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  1. non-c4 Kodi Help

    Look for library. Delete it then add new share and scan it. Have 14 only so details I do not have. Happy Automating!!

    Possibly misunderstood the question. Good catch. I was on the mid set of digital stream. Not the functionality of Spotify. My apologies. Happy Automating!!

    Each triad one is a dedicated streaming source. Hc250=stream A Triad one=stream B Simultaneously. Happy Automating!!
  4. pool control

    AN y news on the new intellicenter driver? I have a customer with an omnilogic driver but he is not happy with its functionality.
  5. New Samsung Smart TV Issue

    Not sure what you mean. Happy Automating!!
  6. New Samsung Smart TV Issue

    Was it popping up previously? Or has it ever? Happy Automating!!
  7. Custom Driver Icons

    I agree. I see the same thing. Happy Automating!!
  8. Experience Button Icons Drivers

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1p6gi4q47ci7z0/experience-button-hottub.c4z?dl=1 Happy Automating!!
  9. In this thread, I am hoping for us all to post our icons we set up for experience buttons and scenario buttons. Let me be the first with a very simple one. Happy Automating!!
  10. Press vs Single tap

    Be clear, what you were trying to accomplish is to press and hold the button for three seconds. After the three seconds have expired do you want to start wrapping the volume. When you release the button it will stop rapping the volume. Is this correct? Happy Automating!!
  11. New product Idea, Control4 Reciever

    Was Sony. Happy Automating!!
  12. External Sensor

    Hard wired is needed. The first on is 10m distance max and uses on device that reflects onto another surface. The device has a relay on it that will open when someone breaks the beam. Happy Automating!!
  13. External Sensor

    What are your distances. There are very long range ones as well. Have used these as well for a perimeter. https://m.adiglobal.us/h5/pdp?encodedPath=%2FPages%2FProduct.aspx%3Fpid%3DOP-SL350QFRI%26stb%3Dsimilarproducts Happy Automating!!
  14. External Sensor

    https://m.adiglobal.us/h5/pdp?encodedPath=%2FPages%2FProduct.aspx%3Fpid%3DSL-E931S35RR%26stb%3Dsimilarproducts Happy Automating!!
  15. Add NVR to Hikvision Camera and C4

    The driver is free. The software is not. Bensoftware.com/securityspy Happy Automating!!