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  1. Do you have any equipment? If you buy a HC250 or 800 and want to use it to run director make sure it has a -1 at the end of the model number so you dont have to worry about licensing
  2. Programing based on light state to fire the appropriate TCP commands. The c4 driver being ir or relay is irrelevant in the big picture, it will open/close the relay or fire the ir commands but that wont matter
  3. Lighting is one thing, controllers were more what i was referring to due to them not having the power to run certain services
  4. Touche I always forget there's that second decimal point
  5. 2.10 came out before the hc800 even shipped. Not trying to be a jerk but they are out of numbers so either a small 2.9 patch or jump to 3.0. The big question is when are they going to kill off the legacy stuff which will definitely be a bummer to many though you cant support stuff forever and it is inevitable.
  6. googling yields the last 4 releases annually in the fall
  7. New install or was this working previously?
  8. Local controller or is it shared through the matrix? Could be a binding issue but sharimg a controller isnt particularly recommended
  9. If the tv was set up as a static address that would now be gone, also probably defaulted the authentication away from the key. Do you have Composer HE to see what the IP address c4 is looking for the tv to be at as well as the key? Use your Sony remote, press Home, Setting, > Network > Home Network > Authentication > Then pre-shared Key needs to be used (it should already have the key in there), then select done.
  10. What type of amp? Audio matrix being used? Need a bit more info about the system. If the amps have manual routing and volume control that may help troubleshoot. Also can try swapping speaker wires between a working and broken zone in case tge amp is in protect mode
  11. Are you paying for the 4sight subscription?
  12. might be able to use the Chowmain generic light or generic dimmer light driver, do the IR binding and fire the tcp commands based on the state? not really ideal because you are not getting to use feedback but i used it for my smartthings lamp outlets via IFTTT for a while before getting a vera hub. im sure making your own driver would be better but depends on how much time you want to throw at it
  13. is the kwikset bound to a generic door driver? otherwise it wont show up on navigators or the app
  14. to do 6x6 video plus audio only sources the price is probably 7-8 times what that part costs. Do Netplay encoders/decoders do 4k, and variable volume outputs to feed amps? What about latency as in gaming? I havent worked with them, mostly just add power and c4/snapav/traditional hdbaset switchers which with endpoints would be 8k
  15. Directv wont show up on the Cable TV Network driver, need a dealer to add a Directv Network driver and bind it to the rf ports of your sat boxes