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  1. terminaldisclaimer

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    The problem with Carrier infinity is you need to get approved to access their API. Homeation did that. But it's not exactly easy. It's unfortunate if they are having problems. It would be really nice if Control4 bought that driver, and the needed infrastructure.
  2. terminaldisclaimer


    I was wondering about that too though? Although I believe it will work. Just a point of clarification though. And I'm not really trying to start a debate, since the points are well taken. And I'll concede Amazon Music is more useful than I first implied. But Spotify has more paid subscribers than you would think--70 million as of 2018.
  3. terminaldisclaimer


    Fair enough. I was being a bit hyperbolic. 😁 I still can't imagine Amazon Music has anywhere near the number of subscribers that Spotify or Apple has.
  4. terminaldisclaimer


    This update is pretty weak, given the last few years at CEDIA. They will finally let you, the person who paid for the system, add a select few music services without have to pay a dealer a few hundred dollars. Revolutionary! Of course those music services won't be the ones that anyone wants. You know like an actual interface for Spotify or Apple Music. Instead. they've added Amazon Music, a service that nobody uses unless they are too lazy to integrate a different music service with an Echo. I wonder if they had to delay a more major feature. Edit: Then again, that hasn't stopped them in the past from announcing features at CEDIA. Perhaps their entire development team was being used to fix the shit show that was the intercom app, and they couldn't develop any new features.
  5. terminaldisclaimer

    2017 Thoughts for Control4

    I really wish we had more threads like this. Are you using JAP (or something equivalent) or is the PIP happening through the TV's interface?
  6. terminaldisclaimer

    Simple Control

    These guys have been around forever. They used to be called Roomie. They've also had that comparison up for more than a year. I've used the product. It is pretty good. It has more control of media devices than Control4, at least by default (e.g. not having to pay extra like Control4). But the bottom line is this--it doesn't have a hardbutton remote, despite claiming otherwise! That makes it worthless for a lot of people. Nobody can convince me that touchscreen is the future for TV control.
  7. terminaldisclaimer

    Somfy vs Lutron

    Hands down Lutron! Don't get Serena as they are only compatible with Caseta. I think you need Triathlon if you want it to be compatible with RadioRa2.
  8. terminaldisclaimer

    System slow to respond every few weeks

    Thanks. I'll take a look next time it happens.
  9. Hi, I've been having a problem that about every week or two my system slows down, and it becomes slow to respond to commands from remote controls, etc. The weird thing is that when I reboot the HC-800 controller the problem goes away, and then it starts back up again a week or two later. This leads me to conclude it probably isn't related to the zigbee network since I can't imagine a reboot of the controller would fix that. Any other tips? Any logs I could look at to see the problem? My suspicion is that a driver is causing the problem, but I'm not sure how to narrow it down. Thanks.
  10. If I have a bunch of Sonos speakers but bought a Heos link for access to Spotify, would I be able to use Control4 to play Heos Spotify on my Sonos system? Presumably, the Heos Link would need to be hooked up to a controller's audio input, right?
  11. terminaldisclaimer

    Plex releases Kodi plugin

    This is a very good point, and something I would love Alan to weigh in on. As I understood it, Plex hasn't implemented their remote api yet, which leads me to believe that you can't use Alan's Plex driver quite yet with this new plugin. I'm betting once its implemented though, then you could just use Alan's Plex driver.
  12. terminaldisclaimer

    Plex releases Kodi plugin

    My guess is that one major way it differs is that it actually works reliably There is also the other plex plugin that works relatively reliably for Kodi--PlexKodiConnect. I like that Plugin, but it relies on polling plex for updates, which while not terrible, results in a slightly sub-optimum experience. The one thing that PlexKodiConnect brings to the table though is that it integrates Plex into the native Kodi library system so you can use more fancy Skins, etc. that rely on the native Kodi library system.
  13. terminaldisclaimer

    Plex releases Kodi plugin

    Now we're talking! Kodi is awesome, but its Plex support has always been shaky at best. The Plex Media Player app itself is basically awful, and I have been begrudging switching to it. Instead, I've been using OpenPHT, which is limited in use. Now I can have the best of both worlds. Maybe its time to purchase an NVIDIA shield....
  14. terminaldisclaimer

    Cut us some slack. And give us some "how to's"

    Look by the very fact that we are on this forum, that makes us not your average C4 user, as someone so elegantly pointed out to me in the Sonos thread. For many of us, that means we are more than capable of running our own network infrastructure. For some, such as myself, we have very complicated home networks. For example, I have a fully virtualized infrastructure with SANs, nextgen firewall, IP KVMs, cellular out-of-band management, etc. I wouldn't let my C4 dealer near any of that with a ten foot pole because basically they are not qualified to touch it. Moreover, as has been documented many times before on these forums, many of our C4 dealers are basically incompetent (not mine in particular, but its a problem). That is basically the reason why this forum exists in the first place--so C4 customers can stay informed of the latest tech. Now, while I understand that C4 probably doesn't have any specialized network requirements. I don't think it is ridiculous to have some examples. I would love to hear about experiences with VLANS and multicast issues. It is also not productive to say: "call your dealer" on this forum. You know that is just going to set off fireworks. If call your dealer were the real answer, most of us wouldn't be here in the first place. Just my 2 cents.
  15. terminaldisclaimer

    New Sonos Endorsed Drive is out!

    I get that, of course. But given how Sonos was a preferred method of integrating with Streaming services, it would surprise me if it was not a very popular driver. I know...I was just being snarky The point is that none of this is good news. And my only hope is that *you*, as a dealer who actually holds sway (at least way more than me) with C4, can convince them to invest some money in integrating with Spotify.