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  1. Composer HE + 4Sight

    I can sell it to you. PM me your name and email and I'll send you an invoice. Eddy
  2. WTB C4-KD120-WH or Fan speed controllers

    How many of each do you need? PM me.
  3. What is best video balun for 4k HDR?

    The only system that supports HDR over Cat6 at the moment is Just Add Power. Fiber Optic is the only way to be future proof, and even that is currently limited to 4:2:0 (keep in mind that the limitation is in the connectors which can be swapped) Which honestly is what most content is currently using, even UHD Blu-ray. The great thing about Fiber Optics is that you can swap the connectors down the road to support 4:4:4 and HDMI 2.1 at full bandwidth and without compression.
  4. That is light bleeding from the Red LED.
  5. LED to indicate audio on

    This script will take care of both On and Off states. It'll only work when music is selected, assuming you're using Control4 Services. I won't work for Watch activities. https://1drv.ms/i/s!AklID3hP6ZZIqm2R1_OKViXzK4FV
  6. Kwikset Locks / Hc-250-BL1A

    How are these prices possible? And if the items are new, why can't you use them in another project?
  7. Control4 best HVAC+Floor heating control

    This is pretty awesome!
  8. Adding Video to rooms

    Hmm... I'm not arguing with your method, but Audio Endpoint 2 (in this case) is used when there are devices connected directly to the TV. Audio Endpoint 2 would be the audio path for these devices since they aren't connected in any way to Audio Endpoint 1. For example: Let's say that an amp is the audio endpoint in a room and you connect a Wii directly to the TV bypassing the amp; therefore bypassing Audio Endpoint 1. Because the Wii has no connection to the amp, Control4 wouldn't know how to route the sound coming from the Wii, or how to control it. So in this case you would select the TV as Audio Endpoint 2 for that room. This way Control4 knows that if something is not connected to the amp, but it has a connection to the TV, it would use the TV as an audio endpoint. Audio Endpoint 2 is not the way to do what the OP wants to do. Unless I misunderstood what you're trying to say, and you actually mean the same thing I stated.
  9. 2N Helios Intercom Integration with C4

    2N license. You get it from 2N. But double check before you buy it, make sure you need it for HTTP commands.