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  1. DSC TL280 IP Driver Update Issues?

    The issue seems to have fixed itself. I couldn't find an issue anywhere and then it just reconnected. Odd...
  2. I recently updated to the new driver version for the DCS TL-280 that was released a few weeks ago. It worked fine for a few days and then the panel dropped Offline in C4 and will not go back. I have reset the keys and reauthorized, etc...and rebooted both DCS panel and controller multiple time, all to no avail. Any know issues or anybody else having trouble? This must be my punishment for bragging how stable my system was last week...
  3. It was IP...I deleted and reinstalled the TV driver and switched to SDDP and that solved it. Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys. Sorry if my reply was not clear. Its definitely not a problem with the Theater Display driver. The problem existed BEFORE i put it in and persisted afterwards. That's why I said all is good with it. The Theater Display driver is working as it should. The issue is between the controller and the TV...If I remove everything else from the equation and just leave these two, it still does it.
  5. Tnx... Bindings are all good and control works fine otherwise. TV software is up to date. Using AVR with dual out no splitter or matrix. Issue still happens with only TV on single HDMI out, and before I added Theater Display driver. Seems to be independent between TV and EA3. EA3 is on 9.2 It just doesn't seem to know TV is on and keeps sending On command over and over.
  6. any ideas on this? Its making the Theater Display driver act very unpredictable, and randomly black out the screen when watching the TV or Projector.....
  7. c4-amp108

    I replaced my C4 amps with Autonomic M400's and never looked back. The sound quality was about 20,0000 times better. I found the C4 amps to be very thin and lifeless. Have not heard the Triads.
  8. Lutron RA2 Select

    Yes, and you can program through C4, so no need to pay electrician for any custom programming beyond basic setup. You will get mixed responses on using lutron vs C4 lighting controls on here. Some, like myself, like Lutron more aesthetically and functionally. C4 is better if you need a stronger zigby mesh for other devices. I don't use any zigby in my project except one or two remotes close to controllers so that is not a benefit. C4 light switches have programmable colored LED lights on the switch that some find useful to show ertain programming states or status. The debate in this thread was more about original RA2 vs new QA select....
  9. I'm trying to set up dual alternate display devices in a single room using the Theater Display driver. One is an Epson 6040 projector the other is a Sony Bravia XBR 75X850C. Its all set up and seems to be working well except 1 issue - The C4 controller (EA3) keeps turning the TV back on when the projector is on. TV will turn off briefly, but gets and IP command to come back on after the controller sees it is off. It will do the same if I am watching TV and use the TV remote to power the TV off, and C4 turns it back on. This seems like normal behavior as C4 scans for device state and corrects issues if TV didn't come on when it was supposed to if something happens. But I assumed the Theater Display driver would correct this. Any thoughts? Its not a CEC setting on any of my input devices or TV, I have triple checked everything including unplugging HDMI from TV and testing it still happens. I have also watched network traffic and verified its the C4 controller sending On command via IP. Here is the C4 controller log entry...seems like maybe c4 doesn't know its on and keeps trying over and over as I see these entries a lot even I don't turn the TV off 1st... 2018-02-18 12:12:02.396 -0800 MediaRoom-EA3-000FFF1B3F12 [3848] INFO: Executing command (ON) on driver TV[MEDIA](55) 2018-02-18 12:12:02.396 -0800 MediaRoom-EA3-000FFF1B3F12 [3848] DEBUG: xml = <devicecommand><command>ON</command><params/></devicecommand> 2018-02-18 12:12:02.397 -0800 MediaRoom-EA3-000FFF1B3F12 [3848] ERROR: TV device may be reselected due to unhanded command ON
  10. Lutron RadioRA2 vs C4

    That's not true. I just added two new dimmers with Essentials this morning. The only difference between Essentials and Inclusive is the number of devices (>100), the number of main repeaters (>1), and certain high load devices such as RMJ-16R-DV-B Powpak relay modules and such, that a common house is not likely to have.
  11. 2.10.1 Released

    I'm always confused by all the complaints. I have over 100 devices in my project and its been rock solid since day one. I have to agree it must come down to bad instalers and flakey networks.
  12. iPad vs T3

    It seems like composer always wants to refresh when I open the app on one of the iPads. So I’m left waiting for all my album artwork and C4 Config settings to refresh before I can dim a light or adjust volume. If I used the iPads more often this would be less of an issue. But I find it really annoying. This evening while cooking I went to an iPad to change the music and it was taking so long i walked to a T3 in the Hall made the change and came back and the iPad was still refreshing. Yes I added a new driver yesterday which prompted the refresh, but still.
  13. iPad vs T3

    I have both on my house - Ipads on iports and T3s. In the end the cost is about the same when you add the iports + ipads together. For me the biggest pros of ipads is they serve other purposes, like in the kitchen for searching recipes while cooking. We also use facetime more than C4 intercoms. But nearly every time I go to use an ipad to turn on a light or adjust a volume I have to wait for the composer screen to rebuild/refresh and it's really annoying. This is where the T3s are so much better. You tap them and C4 is right there. Overall navigation experience is pretty much the same. With T3's we can flash notifications, IP cams images and the like to trigger based on events.... ipads not so much. Alarm keypad also pops up on T3 when we come home. Not on ipads.... Those are about all the practical differences I can think of.
  14. Video Matrix Switches

    Their 8x8 matrix is $5.5k and their baluns are another $1k per set if you want to use HDBaseT. So they better work very well...