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  1. Most of the NVRs we use have the ability to draw the motion area and adjust sensitivity per channel analog or IP
  2. All zones or specific room?
  3. sonic30101

    2nd house/location questions

    Kinda, so the dealer makes an ovrc account on their client list and then they can remote in and have a web gui to do things. But once they enable ovrc home and send you an invite they can make a macro to reset each outlet individually and maybe all 3 and you will use the ovrc home app to do that. Also there are c4 drivers so that isnt 100% needed but would require c4 to be operating to control it that way. You can also log into the wattbox directly and set up outlet schedules, auto reboot based on network pings without dealer intervention. So yes, but you have a lot of capability once the initial setup is done and you likely wont have to contact them especially for a simple 3 outlet site
  4. You can definitely set the NVR up to record 24/7, the installer said you would get a total of 10 ish days worth of hard drive space to be able to review. If you set them only to record based on motion your window of time to be able to go back and review would average up to 30 days based on the hard drive space and number of motion triggers that happen. So you need to weigh in on what's more important, being able to roll the tape back up to 10 days if something were to happen and you wanted to look at it or having more time to be able to go back and look if you had a break-in or something goes missing and no one notices for a certain time frame
  5. sonic30101

    2nd house/location questions

    Yes, 2 separate customer.control4.com accounts In most cases that covers most basic setups Not that I have seen but havent played with it personally. Maybe some ifttt triggers if no direct driver Depends on the number of controlled ports needed. 3 port is $290, 5 port is $390, 12 port is $660. Ups is even more so depends on the needs
  6. That is normal for the surveillance system to have a much higher resolution. You need to make sure the sub stream of each camera or the nvr/channel is 720 which is as high as c4 supports on touch panels and OSD
  7. sonic30101

    Can I upgrade?

    You would need to replace the hc200 to go further. Either with an ea1 or a used hc250
  8. Yes, in most cases there are 2 streams on decent cameras. The main stream is what their app uses. The sub stream is lower and that is what c4 can use because c4 cant go above 720p for camera streams
  9. sonic30101

    Sony ZA1000ES Receiver

    My guess is it is supposed to be the family room audio endpoint and volume not AV Closet. Strange that it worked previously
  10. sonic30101

    No sound from Blu-ray player

    In all zones, or just rooms that have 2 in-ceiling speakers? You may have a matrix that does not down mix surround so try going to the audio settings of the Blu-ray and setting them to stereo or PCM
  11. I have about a hundred or so applets on IFTTT, have not experienced any laginess in response to voice commands. But the amount of time it takes to set it up on IFTTT and in composer takes quite a bit longer. The phrasing is more forgiving in my opinion because you can have two alternative phrases and the text and number ingredient feature is nice. I am happy with the end result but if you really want a lot of features you're going to spend sometime sitting in front of the computer on composer HE
  12. sonic30101

    Pics before I break the racks down and move

    Unfortunately life got in the way going back to working full time and having 2 kids, all I have gotten done is finishing the sheetrock on the wall and rockwool insulation installed in the ceiling and some miscellaneous small additions to the racks. A few things to button up and sheetrock starts for the ceiling, so I am slacking. The cobblers kids have no shoes, after doing install and programing all week, getting myself to do it in the evenings and weekends just doesnt happen much lol
  13. sonic30101

    Using NVR with DS2 for Motion Detection Event

    Depends on the NVR, many have alarm inputs that can be configured to manually record while the contact is closed. What is the model of nvr?
  14. sonic30101

    What ya think?

    press room off, #, *, 1, 3, 4, 1, 3 to make it leave the old network then re-identify
  15. sonic30101

    EA5 End of Life

    The hc800 hasnt hit EOL yet and it is 6ish years old so I would imagine the EA series will be here for a while