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  1. Kwikset SmartCode 914 Zigbee?

    It won't work, need to use the ones from c4, those chips are red not yellow
  2. Dimming a Lighting Scene

    Is this a keypad button?
  3. variables

    What is turning monitor night mode to true?
  4. or make a variable for each scene, when it is initiated set the status in the variable and based on the variables value. Update the LEDs accordingly. The fault in this method is that you dont get status when the scene is de-activated and all the added steps. I had to do this with my GE zwave dimmers but can live with it since they were stupid cheap
  5. He mentioned no activity lights when connected eith an ethernet cable in another post so it is likely a hardware issue
  6. Epic Alexa Issues

    You can do it, also make sure to turn the room off/select a source instead of turning the tv on and off in programming so C4 knows and can update navigators accordingly
  7. IFTTT Do Button

    Belkin weemo
  8. WiFi Solutions

    Not at all, 80 is quick enough for streaming audio and most video content. Your issue is more than likely interconnectivity/reliability between devices. As well as Apple devices don't make a mesh to help with hopping between APs and limited menu options
  9. WiFi Solutions

    2k for a decent router, 3 APs install/configure and possible replacement of the netgear depending on layout seems pretty average. If you go too cheap you will just end up right where you started in the first place
  10. Best C4/4K A/V Receiver

    What is the budget in mind?
  11. Adding a wireless subwoofer

    Need to know if there are unused cables at the tv to avoid the hassles of wireless. Should probably talk to your dealer in choosing a sub that has the right connections needed that can be fed signal off of one of the unused zones of the amp with the cables that are available
  12. Adding a wireless subwoofer

    Good point @SMHarman. Could also convert a cat5 with a cheap balun.
  13. Adding a wireless subwoofer

    Are all 8 zones of the amp being used? Distance from rack to sub location? Can speaker wire be ran of is it finished space? Ideally you would want a wired active/passive sub with speaker level inputs. You may be able to rig up something wirelessly but it is a science fair project at best because you have to convert the speaker out of the amp to rca to feed the sub a signal and haul it wirelessly which is a 50ish ft distance depending on obstructions.
  14. Sounds like you need someone on site to troubleshoot the network issueswith the camera NVR or at minimum someone needs to do a joinme/team viewer session on your computer to do some poking around but will be limited in what they can do being offsite