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  1. Using scheduler

    This should not be a problem. You can of course set the second schedule at 1min before sunset and 11:01pm or similar. Happy Automating!!
  2. WTB LG OLED Driver

    Pm sent Happy Automating!!
  3. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    The home bridge driver uses the drivers proxy to determine if it is a light. So if it is already identified in the Control4 system as a light, then Home will see it as a light same goes for the fan. Of course, I'm not familiar with that particular lighting system however I am comfortable that if it's integrated into Control4 it can work with the Home bridge and Home.
  4. Rack Layout

    Looks good. Still pretty tight. Not a lot of room for expansion / changes. How is the area around it, is it enclosed? Happy Automating!!
  5. Sorry. Should have read more carefully. Sounds like the director has been disabled or corrupted. Do you have "system manager"? If so, connect to director and disable director and then re enable it. Happy Automating!!
  6. Zigbee radio in hc500 is shot. Can you see onscreen from hc500? Can you connect it to a tv via composite or composite cables? Reboot once more, and watch the monitor. If comes back to onscreen display it is another issue. Do you see leds on front of hc500? Can you use windows explorer to see the hc500 via the network? \\ip of controller\ Happy Automating!!
  7. ShairBridge VS Apple

    I should also note, the airport time capsule should not be your router. This has to do with the way it handles broadcast network traffic. In my experience, this causes a lot of issues with how control4 inter communicates with its own products. Multicast is the term I believe. I would recommend a proper router like a pakedge RK-1. Expensive, but will work the best as far as my experience tells me to ensure your network traffic is handled well. Another option, is the unifi USG router because of the unifi aps you already have. Happy Automating!!
  8. ShairBridge VS Apple

    Advanced audio increases the quality of audio being played through the outputs of your controllers. I would disable advanced audio and listen to the music that you normally do through shairbridge. If the sound is to you taste, and the speed of response is increased, leave it that way. If you notice a difference in quality, then re-enable it and networking will have to be looked at to improve network latency. Happy Automating!!
  9. Axxess Dimmers

    Happy Automating!!
  10. Axxess Dimmers

    Because I am in Canada, I buy directly from AXXESS Happy Automating!!
  11. Axxess Dimmers

    Also, I should note that they are very easy to install. Happy Automating!!
  12. Axxess Dimmers

    They work well. Feel a little plastic like. But worth the extra feature. Happy Automating!!
  13. Which light just came on?

    Having a hard time placing the wording. Hope this makes sense. Happy Automating!!
  14. Which light just came on?

    when scene become inactive;If dimmer1 less than 100%Then push notification "dimmer1 deactivated scene"If dimmer2 less than 100%Then push notification "dimmer2 deactivated scene"ETC... Happy Automating!!
  15. Which light just came on?

    For example; Ten dimmers In a scene. 1-10 Scene tracks all 10 and if any one is not equal to scene final, it becomes inactive. In programming; when scene becomes inactive; ? Dimmer1 —>push Dimmer 1 deactivated scene. ? Dimmer2 —>push Dimmer 2 deactivated scene. Happy Automating!!