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  1. sonic30101

    Alexa in Multiroom Control 4 Automation

    No idea on that one. Before my time. Started programing c4 in OS2.5 so never ran into one of those
  2. sonic30101

    Alexa in Multiroom Control 4 Automation

    Never tried but I would attempt. Whenever the sensor is triggered change a string variable to room name. Then each voice command has a conditional nested inside for each room value the variable could be. But that would require the se sor to be quick to respond for sure. The audio trigger on an audio matrix or controller would probably work similarly in programing and more reliably
  3. I would vote ubiquity much higher than eero, Google wifi, and any other consumer mesh/repeater.
  4. sonic30101

    Alexa in Multiroom Control 4 Automation

    The epic alexa driver might be worth checking into
  5. sonic30101

    IP Control Tv

    Dont think manufacturers are using ip for displays that small. If you are trying to avoid an emitter on the front you might be able to use a logitech blaster on the back as long as there isn't another TV in blaster range
  6. Can you hook up a test TV to confirm it is working from the room to the matrix?
  7. sonic30101

    IP Control Tv

    Those are too early. Most android sonys from 2017 and 18. Samsung would have to have the network config page in the menu which is a 2017. Most previous to that shut down the network port when in standby so IP only is not viable for those brands back then
  8. sonic30101

    Audio zones order

    My mistake, was thinking room selection page not zones page
  9. I have had good results with my ubiquity access points. Rukus/pakedge/araknis are awesome but a bit more expensive. Going with access points that communicate, mesh, band steer will give a much better experience than a consumer grade router. What is the square footage and number of floors? As well as outdoor coverage requirements
  10. sonic30101

    Audio zones order

    Correct, that is alphabetical there. But you can segment it by floor which might help depending on preference
  11. sonic30101

    C4-16AMP3-B Matrix Amp

    You can do source to zone selection and volume control from the front panel. Definitely cumbersome and not ideal but it is possible to do it manually
  12. sonic30101

    C4-16AMP3-B Matrix Amp

    You can do some items from the front panel, but ideally yes
  13. sonic30101

    Garage Lock

    The wemo is a good idea especially if you have RF keypads, I have seen deadbolts that go through the rails but havent really looked into them. If you have a second relay you could intercept the wall button and disable that and disable c4 UI via programing conditionals but that leaves out the outdoor keypad you mentioned
  14. Never really tried but a touch screen monitor and an android STB or stick might be decent if you have a place for a screen that isnt mobile and flip down from the undercabinet.
  15. Maybe beneficial for IP cameras but I dont see that navigator is in need of 4k. Otherwise C4 isnt looking to do video content library streaming after the last player, not to say that they wouldnt but there are so many options out there I dont know if they want to try getting into that section of the market unless they just buy up another company but it would make sense to make it integrate with c4 not be a controller IMO. They have pakedge and triad which doesnt necessarily need to be in a c4 environment to be viable so it would be better if their video player could stand alone for diversification purposes. Shouldnt need a new controller for this, usually they are not in the best locations to pick up voice anyway. Better to have a T3 do it or maybe a handheld if they go native hardware