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  1. I also use that driver 4 when my phone disconnects from Bluetooth if I'm within the geofence to do programming when I arrive home
  2. i usually like to run LV after the electricians do their stuff so I can stay away from the high volt. Just moved in this weekend so will post pics after i get some stuff up
  3. Are you trying to listen to the TV's audio feed in the room with the in-ceiling speakers with the control4 UI? If so Sonos does not allow their API two select the line input so you would have to use the Sonos app
  4. Less programing, less functionality from what i have read up on. I have the IFTTT driver and can select sources in rooms, turn rooms off, mute/unmute, play/pause, cable channel favs, discrete volume percentages, lighting scenes. Also setting the c4 amp to signal sensing you can initiate casting audio in a google home group and the zone will turn on amd select the source. You have composer HE right?
  5. I have a Klein ScoutPro, though it only tests continuity and not bandwidth. I prefer to stay away from HDBaseT and patch panels/keystones and go straight from Tx or matrix to Rx to reduce issues but have used them when needed and havent had issues personally
  6. Not sure if this helps but these are the rs232 codes for a different blackbird matrix of theirs
  7. 1 and 2 cat baluns are trash a majority of the time. HDBaseT is typically very reliable especially at that short of a distance.
  8. Then if you're going to be constantly chasing the carrot don't you want the system to actually work?
  9. The DIY route like Samsung Smartthings is nice, but not anywhere near as capable as a real automation system. Those cloud based hubs do a decent job at basic lighting and sensors but as far as integration with security systems and AV they are very far away from that. Also they are designed to be plugged in and set up by the end user fairly easily and usually from a mobile device so custom programing for particularly scenarios tends to be lacking. As with any control system (Control4, Crestron, URC, RTI, etc) and video streaming in general your wifi and network will be a very important part of making sure things are reliable and responsive so that is not an item to minimize its importance. Stay away from wireless wifi repeaters and cheap quick fixes. For your video zones are you trying to share sources with a matrix switch? Any audio only zones?
  10. Sounds like it could be corrupt storage and not booting, will need a dealer to reload image and program file if so
  11. Zigbee devices in the project and are they working?
  12. End point 1=amp End point 2=tv speakers No argument just listing how c4 deals with it
  13. I guess I need to get to C4 Guru the "hard way" with lots of posts with no credentials of knowledge then
  14. hat is off to you, control4 dealer is really hard to get now a days