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  1. I havent tried this yet, but I have a sonos play3 in my sons room and based on if it is running I engage/disengage silent mode which intercepts the doorbell announcement through ceiling speakers and flashes the lights/sends a push notification to the phones. Havent done a ring pro doorbell yet...
  2. Laying out in ceiling speaker rings at the new house today
  3. I am going to be listing my house next month, so I figured I would snap some pics before I break the racks down and move it all to the new house. HC800, HC300, and IO-X. HC250 for Family room 24 port pakedge switch 3 JAP rack mount transmitters 1 JAP transmitter in Family room for Bluray Cisco SG500 48 port switch for JAP network JAP receivers Family room, Media room, master bed, Sons room, Guest bedroom Monoprice 4X4 HDMI Matrix for video games cause when on JAP switches the latency is an issue Integra DTR40.1 and DTR50.2 Klipsch THX sub amp LabGruppen 10:4 for back yard rock speakers SnapAV 20amp UPS Panamax M7500Pro 2 xfinity boxes, Android STB, AppleTV2, AppleTV3, Mac Mini with Kodi Full, Nvidia Shield, Chromecast, Sonos connect, 3 chromecast Audios 16ch audio matrix 8 zone matrix amp. Media room: Benq W10000 Projector Elite screens 80" fixed screen Proficient 6" in ceiling speakers 2 Klipsch THX subs. Will update with the rest of the system
  4. I havent, but the houselogix IP driver does have app launch capability so it should work. Not sure about saving favorite channels though, probably not worth the hassle
  5. Plus i wanted to really play with ifttt and smartthings for lighting and their doorlocks (micasa verde is probably a better route for most but as you can see I have tons of time on my hands to tinker lol). Only trigger light scenes from c4, not really into light control for the cost savings im ok with the limitations of not using the native dimmers. the chowmain ir to light drivers "control" the smartthings simulated switches which trigger the scenes
  6. lets see the screen shot of the part for the living room channel changing and see if we can figure out why google assistant is saying it isnt set up properly and get that part making it to the ifttt c4 driver
  7. Yeah, i went off the deepend because we have an 18 month old and if we pick up the remote he wants it so i have a ton of voice commands
  8. sorry for the delay but the screen shots are finally added
  9. So for mine the IFTTT the phrase is Then comes into IFTTT driver and changes the select source 1 variable, then i have the programing there since my ifttt drivers programing script window is busy enough Then a macro to change the variables to blank so the next command even if it the same one the next day for example fires after each ifttt message comes in
  10. what is the voice command phrase you are using, there are some reserved words/phrases so that may be tripping you up? For that scenario i am using "change family tv channel to $" and letting ifttt/pushover carry it as title>family channel and message is $ Working on some screen shots and will upload later today
  11. ok, so goodnight works. So that is a good sign at least. Starting from the top item, if you attempt it with google assistant: does she reply back with the proper response? if so go to system design and select the ifttt driver and you can see the last title and message that came in to make sure it made it to c4, also check spaces and typos for the incoming messages
  12. Screen shots of the ifttt driver programing section might help. May not have actions for the conditions indented. Side note my attachment quota is full otherwise i would throw up a few of mine. How do we empty it?
  13. I typically use a timer for occupancy triggers. So when motion sensor senses motion> reset the timer Then When timer is started do x, y, and z When timer expires turn off x, y, and z this way when the sensor sees motion when the room is on it restarts the timer each time
  14. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? From a google search i saw no turning on/off of electric devices, so are you trying the use automation to circumvent rules so things still happen and you arent inconvenienced by this?