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  1. beemer

    Lutron RA2 Select

    what would be the price of RA2 Select ...? and looks like the setup is similar to Smart Bridge pro
  2. Hi, is there a Driver for Sony UBP-X800 ...?
  3. is there a C4 network Driver for Sony UBP-X800 ...?
  4. beemer

    Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    anyway that they these Drivers would work on UN65HU8550
  5. beemer

    Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    will on/off work if they are connected to network via wire ...?
  6. beemer

    OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    oppo 103 driver was switching off my oppo old 103d player when i changed the source . so is there a way i can pause my oppo udp-203 player when i change the source ...?
  7. beemer

    OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    Have got the driver installed and using IP control. All works fine other than it won't power off when the Source is Changed Eg: watch - Oppo Turns on Oppo Player now when i press watch Apple TV Oppo Player does Turn off but i am able to go to Apple tv Does any one have the same issue
  8. beemer

    LTS Cameras

    does LTS cameras have C4 drivers or third party drivers...?
  9. do we need 4sight subscription to have Echo /Dot integrated to C4 , did you connect all the audio output's of the Dot to the Audio Matrix ...?
  10. beemer

    Security System Suggestion

    is there any specific Model with DSC that i should Go with so that i dont have to Use any converters for IP .
  11. beemer

    Security System Suggestion

    for now i i would use a Standard System to alert if a door is Opened or Motion is detected and have Control 4 System alert me .
  12. Hi , Since is building a new house with which Security system should i go and easily Integrated with C4 which has C4 driver .
  13. Marantz should work for you i have the same setup and no issues
  14. beemer

    Nest camera integration

    Hi If i use Blue Iriss Soft for HC800 and Hikvision Camera , would i be able to view main Stream Video in HC 800 GUI as the Hikvison DS-2CD2142FWD-I substream has poor video clarity when seen on TV .
  15. beemer

    Garage Door Opener

    are you saying run the cat5/6 from controller to Garage Door Motor or Garage Door Opener switch