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  1. Hey Vince,

    Regarding the KB "Programming with the Advanced Lighting Agent", I've always felt this important KB is a little short on some basic definitions.  Can you elucidate? 

    For example:

    • What (in plain words) is TRACKING in scene lighting?  What actually is tracking what in a scene? 
    • What is the effect of "Don't Track"?  "Is Off"? "Is On"? "Is On (Any Level)", "On At Level (%)", and "At Scene Final Level"?
    • What does "Follow Connection and  Follow Load" really mean?  Is "Follow Connection" following a keypad's "button link connection" to an advanced lighting scene?   So then, is "Follow Load" following a keypad's "button link connection" to an actual load? 

    Thanks for help here to clarify the definitions and examples of exactly what they do?.




    IP controlled blu ray

    Oppo. Hands down. Happy Automating!!
  3. Same. Want to make sure ads are paying the site.

    C4 Network

    To operate control4 is simple. As long as it is designed by a professional and there has been a meeting regarding your personal lifestyle. Bells and whistles abound. Be sure the whistle you want plays the tune needed. Happy Automating!!

    HAI alarm integration

    I have programmed many of these panels and have the software. Send me a PM if you'd like some help. Happy Automating!!

    IFTTT so what have you done

    You might be able to use the value of a dimmer to display the true value or representative value of co2 sensor. Happy Automating!!

    WTB - Yatun thermostat drivers

    Pm sent Happy Automating!!

    IR over HDMI

    This will not work. For the product I sent the link for in previous post, you cannot use it with out all four pieces. Hdmi Device TX Hdmi Device RX IR Tx box IR Rx box These must be connected correctly. Period. With an ea3 there is an ir blaster built in. Therefore, in composer you would connect ir blaster to the tv as ir control. Then place the black box RX in front of ea3 to receive signals. Then the black box connects to the hdmi RX device via mini jack cable. On the other end, use the hdmi Device TX and connect it to the black box IR TX. At this point, the black box would sit at the front of your tv to control it. Or, you can open the TX black box and solder on a stereo mini plug with correct polarity so that you can plug in your control4 iR bud. Then use the C4 bud at front of the tv. Happy Automating!!

    IR over HDMI

    All right, so this product you see in the link I sent. I'm assuming this is the one you're talking about. What I have done in the past is taking the TX side and snapped off the LED and soldered on the cable from my eye our budget. This works, as long as you get the correct Polarity. Then the adaptor sits on the HDMI cable and then the wire to the black box, then your wire coming out of the black box whatever length you need to the front of your television.

    IR over HDMI

    https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/B00CQLISDM/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1518898837&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=hdmi+ir+extender&dpPl=1&dpID=41HEuZaJ2OL&ref=plSrch Happy Automating!!

    IR over HDMI

    If it is a square device and one is labelled TX and other labelled RX you will see that one led, the TX, is clear and the RX led is Black. They both have the circuitry inside the square end. That is why the 3.5mm end is a two ring(stereo) Happy Automating!!

    IR over HDMI

    I use this occasionally. What device specifically. There is one that works with an hdmi cable but not if you are using a Balun. Happy Automating!!

    Palm desert top of line dealer req.

    Don't need C4. Just a good av dealer. Any suggestions? Happy Automating!!

    IR always on

    That is a new one on me. Could be a faulty bud.... but you could try a few more ports that you know work. Any spare buds? Could swap spots with the tv one or something like that and then see that the "bad" bud flashes normally when you turn the tv on via control4 Happy Automating!!

    IR always on

    Solid red. What port on what controller? Happy Automating!!