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  1. sonic30101

    ECHO Link issues thread

  2. sonic30101

    Security Cameras

    Never tried to integrate real security cameras into an echo spot or show so no idea which ones will play nicely if any at the moment. Usually just work them into c4 app/touch panels/on screen navigator. Maybe this will work? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.amazon.com/IP-RTSP-RTP-Security-Cameras/dp/B079CHVHZG&ved=2ahUKEwjt-fSgzaTfAhVsRN8KHSEkAisQFjAAegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw0JP9nv_po6Gssczm7Bo87H
  3. sonic30101

    Question on keypads

    All done via composer and all buttons can be configured as desired. Also the one you asked about is a low voltage keypad for panelized lighting situations. The zigbee equivalent is KC120277 (all programing, not hardwiring to their switchs or dimmers) C4-KD120-WH is a keypad dimmer that controls a load as well as has configurable buttons to program as needed C4-KA-WH is an aux keypad, hard wires to a switch or dimmer and does no programing and only controls the device it is connected to
  4. sonic30101

    WDTV as media player for EA-3?

    Havent played with one but I am not sure it will work with the c4 movie library. Most go for plex or kodi and you will probably like the experience and horsepower more
  5. sonic30101

    Automating multiple agents at once

    Use a variable in the agent section. Set it true or false with custom buttons or experience button and in the scheduled event in programing make a conditional based on if the variable is true or false to decide if it runs or not
  6. sonic30101

    Xfinity vs DirectTV vs Uverse

    I have never been a uverse fan for both internet and tv
  7. sonic30101

    Wattbox 700 IPV 12 No internet LED

    Those had issues and snap extended the warranty and give 12 port wattboxes on the spot when you call them
  8. sonic30101

    Video Storm vs. Just Add Power

    I think they have 3rd party 4k encoders on their site but dont think they do 4k@60 either.
  9. sonic30101

    Control4 HDBaseT connectors dying

    There are 2 hardware versions that c4 can tell you based on serial number. The v2 are supposed to fix power issues but we have also seen those fail
  10. Really depends on if the controller is set up DHCP or static address. And if the IP scheme has changed by switching out routers. Would be helpful to know what the Netgear hands out compared to his new router and if the control4 controller is pulling an address in can be seen on the network with something like fing
  11. Need to find out the IP address scheme of the netgear as it lists likely different than the Google mesh and the c4 gear is likely set up with a static address so it is not in the subnet to be seen by the devices. Example netgear hands out address and Google mesh is
  12. Same, Google home commands into c4 are working
  13. Also if it is a dimmer you can incrementally lower the light slow enough that the motion isnt triggered by the light itself which might help with additional false alarms
  14. sonic30101

    Control 4 Decisions to Make

    If you give up the control ports on the receivers then you can just use them as regular receivers and change the drivers and upgrade to the current OS version. Depending on what is connected to them you may need a c4 controller, an IOX, zigbee2IR to control any devices connected to them for serial or IR
  15. Sounds like a hdcp issue with the switcher itself. I would go into the settings of each source and lower them all to 1080p and test, then if it all works smoothly. Slowly raise the resolution 1 step at a time and see if that is an issue. Is the denon set to pass the resolution through or upconvert?