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  1. I would be interested, the firmware we have in the UK is a bit different and I haven't been able to get motion notifications working from any of the cameras I've tested. Not that I've really spent massive amounts of time to figure out what was wrong! I also have some cameras from Safire and LTS which use variations on the Hik firmware.
  2. I've been using a Max2Play / Pi based squeeze player for the last 6 months or so and use it every day. I hadn't really bothered with C4 integration as it wasn't really something I would roll out to a customer ... however ... when I thought about it, I've had this thing running for 6 months with no problems and integrates perfectly with Spotify / Deezer / TuneIn and my NAS based music. The app is great and I can make a playlist that includes music from Deezer, Spotify and NAS and they play together perfectly. It's such a stable platform and does everything I want from a music player at a silly price of under £100 for everything! Anyone had any luck with a C4 driver? Would be nice to fire off playlists from the C4 app or touchscreen.
  3. Was playing with the new DSC Powerseries Neo after an install. Thought I would have a laugh and this is the announcement of the homes speakers when the alarm is activated. The internal sounder shuts off so you can hear it everywhere! Not keeping it like this in the actual system Balabolka can be fun! AlarmActivated.mp3
  4. Excellent Alan, I'm starting to update clients to the driver soon. I'm still leaving in an unconnected IR driver just to send the Sky command, can't wait to get rid of the IR
  5. NextGenAV

    HikVision NVR Driver

    The NVR needs special C4 firmware available from HikVision. Says so in the documentation
  6. Brilliant driver Alan, will be rolling it out to customers. One thing: Am I able to send the Sky button command? It is the fastest way out of any menus to main viewing. Couldn't see it in the driver and all my customers use the # key to get back to full screen viewing. Cheers for another great driver.
  7. NextGenAV

    This is a peach :)

    Ahh, so it actually a son of a peach!
  8. Ahh, some Thursday fun for you: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Control4-My-Home-Site-License-very-rare-/282385794825?hash=item41bf814709:g:eTgAAOSw32lYvcFh But remember it's very rare!
  9. NextGenAV

    Arguments for/against OSD.

    Getting my post count up, thought that was the whole point of this?
  10. NextGenAV

    Arguments for/against OSD.

    No idea what your talking about
  11. NextGenAV

    Arguments for/against OSD.

    Yes, sharing the OSD invokes a world of pain ... in my book a complete no, even if the client thinks it a good idea
  12. NextGenAV

    IFTTT ideas (and issues)

    We wouldn't want to make it easy to find out , gotta work for it!
  13. NextGenAV

    IFTTT ideas (and issues)

    It's not that hard to find out what is compatible with C4 Z-Wave, no mystery or dealer only club membership needed: http://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse Look for the manufacturer of the device you are thinking of and it will be listed here. Or a zwave search: http://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?q=zwave
  14. I've recently been back to an install and noticed that some of the lighting scenes were not tracking. The system was changed over from AMX to Control4 and the lighting system is iLight (using Extra Veg RS232 driver) For some reason only one room tracks the lighting scenes correctly. The individual circuits in iLight are set up exactly the same way but in room A the scenes track perfectly, but in room B they never activate. There is no difference in the two rooms as far as Advanced Lighting setup or programming. I suspect it is probably the driver but can't be sure, it is pretty old and communication is only 9600 baud. In this situation I have had to program all keypad LED behaviour.
  15. I remember having a problem like this before and it was caused by the lighting system never reporting a light level of 100%. Control4 was expecting feedback from the system saying that a light was on at 100% to match the scene level, but the maximum level in the lighting system programming was 90%. So the 100% level on Control4 was actually 90% on the lighting system. I think I changed the max lighting level on the lighting system to 100% and this seemed to fix it. This was on an iLight system and not Lutron though.