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  1. It seems like he's shopping in the wrong store.
  2. Remove devices from the Alexa app and discover again. It's worked for me.
  3. Just in time. Kevin, when will this update be available? Thanks.
  4. This very same topic is being discussed in the dealer forum right now. Go check it out.
  5. A simple macro can take you to the camera page for a full screen view when the doorbell is pressed, no extra hardware required. A press of the "PREV" button takes you back to your activity.
  6. And... if you're waiting for the "next update", you will never update, or enjoy, your system.
  7. Both drivers should be able to turn on and off with no issues.
  8. This is true, I have always gotten in touch with Ari directly through the forums and he answers right away. Same with Alan and Joshua, always available to answer questions.
  9. I have used Alan's driver as suggested by Sonic, and it would be perfect for what the OP wants to do. Light would appear in the Lighting Menu as a switch.
  10. Yep, that's one of the big problems with the Access Agent, but the OP has the same issue with his current method. Again, Access Agent is a way better solution.
  11. It does need an update, but for the OP it would be so much better for what he wants to do. Much quicker to setup, update, and no tedious room hiding.
  12. You're right, it does work. One room is missing from my iPad and it's showing up in my T3. The access agent is easier and better to manage; and it does the same thing.
  13. I stand corrected.
  14. I integrated HD Shades for a customer over the phone once, and I could hear the Motor of the Shades in the background. It was pretty loud! Lutron Shades are silly quite.