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  1. sonic30101

    Wii driver

    The smart outlet will turn the Wii off but it wont turn the Wii on when power is applied. What @msgreenf mentioned using a weemo and power sensing when the Wii remote turns the unit on and off to auto select the Wii in the room and room off is about the only integration possible
  2. You have 1 stream via hdmi. If you require more you need an ea3 or a triad one
  3. sonic30101

    Can't find preset channels

    And cable TV rf binding removed from the TV most likely for safe measure
  4. sonic30101

    JAP two 4K sources 2 4K displays

    You have to configure a static route in your router to allow control4 to control the switch and the Jap endpoints if you use the IP driver which I recommend, if you use the serial driver you won't need it. I believe they have an article on their website that shows how to set up the static route and I've done it on a few different types of routers and even Best Buy consumer-grade Netgear and it worked fine
  5. sonic30101

    JAP two 4K sources 2 4K displays

    There is software called JAD config you can download from their site (no dealer required 😎😎😎), connect your computer to the switch via serial and it will configure the switch and the input/output devices
  6. sonic30101

    JAP two 4K sources 2 4K displays

    You will need a managed switch and enough cat cables to haul the video to and from the rooms since it sounds like you have 2 head ends http://justaddpower.com/switches.html
  7. I have a luma 500 nvr and use this driver for the camera itself that I downloaded from their site and it works great. This one has a dropdown for if it is on your LAN subnet or if the camera is on the nvr itself. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t1uid38xg2igeu9/Luma_IP_Camera_static.c4i?dl=0
  8. The drivers for luma that I have used go through the nvr ipaddress then the port the camera uses (65001 for camera1, 65002 for canera2, etc) and the nvr password. Need to know which drivers you are using though and some screen shots of the properties section of the camera driver might help. If you change the nvr password you may want to also have the camera password match for consistency sake
  9. sonic30101

    Signal message

    Can you plug another device into the hdmi the directv is using to confirm the wire and hdmi port on the TV work?
  10. sonic30101

    Signal message

    Do you have a surround sound receiver for the room and if so do you have control of the volume? Doesnt sound like a control4 issue, sounds like and hdmi issue with the avr.
  11. sonic30101

    Volume Differences?

    Do you have an EA series controller? In design double click on the controller running director and you may have the digital coax output gain at a different level as the analog and when concurrent streams are happening your wifes stream is going to analog maybe?
  12. sonic30101

    Thinnest bezel tv for video wall

    Planar is about as thin as I have ever seen but for the money NEC and LG display wall units are best bang for the buck IMO. And JAP or VS. No moip for me yet till they get some time in the field. Is latency a consideration? JAP is better for that aside from a traditional processor
  13. Wonder if the virtual light load driver will work for these. Havent really worked with it much
  14. Not natively yet, the best way is the hardwire an echo into the control4 system as the target device from the echos out in the room.
  15. sonic30101

    Powering on TV + Receiver + Cable with CR-250

    What is the model of the TV? If it is bound properly it should turn all the appropriate devices and switch all inputs