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  1. Amazon Echo Integration w/C4 Amp

    could use experience or custom buttons to change the default auto on from just room x or all main floor rooms. Can reset it daily with scheduler. and also have a voice scene to turn all rooms to the dot. Alternatively could add dots for specific rooms/areas and connect them in addition to the amp or add an audio matrix as well if additional inputs are needed. I have an audio matrix, an 8 zone amp and 3 avrs so dedicating 1 for kitchen/family, 1 for outdoor, and 1 for my master bath arent a big deal. I use google homes and chromecast audios but achieving this with echos and dots are the same really. I have 1 google home in the kitchen and the master bath which can be grouped to corresponding chromecast audios connected to the ceiling speakers
  2. Amazon Echo Integration w/C4 Amp

    Get an Alexa dot and plug it into your c4 amp. Make a group with the echo you already have. Make a 5 minute timer. Program when the input of the amp senses signal, select the dot as the source in the desired rooms and stop the timer. When there is no signal to start the 5 minute timer. When the timer expires if the rooms in question have the dot selected turn them off.
  3. Wiring diagram

    maybe, but i rarely complain with more details than needed
  4. Variables

    Media isn't called up in rooms the same way you can set the value of a light value's device variable, or thermostat, particular amp output. So the only way I am aware if is to make conditional statements for each channel you want. Then nest the command to turn that station on in the particular room.
  5. Sonos really needs to get their number of favorites higher
  6. Job seeker

    If you can do a URC with ccp and total control you can do control4 once you go to the training and understand the terminology
  7. Move zone 2 speaker wire to zone1 on the amp and see if the speakers are the issue.
  8. Job seeker

    Unfortunately you have to work for a dealer to get signed up for programming courses. Have you done universal remotes like URC?
  9. C4 not working anymore

    There are remote dealers on here that might do it for you since you already did the install
  10. Pics before I break the racks down and move

    Gotta run the coax feed into the rack and some romex to the family room from the UPS then I can start cleaning up the mess and planning the theater
  11. C4 not working anymore

    if you set a static on the AVR or DHCP reservation on your router and let him know the connections it can probably be done remotely
  12. Pics before I break the racks down and move

    Still a bit of tidying up but getting close to preliminary rack build before starting on basement theater
  13. C4 not working anymore

    Integra IP control has been rock solid for me with static IP
  14. JAP "for Dummies"

    I got it working in 1 room for shits and giggles to test with but I guess if you have a tv that doesn't have serial or IP and only 1 cat ran you can still control though cec usually opens you to a whole other can of worms and I tend to stay away from it
  15. JAP "for Dummies"

    Serial driver is just in/out routing. IP driver also gives you the ability to send serial and cec (which is meh) commands over IP to the rxs and txs. Image capture of the stream. Would have to look at the other advanced features.there might be more but I don't really use them as all