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  1. I dont see anything in the programing options of the remotes that will allow for changing rooms, touch panels through bookmark/favs you can but not remotes. To answer the part where the g-home remembers the room. Yes, you can make a string variable that when you say for example "change room to $" or "room select $" it will set the variable to the text in the $ spot. Then when you send a command you can make a conditional programing command based on what room is saved in that string variable. This is a bit different than the documented way in the Chowmain example pdf attached. The biggest downside of doing it this way is since the g-home doesnt yet have a way of differentiating multiple units using the same google account, programing it this way with more than one in the house will give you problems. I have it programed as per the pdf and i can go out tomorrow and snag 3 more and they would essentially work right out of the box without having to do anything in c4 since the control uses "turn on (insert source name) in (room name)", "mute (room name)", "unmute (room name)", etc. Chowmain+-+IFTTT+Maker+Driver+Google+Home+Example.pdf
  2. what is the last thing you streamed over a kodi addon? I have no issue paying nothing to watch DVD rip non cam stuff for free, If I want to watch it later on bluray I will buy it later on to get the full experience. I know its not for everyone and some are conditioned to go through the right channels and pay for content but its not for everyone
  3. Cute, but im ok with saving $5 per title to have a bit less quality (720p for free) as opposed to renting from itunes @ 1080p to get bent over but to each their own, just wanted to be devils advocate and offer him something others likely wouldnt
  4. If you go the android streamer route and arent worried about being on the up and up, run kodi and use a video plugin addon that gets you whatever you want. I wont go into details to implicate the forum but there are many options on youtube to check out
  5. I dont think the new driver lets you select the line in anymore due to Sonos' API that they designed for future 3rd party integration. you would have to use the sonos app to select the line in of that connect amp to play in the other sonos zones
  6. The action needs to be nested in the IF statement and will not happen properly if it is not indented, drag the action over the IF and you will see the icon point to the right and let go
  7. I have been using it without any issues, I rooted mine and tried the LanMote route with the kodi driver but I believe there are issues with LanMote and the version of android the shield uses because some commands dont work through the web gui so I just stuck with the IR route. Was reading somewhere that the new one may not have an IR window though so we will just have to see
  8. With the IFTTT driver you can bridge the gap to allow for some integration. It is definitely limited but there is a way to communicate to and from smartthings, I have it doing lighting scenes and use custom buttons to lock and unlock a zwave doorlock
  9. On toslink yes and no. What is the room in questions speaker configuration. Toslink doesnt support all multi channel sound modes when you go beyond 5.1 so your receiver may need to process it
  10. Clear project of all errors right? lol
  11. The epic systems drivers for alexa and google home seem to be much easier to configure, but the IFTTT one is more forgiving with alternate phrases and text and number ingredients as well as the ability to integrate any IFTTT enabled device so once you get through the learning curve which at certain points can be difficult depending on the need
  12. I just added a smartthings hub to play with the ifttt driver and I can tell you that after playing with the native interface and ability of one of c4's "competitors" that it leaves A LOT to be desired so consider your alternatives. As stated previously: URC, RTI, Crestron dont even let their customers have an interface at all like Composer HE. The DIY route is choppy and disjointed. Have fun with Smartthings/Wink and harmony hubs cause I would just not even try dealing with it.
  13. The crystal ball says people will still want composer pro so they can bork their system
  14. How cheap? Honestly i used the monoprice 4x4 with rs232 for about 2 years with no issues before getting my just add power setup and for $150 that is hard to beat avswitch_MonoPrice_4x4HDMI Rev3.0 _2.c4i
  15. What interface are you using to control the disc changer if your app doesnt work and a remote is on the way then? Are you double clicking on the disc changer in system design so it brings up the dialog box with the IR controls? If so that does not select the source in the zone so no routing of av signals is done