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  1. Still available?
  2. Thanks for you work on this Please advise where I can download the driver
  3. I have downloaded and installed however it is not functioning i did notice that I did supply the Mac address of my main controller rather then the one the rs232 interface is connected to will this cause it to not work if so how do I correct
  4. how do i get the driver and trial key
  5. do the HC 200's include power supplies and what version are they
  6. I have the same issue with an 800 and a 200 what solved it for you thanks
  7. What do you have model numbers looking for dimmers and keypads new/used
  8. I want to use my jaw and play movies with an hc800 os 2.81 have been able to scan the drive and setup all the thumbnails my movies appears and allows selection and play selection It then shows a blue screen i am sure I am meeting something simple suggestions
  9. I am need of some dimmers and keypads

  10. Please advise pricing thanks