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  1. terminaldisclaimer

    Control4 buys Neeo

    Getting back to the topic at hand, I think this is a positive development. Control4's remotes are in serious need of a re-design. First, they aren't exactly the most robust hardware (I've personally had 2 die on me in 3 years). Second, they just don't look that nice, especially in today's environment (although I'm not sure they ever did). Moreover, I would imagine some dealers have been complaining that they are losing business to Savant and even Crestron, given how much nicer their remotes are. I can only hope that C4 doesn't overcharge for them like they do for their touchscreens! Those are a complete ripoff, and everyone knows it. It should be a learning lesson for C4 to hear how many dealers push Ipads instead of C4's native solution. When Apple's tablets are cheaper than your own--you are doing it wrong. Hopefully they don't do the same with these remotes.
  2. terminaldisclaimer

    WTB: New SR260 remote

    Title says it all. Don't need recharge station.
  3. terminaldisclaimer

    TV tuner pools

    Do you need to use the "channels" screen. Our typical use case is to just hit "watch tivo" on the remote, and then use the Tivo guide to navigate. Is there a way to assign out tuners based on selecting a source on the remote?
  4. terminaldisclaimer

    TV tuner pools

    Do you mean your video matrix needs to support the concept of pooling? Or will any video matrix work--and it's C4 that keeps track of the sources? I guess my question assumed that some sort of video matrix would be used as otherwise there would be no point to doing this.
  5. terminaldisclaimer

    TV tuner pools

    Hi, Can C4 create pools of tv tuners and assign them out dynamically as needed? For example, I have a Tivo and a couple of Tivo Minis. My preference would be to use the main Tivo as my TV tuner source as much as possible, because it is faster and has a slightly less clunky interface. Is there a way to make C4 automatically assign the main Tivo when it is the first source requested, and then assign minis out as needed?
  6. terminaldisclaimer

    Dealer recommendations...input from the hive?

    So from my perspective, it depends how much of a tech guy you are. For me, I would never let one of these integrators install my core network devices. They might not be happy about it, but given the money this quote must be, I'm sure you could negotiate. Araknis is fine, but it's basically just SnapAV (a favorite integrator distributor)--and you probably won't have much access to it. I'd choose Ubiquiti (technically "unsupported" by C4, but you can google around--it's basically bullshit). Everything else, is pretty much standard for a C4 installation. I personally hate the C4 thermostats, so you may want to consider whether you'd want to do nest or ecobee (both supported by C4). As for in-wall devices, I find that I don't use them that much in my house--so think hard whether you'd really want to spend the money on them. They are cool looking, but ultimately, at least I find, that I don't use them very much. Also, an IPAD Pro is a little much for your bar area. Any android or ipad device would do. Dropping 1k for that device is way overkill. It also looks like you are going all panelized lighting for your system. Just know what you are getting into for that....It is going to box you in, in what you can do in the future. I would also think long and hard about where you want to have extra wires run. Plan a head for that. More Cat 6 won't hurt you. Also why an HDBaseT balun in the loft, but no TV? Finally, I personally like the yale lock better than the kwikset lock.
  7. terminaldisclaimer

    Missing Anything????

    Cool. That makes sense. Is it possible to centralize the 5.1 surround too? In other words, say you have 5 speakers + sub in your living room to handle DD5.1. Can those speakers be fed back to a multiroom audio system such that they would handle both 5.1 and whole home audio? Just curious really.
  8. terminaldisclaimer

    Missing Anything????

    Can you explain the delay adjustment issue? Are you talking about running TV over the distributed audio system? I guess I always thought of distributed audio as something different from say home theater audio. But can you use the distributed audio to do both? If so, I'm just curious, how would that work with 5.1 surround sound. Is the Zektor smart enough to enable 5 speakers in a room + sub when you are watching a movie, and pass the appropriate audio to each channel? If so, that would be pretty neat.
  9. terminaldisclaimer

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    The problem with Carrier infinity is you need to get approved to access their API. Homeation did that. But it's not exactly easy. It's unfortunate if they are having problems. It would be really nice if Control4 bought that driver, and the needed infrastructure.
  10. terminaldisclaimer


    I was wondering about that too though? Although I believe it will work. Just a point of clarification though. And I'm not really trying to start a debate, since the points are well taken. And I'll concede Amazon Music is more useful than I first implied. But Spotify has more paid subscribers than you would think--70 million as of 2018.
  11. terminaldisclaimer


    Fair enough. I was being a bit hyperbolic. 😁 I still can't imagine Amazon Music has anywhere near the number of subscribers that Spotify or Apple has.
  12. terminaldisclaimer


    This update is pretty weak, given the last few years at CEDIA. They will finally let you, the person who paid for the system, add a select few music services without have to pay a dealer a few hundred dollars. Revolutionary! Of course those music services won't be the ones that anyone wants. You know like an actual interface for Spotify or Apple Music. Instead. they've added Amazon Music, a service that nobody uses unless they are too lazy to integrate a different music service with an Echo. I wonder if they had to delay a more major feature. Edit: Then again, that hasn't stopped them in the past from announcing features at CEDIA. Perhaps their entire development team was being used to fix the shit show that was the intercom app, and they couldn't develop any new features.
  13. terminaldisclaimer

    2017 Thoughts for Control4

    I really wish we had more threads like this. Are you using JAP (or something equivalent) or is the PIP happening through the TV's interface?
  14. terminaldisclaimer

    Simple Control

    These guys have been around forever. They used to be called Roomie. They've also had that comparison up for more than a year. I've used the product. It is pretty good. It has more control of media devices than Control4, at least by default (e.g. not having to pay extra like Control4). But the bottom line is this--it doesn't have a hardbutton remote, despite claiming otherwise! That makes it worthless for a lot of people. Nobody can convince me that touchscreen is the future for TV control.
  15. terminaldisclaimer

    Somfy vs Lutron

    Hands down Lutron! Don't get Serena as they are only compatible with Caseta. I think you need Triathlon if you want it to be compatible with RadioRa2.