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  1. If it is not, control4 tech support can turn on persistent logging. Happy Automating!!
  2. This is completely possible. Requires a bit of work. And testing. Message me. Happy Automating!!
  3. Composer HE Device Renamer Driver If needed, I have an account. Happy Automating!!
  4. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Ok, perhaps start a new thread on this. So we don't hijack this one. Call it "HomeBridge / HomeKit ideas" or something. Happy Automating!!
  5. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Neat idea. I would consider collaboration on this. Happy Automating!!
  6. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Super easy. Basic follow the instructions sort of easy. But you have to read them [emoji12] Happy Automating!!
  7. Triad 8-zone audio matrix switch

    Do it. Awesome preamp. Matrix. Happy Automating!!
  8. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    I need a license as well. Happy Automating!!
  9. CXM-RCR1-B Contact Relay Extender

    Looking into it. Reply by morning if I can't find info. Happy Automating!!
  10. OS 2.10 Features

    What is that? Happy Automating!!
  11. OS 2.10 Features

    Here are a couple of quick screenshots of a view I have it one customers home. You can see it from the gate location at 90° to the door and the front door at 90° to the door Happy Automating!!
  12. OS 2.10 Features

    As for field of view, it is a very wide angle lens, and I am pretty sure it has approximately 120° horizontal Happy Automating!!
  13. OS 2.10 Features

    With the new app, if it releases and works as promised, it will work just as well as ring but much better. Due to the direct integration with Control4. Not to mention, it's complete compatibility. Canadian MSRP is $1380.00 Happy Automating!!
  14. OS 2.10 Features

    Happy Automating!!
  15. OS 2.10 Features

    Right here. [emoji16] PM me or Happy Automating!!