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  1. Hi Relin, I'm sorry to hear about your Control4 experience so far. It is not typical to have a situation as you described. Do you know the type network that was implemented? If you'd like, you can PM some account information or email me at
  2. Try giving them a reboot. If you're using adaptive phase dimmers, they can detect the incorrect load type, during the restoration of your power. Reboot the dimmer by tapping the top button (top portion of the rocker) 15 times. Once rebooted, it should select the correct dimming phase.
  3. Can't stream music

    It sounds like you're using Shairbridge. Ensure you're on the same WiFi network as the Control4 system. Also, because it's an Audio airplay, make sure to swipe up, and then from the right to access options for audio. If it's still not there, try rebooting the phone and/or Control4 system.
  4. Used controller - how to transfer?

    You can either take over the account by using the credentials already linked to the controller, and then updating it your own. Or you can have the dealer register the controller under a new account that you create at Licenses could become a factor if the unit does not have a license on it. As the My Home Site license is tied to the account, not he controller.
  5. When <> Then page Loading...... problem

    I reported that a few users were unable to connect to When>>Then through the customer account page. I'll see what our web services reports back. In the meantime, there is a local way to connect to When>>Then. Use the local IP address of your Control4 Director in a browser (certificate warning may appear). As long as you're local you can retrieve the GUI, and login with the primary login credentials. You'll see When>>Then as an option. Dealers can also refer to KB 2103 (same information). See if that allows you to connect.
  6. Is 4Site down

    Hey Joe, You can PM me with your account information, I can do my best to find the issue.
  7. Alexa devices not responding

    It's still in Beta, our web services team just released it with feedback from both dealers and owners, and yes anyone can see the status and updates.
  8. Multi Room Audio

    Hello Azalumni, The AMP108s can be setup with a trigger to come on, instead of waiting for the audio sense to turn it on. This typically will result in a much quicker response for starting music. It may also depend on you audio source, Control4 has a built in delay that can be adjusted to an extent, but it can typically take a bit longer than a stand alone audio source.
  9. Alexa Troubleshooting

    FYI. We had a short maintenance yesterday starting around 11:00PM mountain time, and ending at 11:40PM, at this time, Alexa and a few other online services were not available.
  10. Alexa Troubleshooting

    Carvell, Are the devices not showing online, but still responding? Or nothing at all like last week? We've gotten reports that devices are still working, however showing offline in the app.
  11. Alexa Troubleshooting

    Our web services team has identified and addressed the issue that may have been affecting users during higher traffic times. If your Control4 account is currently disconnected from Alexa (devices showing offline), disable and re-enable the skill. We are continuing to improve stability and response when using native Alexa. Please PM me or post if you have issues or feedback.
  12. Alexa Troubleshooting

    Our web services team is looking into the cause of these interruptions. I appreciate the feedback and patience.
  13. Alexa Troubleshooting

    Hi Adam, Are you having similar issues as mentions above? Are the devices non-responsive towards the latter part of the day?
  14. Alexa Troubleshooting

    Let me investigate this a bit more. It sounds from the posts above are around 9PM (or evening in general)?
  15. Alexa Troubleshooting

    I'm glad to hear! I'll try to be an additional resource, and I know I've talked to a few people here on the phone and through e-mail. I'll pass along the suggestion, although I know dealer forums are geared more towards dealer/manufacture information.