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  1. Los Angeles area integrator

    I haven't had much luck with ant if the C4 dealers in LA area. They talk a good game but none can program well. I've had much better results with remote programming from the dealers on the board. That said, try Sean Bronson at SURENA DESIGN GROUP in LADERA RANCH 27762 ANTONIO PKWY L1 #550LADERA RANCH, California 92694Phone: 949-275-2626
  2. Araknis Networking Equipment

    I swapped out for a Unifi system, but shouldn't have wasted my time or money.
  3. Araknis Networking Equipment

    shocked nobody wants this for their home....its such rock solid gear at a fraction of wholesale cost. Anyone???
  4. Unifi Controller on Qnap NAS?

    I installed it using container station. If you download and run that and then search for UBNT containers you will find the jacobalberty/unifi:5.5.19 container. Install and run that and configure your ports and stuff. If you google search the container name you will find threads on the setup . It took several tries to get it running. But it has been stable since... -dw
  5. I'm using the free control4 driver for the TL2803G-RE
  6. I am trying to work out how to create a "guest Stay" mode for my DSC Power Neo (HS2064E) panel, so I can set the system to alarm stay but bypass all the guest room windows with a single button press. To get there I have set all the guest room windows to be part of the main partition's Bypass Group, and set the function key *6 to active the bypass group. But I can't get C4 to enter *6 for some reason. In Composer/programming/partition 1 the option to select a particular function key is grayed out. 1. Does anybody know why this is grayed out? 2. Is there a way for me to program discrete keypad commands into a macro as an alternative? Thanks in advance....
  7. you didn't say what make/model TV you have, but there have been some recent issues with Sony's and IP control after last few firmware updates. The update was resetting some of the settings for IP control and the shared key which needs to match the entry in C4. You may want to check that. Its possible the full unplug power cycle updated the firmware. Not sure if other TVs had same issue.
  8. Unifi Controller on Qnap NAS?

    No because the cloud key does not support the current firmware version and there is no timeline for an update release. I got it working on the nas. Like all things UniFi it just took a few tries.
  9. Tempur beds

    +1 as one of the best investments in my life. Sex on them is not a problem....I assure you.
  10. Sorry, I didn't really mean that the Lan itself couldn't handle it (even if that is what I said...lol). It's more the RA2 devices. Sending a phantom button press that triggers a native Lutron scene looks like this: 1. c4 controller to Lutron repeater: press button X 2. RA2 repeater to all device in scene: button x was pressed. Then each device does its thing accordingly (they all have discrete memory) 3. each device in scene responds with new state to repeater (Same single command x is active) 4. repeater responds to C4 with new device states for each device when next polled for second option - scene programmed in C4 Composer its same as above, but c4 sends 50 separate commands to RA2 repeater, one for each device: press button 1, press button 2, press button 3.....and the main repeater broadcasts all 50 to all 50 devices. This is where popcorn comes in (though I've never actually seen it with Lutron on with c4 which is more a function of mesh network vs direct) in the end it's one single command to 50 devices vs 50 to 50 so one vs 2500 (or is 50 vs 2500?) either way a lot less. Or at lest that is how I understand it all. I'm far from a realizable expert on how these systems each really work at a network/ command level though.
  11. LOL...I moved them all to phantom button presses yesterday as part of this little exercise. I agree. It is much less traffic on the LAN when a trigger event happens that involves 50 lights, shades, music, etc... to have one button push command vs 50 discreet device commands sent from C4 to RA2.
  12. Just for the archives, I thought I'd post an update - the issue was a driver to proxy communication issue in C4. There seemed to be a version miss-match between the two after a driver update on some of the devices. I replaced all the RA2 v1 drivers with v2 drivers and the problem was resolved.
  13. DSC neo

    The last few versions of DSC firmware changed some of these option numbers. See this thread:
  14. Anybody been successful at getting a Unifi Controller running in a QNAP nas? I've been trying to get mine to work all week with no luck using Container Station. I can get the controller up and running and access it but cant get it to recognize any devices. Seems to be a port mapping issue. Open to any suggestions or tricks.
  15. New Built: Lutron?

    I have RA2 also with about 50 switches and shades, motion sensors, etc. Agree integration is rock solid. Its about 2hrs of programming time to add all these. Its essentially a drag and drop of the driver, naming the device and typing in the 2 digit code. its pretty fast and painless. $25/device is absurd robbery..... Another bonus of going Lutron is that if you sell the house you can leave lutron behind and take C4 controllers to run your other devices that you are likely taking - home theater equipment, sonos, echo's etc...and the Lutron will still work for the new owners. A good selling point.... You don't need a bridge with RA2. Just a main repeater.