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  1. IR Control

    Get a small network switch and hardwire the controller instead of running them on WiFi
  2. A separate player would be needed for each simultaneous stream/user
  3. Pics before I break the racks down and move

    All the speakers are in for phase1 of the install. Just got 3 of the Just Add Power rooms up and selecting from 4 of the 13 sources. Baby steps to get the room side stuff done before I work on the racks in the basement.
  4. Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    Sorry it came across as a stab, I just wanted to get an understanding of what the kodi driver would entail before voting since there are already free and paid versions out there. Luckily yours sounds to be somewhere in the middle??? So there is probably a good place for it in the big picture since the other free one is very basic and really has no 2 way communication/feedback
  5. Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    What features would the kodi driver have? There is already a free xbmc driver that is pretty basic and still seem to work with kodi and then there is Alan's full one for purchase which is very feature rich.
  6. Hard to say really without more info. Hopefully you have the username and password to get into the settings of the router itself without having to factory reset it. As far as the modem goes comcast will test their lines and hopefully get things upsteam sorted but the second they see a 3rd party router and C4 gear it is out of their wheelhouse and they wont be any help. Once that is up and running best case scenario is the in wall touch panels will work and you can link up with a remote programmer and let them know the info in the setting page and maybe get the ball rolling on getting the system up and working
  7. welcome to the forum, unfortunately comcast will likely be little to no help at all. The previous owner more than likely had their own router if they left a stand alone modem. And if you go with a comcast modem/router combo the IP address scheme will be different and require a dealer to be on site to redo the static addresses, then a remote dealer may be able to help out. Not necessarily the one that did the initial install mind you so shop around for a good local dealer for on site stuff
  8. And if you can through System Manager make sure the director service is running
  9. No issues with the IFTTT driver
  10. The reson the "new" endoresed driver is crap is because sonos implimented their new API change internally so unless they fix that nothing will change due to restrictions they made for 3rd party. Also i am on 2.9.1 since i have pro
  11. Speaker level settings

    the higher the gain knob the more amplification of distortion and sound stage (hissing with no signal) so you want them as low as possible within the average of other zones
  12. I prefer airplaying to only apple products so when there is an issue it is back in someone elses court.
  13. Advice for Prospective Customer

    awesome. Dont forget Alexa or Google Home, especially for the kitchen
  14. After them releasing the API which hurt all the CI companies, I am so underwhelmed with sonos which previously should have been an auto include in almost every project. Their amps are decent yet overpriced for people who dont have a control system in my opinion. I vote option C since it gives you plenty of inputs with audio sensing for auto room on programing if applicable for many streaming solutions as well as cable/sat boxes and other sources to chose from.