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  1. Derrick Cain


    Make sure Flash is enabled on your browser, or at least has an exception to allow it to run on the site. I use Chrome: To enable Flash for Control4's Connect Now via the customer portal, open your Chrome browser and type chrome://settings/content in the address bar. Then scroll down until you see Flash listed; click on Flash and it will open a new page with Flash settings. Turn off Ask First if it is enabled, slider should be to the left. Then click Add under Allow and paste in the following URL's one at a time: https://customer.control4.com http://java.com:80 [*.]java.com Close out of the browser settings by closing the tab. Test Connect Now via the Customer Portal. Screen capture of Chrome with new white list URL's:
  2. Verify the time on your Control4 system (check a remote or touchscreen) and your Windows 10 machine. They need to be within a couple of minutes, or it will not connect.
  3. Derrick Cain

    XM Radio audio stops randomly

    We're working them to improve stream fail-overs, but as Jane mentions, this can be random from different devices; AVR's, Sonos. Heos, Etc. We're doing our part to improve anything on our side to reduce URL time-outs.
  4. Derrick Cain

    Announcements not playing after 2.10 update

    Sorry for the late response, as I was away without much internet access. I already have @jfh and @South Africa C4 user project information. I know our developers' and engineers' priority is to continue ironing out announcements that seem to affect some intercom systems. Others can also PM me with information that you might feel relative as well. I apologize for any inconvenience and know our team is committed to getting it right.
  5. Derrick Cain

    4Sight Problems?

    RMcalhany, I might be able to help. Can you PM you customer.control4 account name? Or try this: If your app is stuck on authenticating, it could be a DNS issue. Try logging in while off your WiFi at home, just cellular. That should get you passed the authentication. If this is the case, you'll want to address your DNS in your router at home.
  6. Derrick Cain

    C4 Amp Mfg. Defect

    Hi FLA, I can work with you and the dealer regarding the amp. We still support the replacements of AMP108s through warranty. The doorstation can be in 2.10, however the driver has to be the Communication driver, not the older Intercom driver. The new DS2 does have some awesome new features available as well. You can PM me your account information and I'd be happy to work with you and your dealer.
  7. Derrick Cain

    Control 4

    If you cannot connect to your system via the app, I would suspect something with the network. I noticed you mentioned Comcast is your ISP, are you using their all-in-one gateway as well? Or your own aftermarket router? You can also PM me your Control4 account name and I can see if the system is online. Thanks, Derrick Cain
  8. Derrick Cain

    SR260 Remote Hourglass Issues

    The Hourglass indicates it cannot find the network. You'll need a dealer to add this device to your project, there is no way to do this without a dealer.
  9. Derrick Cain

    Announcements not playing after 2.10 update

    Yes. My recommendations are for people having issues with announcements in 2.10. If you're announcements are working fine, more than likely you can skip over the thread, and have no reason to call a dealer about them.
  10. Derrick Cain

    Announcements not playing after 2.10 update

    @jfh The start delay is what it sounds like. It will delay the file from start for 0-1000 MS. We don't have a baseline of how many rooms you should be using that, but we wanted there to be an adjustment if the user was experiencing issues where the beginning of the file might be cut off or distorted. We have that option to "fine tune". This is more referring to the audio output of a controller. If you have an EA-5 with HDMI as a valid path for a room (HDMI into an HDMI matrix, down mixed into an amp/audio matrix), HDMI will be selected as a valid path. This is why there is an option on the EAs to disable HDMI audio. HC controllers can disable HDMI audio with a path setter driver.
  11. Derrick Cain

    Announcements not playing after 2.10 update

    Just to add, please avoid using HDMI as an audio path with distributed audio. This can cause added latency.
  12. Derrick Cain

    Announcements not playing after 2.10 update

    Data corruption and rebuilding announcements is last resort. There are also a few other things to consider. -Check the start delay, sometimes increasing it to 500MS can help depending on how many rooms the announcement is playing through. -Make sure all rooms that have the announcements have a valid digital audio path. This will cause a timeout after the announcement for up to 5 minutes if rooms are included in the announcement that does not have a valid path.. (this is being addressed so the rooms cannot be added if they do not have a valid path). If your dealer is still unable to solve, yes, please call into tech support. They will be able to diagnose with any known issues and fixes.
  13. Derrick Cain

    Anyone having issues with 4sight?

    Are you able to connect again? It looks like services, including Anywhere Access, are restored.
  14. Derrick Cain

    Anyone having issues with 4sight?

    I'll have them update it. Those are usually affected if remote access is down.
  15. Derrick Cain

    Anyone having issues with 4sight?

    Yeah, I believe there are outages in certain areas of NA. It looks like the outage was reported about 2 hours ago, affecting remote services. https://status.control4.com/