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  1. Security Camera mini app

    Like I said, million ways to do it.
  2. Security Camera mini app

    If you need to automatically cycle cameras using a T3, I can tell you how to do it.
  3. Security Camera mini app

    Yes, it can be done. Create a macro to take you to the first camera (I posted how to do this a while ago, do a search). Set a timer for 5 seconds; or whatever you want. When timer expires, send the “Page Down” command. This will cycle to the next camera. If you where watching something before the switch to the camera, then send the “PREV” command to take you back to the activity. Activate the macro however you want. Either motion, press of a custom button, doorbell. A million ways to do it.
  4. NetPlay Home compatible equipment list

    I’m sorry I wasn’t clear, I know you need a matrix with delay settings. My question was about systems that are already implemented. I guess decoders in the rack is the solution for rooms with sound coming from the matrix. Thanks,
  5. NetPlay Home compatible equipment list

    The issue is distributed audio. How do you deal with audio coming from a matrixed system to in-ceiling speakers (for example)?
  6. NetPlay Home compatible equipment list

    Do you guys know what the latency is on these encoders? Thanks, Eddy
  7. DS2 mini problem

    Not in a single project. I have mine at home connected to the 2N mobile service and it works like a dream.
  8. DS2 mini problem

    BTW, the new v220 is for better compatibility with OS2.9, that’s all. You should have another dealer take a look at your system, your DS2 behavior is not normal.
  9. DS2 mini problem

    What issues are people having with the DS2? It is a rock solid product.
  10. How to have a DS2 video pop-up on a PC or Mac when someone rings the bell. No intercom, only video feed. Works great, I have it working on my system.
  11. Advanced lighting and custom buttons

    OP, go to the Advanced Lighting Agent in Composer HE. Select the scene that you want to toggle. Click the "Create Default" button. Test. Done!
  12. What does it take to get a dealer?

    Where are you located? You can find a dealer here in the forum if you can give us more information. Also, contact Control4 or go to their dealer locator at www.control4.com to find a dealer in your area. Eddy
  13. annex⁴ - Voice Genie (TTS)

    One thing to keep in mind is that when creating dynamic announcements, you have to keep them under 30 seconds. This is a limitation of the Announcement Agent.
  14. annex⁴ - Voice Genie (TTS)

    Keep in mind that you'll be using the same announcement in Control4, and by that I mean the rooms in which the announcement will be played. The actual audio announcement will change depending on the variable, but it'll always play in the rooms you choose in the Announcement's settings. If you want certain announcements to play in specific rooms, you'll need an instance of the driver for every announcement. I've created a "house status report" announcement. And man, it works like a charm! You can program the driver to give you the status of only devices that require attention. For example, when I trigger the "Good Night Scene" the announcement will tell me which windows are open, but it won't mention the ones that are closed ("One of the kitchen windows is open"). If there's nothing to report, it'll give me a confirmation announcement, a simple "Good Night" confirms everything is closed and locked. Pretty cool! The one thing that sets this driver apart from others is that it uses Amazon Polly which is the most natural sounding TTS engine I've experienced.