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    Hikvision nvr 7600

    Need specific model to be sure. Happy Automating!!
  2. I should mention that this requires a software thermostat for Control4. Fortunately, Yatun has one. Works perfectly. Full functionality. Happy Automating!!
  3. You need to control the three valves. So you will need a sensor for heat and you will need a relay to control the valve/zone. The z2io device per valve/zone will work well.
  4. I thought it was something like that. Thanks CY My knight in shining armour Happy Automating!!

    Small in ceiling speakers

    I will look into the pricing for Sonance for you. Specific model in mind? 150 per speaker max should suffice imo. Happy Automating!!

    Small in ceiling speakers

    The enclosed back box will provide a little extra accuracy, however your joist space above will do the same. You can also get flexible fillers if needed. They close in the air space around your drivers. Sonance is pricey. But worth it imo. You could do this. Lots to match your pot lights. More filling sound. Then use a external subwoofer to fill it in. https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=109&cp_id=10837&cs_id=1083703&p_id=31033 Happy Automating!!
  7. duh! Thanks for the reminder. Happy Automating!!
  8. You can integrate any size. But the larger the library, the more network resources needed to scan. I would recommend using your existing nas and pointing Control4 to a shared folder on the nas that is 2tb, then you can also do that again and again. That way, it is looking on a folder I larger than 2tb at a time. I am pretty sure You can have unlimited amount of network shares on the Control4 system. Happy Automating!!

    Small in ceiling speakers

    You missed Sonance. Look them up. They have a in ceiling woofer and speaker combo that final product is 4” round outside diameter. Sounds incredible! Or.... http://www.sonance.com/in-wall-in-ceiling/invisible-series http://www.sonance.com/in-wall-in-ceiling/architectural-series/discreet-opening-system Is this new open walls ? Or 100% retro fit? Attic space? Triad has invisible series that perform extremely well and void be put in a ceiling. Flat, not popcorn. And would be no sacrifice on quality and range. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gz7aiqnbd245nvy/triad-amina-mobius-dual-with-2xapui50-triad-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf?dl=1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1n1o3jra02qmgn8/triad-amina-evolution-series-triad-installation-guide-rev-a.pdf?dl=1 Happy Automating!!

    small expansion project

    Good evening Ted, all of this is possible, and the a axxess ceiling mount sensors are really good option. Please message me via iMessage at 778-246-2492 or Skype vinceldub83 or google hangouts at vinceyost@gmail.com can talk now.

    Mounting a flat screen given my situation

    I would recommend placing everything in the console if you have room. And I would recommend mounting the data comm. product above the mount below the height of the top of the TV. This allows your wires to be accessible without pulling the TV off-the-wall because you can always use a ladder to get up above the height of the TV to make changes. As for mounts, if tilt and articulation is not needed, then a simple skinny mount will do. Don’t over spend on the mount. Then you will need appropriate cable length for the HDMI and RS232 cable. And a data cable would be wise as well. In case your new tv has net connectivity. Happy Automating!!
  12. For the above, I could build a complete solution that would be a plug in at a labelled terminal strip and then identify the devices on your zigbee network. This would include the needed power supply for the devices, housing with a simple power plug, internal wiring to a wire strip on the outside of the housing.
  13. To be clear, you want 32 heating zones. Is this your own home? Or are you a dealer who has a client that requires this? Timeline? I have a few solutions in mind. The largest issue I have found so far is finding a reliable way to monitor temperature and reporting it to control4 correctly. The best and most supported solution is C4 thermostat. Not practical in you situation. The next option is a new I/O device that is small. The Z2I/O this device has multiple options including built in humidity, temp, and reed switch. It also has 4 configurable external connections. The question is, do you want 32 temperature zones? Or can you get away with less? If you need to read temp in only 16 areas, you could use 16 Z2io and double up on relays. Basically, only one temperature per device. You would then connect an external temperature sensor, thermistor, to the Z2io via two conductor wire at shoulder height in the room you want to detect the temperature. Drill a 1” hole. Not bigger! Happy Automating!!
  14. Lots of places An all in one device I have not completed yet.... however, I have refined this setup and found a way to do almost the same thing for a third the cost. For details, let me know what you are trying to accomplish. Happy Automating!!

    TV ir dead

    Happy to help, pm me or message 778-246-2492