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  1. It is very tedious but far from impossible to implement. I have about 100 commands and they work very well
  2. Havent tried but have heard of people doing this
  3. If you use the older flash based interface (old touch screen or PC/Mac computer app) there is a 4store eq app. You can have multiple instances of the spotify driver for each room and you can push from your phone to them easily. Your limitations of simultaneous streams is based on how the EA3 and EA1 are connected but it sounds like what you are asking for is possible as long as you keep total number of streams in mind
  4. sonic30101

    HC300 and OS 2.10.3

    There is a driver for the hc300 made by annex4 for 2.10.2. I havent used it but have heard good things though like Mitch said it isn't really supported. A hc250 at minimum isn't a large cost in the grand scheme
  5. sonic30101

    Playing Spotify on C4 Connected Speakers Via Alexa

    You can use composer HE to make voice scenes to play music in particular zones but it is time consuming and needs to be done preemptively. I would look into connecting 1 or a few echo dots to the audio matrix and dedicating some to particular zones and have alexa natively control what comes out of the remote dots. You can set up c4 to turn zones on and off when music is present on the ones hardwired to the audio matrix. This will be a lot more dynamic and flexible for voice control IMO
  6. sonic30101

    Remote and IOS App Cannot Connect

    Micro SD card might be corrupt
  7. sonic30101

    C4-8AMP1-B vs C4-16AMP3-B

    When they were first released, most zone audio amps used analog audio and the digital coax ports likely went unused in many cases so due to cost and port space on the back they probably decided it wasn't worth it on the 8 zone
  8. sonic30101

    Remote and IOS App Cannot Connect

    What kind of control4 processor is it and what are the lights on the front
  9. Should work just fine just make sure to get one that uses IR for control and does not have auto switch sensing. Might be a good idea to get one that is 3 or 4 ports just to have head room
  10. sonic30101

    C4-8AMP1-B vs C4-16AMP3-B

    I'm actually really surprised that the four Zone amp has digital coax inputs and have no idea why it has those connections as they were not terribly useful in the older distributed audio landscape
  11. sonic30101

    C4-AMP108 problem

    I would remove all speaker wires and slowly add 1 zone at a time, then run if for a while and see if a particular set is causing the issue or if the amp is defective
  12. sonic30101

    Testing nest hello doorbell

    I will post this tonight if I get a chance. I killed the chime because the dogs would wake the kids during a nap and use announcements through the speakers with the voice genie driver and they havent figured out that it means someone is at the door yet
  13. sonic30101

    Combining Audio Zones

    You want a thick gauge when running 4ohm and the ideal size depends on the distance. Most c4 amps will do 4ohm, not all avrs will do it safely. You may also get an impedance matching speaker selector to bring them back up to 8ohms if needed
  14. sonic30101

    TCL Roku TV (TCL 32S3800)

    The first instance of the TCLs had power toggle from what I read, havent had to integrate one so no personal experience with them
  15. sonic30101

    TCL Roku TV (TCL 32S3800)

    Havent played with them, but heard they are kinda turds and even the ir drivers are weak because of the available codes the tvs accept