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  1. Integrating ceiling fans into c4

    This device is a transmitter, as a driver that works with Control4 and can learn our F commands. This means that any of the buttons that are available on your handheld remote can be learned to it. However, there are some devices that are not supported depending on the frequency of the RF. I would recommend reading the documentation at the link I provided Happy Automating!!
  2. Integrating ceiling fans into c4

    There is a possibility to use this. This uses rf and can be taught commands. Happy Automating!!
  3. Layer3 TV all HD 4K

    You will most certainly be able to create an infrared driver for this device. The worst case scenario is that each button will have to be learned in the control for system. But even with a full function and PVR that wouldn't take more than 20 minutes This is also something I could do remotely if you needed help. Just drop me a private message.
  4. End users and drivers

    Completely still under construction. But anything that is showing five dollars is probably just a placeholder that hasn't been completed yet. I started working on this a few months ago, but then real life got so busy I haven't had a chance to touch it since. All prices are in USD. As almost every driver I buy from a third-party marketplace is also in USD. I will add this to the pricing. Thank you for your input! Happy Automating!!
  5. End users and drivers

    Loads immediately on my laptop and iPhone on both Crome and safari. Can I ask what browser you are using? Hopefully this error is easy to resolve. Thank you msgreenf Happy Automating!!
  6. End users and drivers

    Oh no. Looking into t. Happy Automating!!
  7. End users and drivers

    Hey all, I have a basic site right now that includes remote integration of the drivers sold. Any questions drop me a line anytime. PS. This is a collection of most drivers available from may of the marketplaces stated above. Happy Automating!!
  8. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    I can't seem to get it to indent. Sorry. Make sure you drag the green arrow onto the blue question mark to indent or "nest" the command. Happy Automating!!
  9. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    ? If family room off --> turn off family room power --> turn off cable TV --> turn off media player ? If family room on -->Turn on family room power Happy Automating!!
  10. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Yes at the room level always. My last post was done with voice to text in a hurry. My apologies. Ultimately, you want to add an additional action at the room level. In programming on the left side select the room, then press the right arrow on your keyboard a few times to expose the room variables. Select power_state Turn on the right side select the room again. Then select conditionals and if room is on and if room is off. But both of those questions in the center. Now you will nest all of your virtual media light switches and the corresponding state under each of those conditioners. Example: ?if family room off --> set family room power OFF --> set cable tv OFF --> set media player power OFF ?if family room on --> set family room power ON This way, whenever you turn the room off it will also turn off the cable TV in the media player switches as well. This will close the loop. Happy Automating!!
  11. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    I use on and off for it all the time. Hey Siri, turn off family room power. Family room power is switch name and when off, turns family off... then name a switch cable tv. Hey Siri turn on cable tv in family room. When switch called cable tv is on, select cable tv as video source in family room and turn on family room power switch as well. Happy Automating!!
  12. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Use only the v2 drivers! This is something I have learned recently. No proper reason why. Just experience. On another note. Wonder if there is a way to leverage the room volume driver for Alexa integration that populates Happy Automating!!
  13. I will take a closer look, however most likely it does not have the Control4 stack in it. Happy Automating!!
  14. I will also add that if the noise is on on the cable box, check grounding for the cable coming into the home. If not grounded correctly a noise can be introduced. Holland has a online coax ground isolator that works wonders for this. To test this theory, turn on the cable box and listen for noise. When it is heard, disconnect the cost from the box and see if noise goes away. Happy Automating!!