in direct mode with no processing. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the advice. I believe I just found the issue. The audio path is 250->TV-HDMI->TV-Optical->Receiver. I connected my 250 directly but the connections in director aren't correct and the TV is creating the audio lag in the study.
  5. I currently have an EA-3 connected to a 4X4 Matrix and an 250 connected to a receiver in my study. When I start music using native C4 pandora streaming in the Kitchen which is powered by the matrix and then add the study to the stream it is slightly delayed. Is this normal? can it be corrected? I will be replacing the 250 with a EA-1 in the next few weeks. Will it have the same issue? Currently the only way to have synced music in both rooms it to use sonos connects which I am trying to eliminate if possible from my system and move to 2.10 and all native streaming.
  6. Neil just really helped me in a pinch and was very accommodating and easy to work with. I just remodeled my study and replaced a receiver. Unfortunately the Rotel Pre Amp I purchased didn't have IP control available. I purchased an HC-250 on ebay to add local serial control to this room. My in-laws are coming to stay for a week tomorrow and without Neil's help I would have had to explain a few different remotes. Neil got me setup with the additional control in a day and it worked flawlessly. I will be having Neil do some additional work soon. Highly recommended.
  7. My main controller is an EA-3 running 2.9.1. Is the HC250 Compatible?
  8. I replaced my receiver with a Rotel RC-1590 and there are only IR and RS-232 drivers available. I don't have either available in the media console where the Rotel is located. My installer is recommending the card access zigbee to IR device. I don't have any IR in my system today and would prefer to use rs-232. What are my options? He said the IO extender would be overkill and I agree. Is there an inexpensive IP to rs-232 device that works well with with Control4 and will give two way control? Thanks
  9. I need to move the master box to the living room from the study and the mini to the study from the living room. I have ComposerHE. Can I change the names and IPs between the devices to have the correct room remotes control the correct receivers? Thanks
  10. Has anyone used the product from Axxess ? It is a lamp dimmer and 4 button programable keypad. Seems like it would be perfect for bedroom nightstand. http://www.neobits.com/?n=xqOEHSg0jeXEhUxAnR6IUUGD7FkL5-pKu*cPANDMJ5yVu7p4sbjdGRgECiP94UPqRf3Jsf5PexAxzcXntX6ScYcn6WnrM3pSwNdHsM42autqp4SQKdlptmkHWQt9zzGk
  11. I have just purchased an EA-3 and 2 SR-260s that I am waiting to have installed by my integrator. I am looking for recommendations on a 4 zone matrix amplifier. The Control4 unit new seems a bit pricey. What are alternatives people are using? I have 3 zones of audio I am looking to drive with this distributing 2 sonos connects and the EA-3 as inputs. Thanks, Dave