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  1. No. Haven’t had a chance to dig much deeper. Let me know if you do, please.
  2. Looking for Black one with rack ears....let me know if you have one.
  3. Dave w

    Garage Agent w/LiftMaster

    Everybody wasn't/isn't using the $200 HL one....most were using the free one, until it broke, and then we all abandoned integration and just used separate apps as most didn't want to pay $200. If it matters, my price-point for such a driver is about $50-75. Anything more than that and its just not worth it. The utility isn't that high. I get all same features from MyQ app, and its just not used very much. Its a cool to have, not a need to have driver. Also, if all drivers were $200, do you know what the cost of my project would be?
  4. Dave w


    Looks like it is finally possible, but only with the purchase of the Nucleus or Nucleus+ hardware from Roon. Anybody played with the integration yet? http://kb.roonlabs.com/Control4
  5. Dave w

    DSC NEO Integration

    I had same issue until I canged this from the default to a random 8 digit code. Then it worked for me.
  6. Atlona RON 442 is $340 and the AVPro AC-DA12-AUHD-GEN2 is about $200.
  7. I have a lightly used BDP-103 in mint condition I will sell you...
  8. Thanks all. I picked up an AVProConnect https://www.avproconnect.com/ac-da12-auhd-gen2-18gbps-1x2-w-scaler--audio.html Similar specs at the Atlona but a bit less expensive. https://atlona.com/product/at-ron-442/
  9. Looking for a good hdmi splitter for single out from an av processor to tv and projector - 4K @ 60p, HDCP 2.2 for both. Tried monoprice blackbird pro which listed good specs but can’t get anything past 30p out of it, and it drops sound randomly. And suggestions?
  10. Dave w

    Small Room Ceiling Speakers

    Quite happy with Bowers & Wilkins in ceilings. All depends on the quality of sound you are chasing. Personally I’d rather listen to silence than a cheap speaker. But lots of others wouldn’t even notice a difference. Also consider the quality of your amplification. Good speakers with a bad amp will just magnify the flaws. Cheap speakers with a good amp will waste the money you spent on it.
  11. https://www.walts.com/automation-systems/antenna/control4-antenna-c4-ak-3m
  12. Not sure about your wife, but mine prefers a different extension....as does my WiFi. The rack causes too much interference. Best to move it out at least a few feet, more if able. Trial and error is best. Just move it around for a while until you find the sweet spot that yields the best results....
  13. Dave w

    Gate with feedback

    This one works well for outdoor applications...but may mot be compatible with your alarm system. https://www.security.honeywell.com/hsc/products/intruder-detection-systems/wireless/door-window-sensor/314990.html
  14. Dave w

    Front Porch Light

  15. Dave w

    Jandy Aqualink Costs

    Thanks guys, that is super helpful. Serial it is....