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  1. hi there would it be possible to get the feed from avigilons acc windows program into the c4 system and view on tv or on iPad (c4 app) or on c4 touchscreens or is there a way to obtain this feed without interference to the main avigilon dvr's recordings
  2. ebie_comp

    WTB sr260 battery & covers x 6

    Please p m me with prices
  3. Looking for 6x sr250/260 battery's and covers to be used with the c4 dock charging cradle Need to ship outside of the us Johannesburg, 2198, South Africa Please p m Quotes
  4. ebie_comp

    Remote Programming Services.

    Wow wow wow.... had some work done by Matt remotely and amazing service with bullet response times. Before I Knew it he was in my system and loaded all the drivers and configured it correctly. I am on the 21 day trail (annex4 for lg) and so far amazing amazing amazing. I wish I could have had him when do my initial install. I can only speak praises of Matt and the service thank you thank you thank you