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  1. Good question. Interested as well.
  2. Lighting proxy driver?

    I use Alan,s generic driver and it works great.
  3. Triad vs. C4 Audio Matrix

    I have the Triad setup in my house and I couldn't be happier. Great audio quality; audio stays very clean at very high volume levels, I was very impressed. It's very flexible, you have pre-outs that can go to a receiver, you can't do that with the matrix amp. The selling point: Announcements work like a dream! No delay, announcements play as soon as somebody rings the bell. Super smooth volume control and perfect sync between the zones; good EQ control, etc. Get the Triad setup and don't look back.
  4. You can accomplish what you want, have a variable change to True or False depending on what time sunset is. Just curious, why does it matter? Sunset is sunset.
  5. When you removed it, did you reboot the processor before adding the driver again? Try it.
  6. Can you log in into the DS2 web UI?
  7. Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    This is great! I'll be ordering without a doubt.
  8. Apple Home App

    Yes, do a search in the forums.
  9. Doorbird TV integration

    Send Command Control4 to room X Delay 2 seconds (you can adjust this depending on the time it takes to switch) Jump to Camera X in Navigator X for 30 seconds (You do this using the Navigation agent) Delay 15 seconds (You can adjust depending on how long you want the camera feed before it returns to your activity) Send Command Recall to Room X (This will take you back to your activity) Works like a charm.
  10. How to display now playing screen on T3?

    To display the Now Playing Screen on a TV, program the following commands: Press the C4 button press the info button
  11. Yes, you can use the Smart Bridge Pro to integrate your shades in Control4. You don’t need the RadioRa 2 Repeater.
  12. variables

    Did you set your Sunrise schedule to repeat every day?
  13. Dimming a Lighting Scene

    OP, Create an Advanced Lighting scene and create a toggle scene for it by pressing the "Create Default" button in the Toggle Scene setting (The Off scene). Note: When creating the default scene; if you don't see it listed, press F5 to refresh the project. 2.10 has a bug where variables or scenes will not display and a refresh will fix it. In bindings, bind the keypad button to the Toggle connection of the On scene. Press and hold will now raise or lower the scene.
  14. I just installed the Triad AMS and Triad amp in my system and I couldn’t be happier. The amp is so good that I decided to do a two-amp setup in my Media Room. Listen sources will use the Triad amp (Bridge Mode) and Watch sources will use the receiver for 5.1. Taking the receiver out of the Listen equation really makes a difference in delays (I now have none), sync ( I can’t tell that 3 zones are playing, sound it’s so seamless), and notifications are almost instant, even when the system is off. Not to mention better sound quality. OP, if one zone plays and the other stops or it doesn’t, it might mean your EA-3 is out of streams or trying to use the same output for two rooms when trying to play different sources. Do you have a path setter driver in your system? Do you an output in the receiver going back to the AMS?