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  1. eddy.trochez

    DS2 announcement

    Deleted. You did add a delay. Adding a delay has solved this issue for me.
  2. eddy.trochez

    Interface for Multiple Variables...

    Not having holiday names is a major problem with this driver. I've asked the developer to include them, but no luck. I do program using holiday names, but it's prone to errors. Havdalah in the driver is set to 52 minutes, for my systems is 72 minutes. This shouldn't be a problem though, all you have to do is create a schedule, trigger it at whatever time you want, and program against the Havdalah variable (I'm assuming there's one, can't check right now) The driver feels like "beta"; for lack of a better word; and it has failed in two occasions so far, which is incredibly upsetting. But... It's the only option we have right now.
  3. eddy.trochez

    Interface for Multiple Variables...

    The variable "IS_YOMTOV" is false until Candle Light. So if today is Passover for example, the variable will be false when you run the check at 3:00 AM. This will disable any programming you might have because the variable will be false. I do programming based on the name of the Holiday, this way you can turn on the variable at check in. For example, on Friday the variable "Passover" turned on at 3:00 AM even though the variable "IS_YOMTOV" was still false.
  4. eddy.trochez

    Interface for Multiple Variables...

    I had problems with all my systems, the driver didn't update the holiday name and it didn't update Havdalah time either. Both, the names and Havdalah are showing up in the HebCal website, so I don't know what really happened. I'm really disappointed, this is the second time the driver fails to trigger Havdalah events. And this time, it didn't trigger Pesach I events. We really can't afford situations like these.
  5. Can't really diagnosed without seeing your programming. Post screenshots to get better help.
  6. eddy.trochez

    Axis Companion Integration

    If they have a RTSP stream, a driver can be created to work with them. Eddy
  7. eddy.trochez

    Pakedge K60D Router

    It uses the Pakedge UI. No, this is not a locked down router. All the features are available, but I haven't seen the interface you're referring to; so I can't compare. I have a used unit for sale if you're interested. This is from my personal system, which I just upgraded to a RK-1. Let me know if interested. Eddy
  8. eddy.trochez

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    When using the 2N Mobile app, the phone rings like any other phone... Scratch that! The phone rings and it shows you a video preview. I don't know how the Control4 Mobile app will work, but I'm sure it'll ring the phone like a regular call.
  9. eddy.trochez

    DS2 Sending Video Calls to Mobile Phone!!!

    No, it won't delete Automation settings, but this is not officially supported. So, it can change in the future. Depends on how you need to activate the announcement; do you want to send HTTP commands? You need a driver for that. Once you have the driver in your system, you can program everything yourself. These features included in the DS2 are not officially supported, all of it can stop working in a future firmware release.
  10. eddy.trochez

    DS2 Sending Video Calls to Mobile Phone!!!

    He's referring to the 2N Mobile service. You can upload voice announcements to the DS2 using the web interface, and activate them using Automation commands, HTTP commands, or set them as default. The really cool thing about these announcements is that they can be played in the DS2 or the Mobile Phone. For example, someone rings the bell, you answer using your Mobile App, (it can be any app, 2N or Bria, or whatever) When you unlock the door two things can happen: 1. An announcement tells the person that the door has been unlocked; and/or 2. When the door unlocks, Control4 can send a command to the DS2 and an announcement plays through the app speaker telling you that the door is unlocked. So, the DS2 can play announcements trough its speaker or send it to the mobile app. Here's another cool thing that the DS2 can do: UPS rings the bell, you let the guy in. You can switch to another camera while in the call with the DS2 (Like a camera in the hallway). If you're using the 2N Mobile app, there's a button to switch to another camera in the app. If you're using Bria, you can use a code to switch to another camera and back to the DS2 camera. This feature requires a license in the DS2. 2N has made it available for free in the latest firmware, but the DS2 is using an old firmware.
  11. eddy.trochez

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Yes, you can do that. Basically what will happen is the DS2 will activate the relay when you press the button. You can connect any doorbell to the relay. You do need the doorbell wire going to the DS2. All of this can be setup in the DS2 web interface.
  12. eddy.trochez

    Dealer tiers

    Are you dealers? Take this to the dealer forum.
  13. eddy.trochez

    Occupancy List

    Use Alan's Ping driver. When Device OK Set UI Experience button to true or keypad button to Red When device Offline Set UI Experience button to false or keypad button to Blue The driver pings an IP device, so it would ping your roommate's cell phone. The device would have to have a reserved IP address, which you can assign from the router's settings.
  14. eddy.trochez

    DS2 help

    On your original subject, executing commands when the button is pressed should work with no issues. Adjust your delays.