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  1. I've recently been back to an install and noticed that some of the lighting scenes were not tracking. The system was changed over from AMX to Control4 and the lighting system is iLight (using Extra Veg RS232 driver) For some reason only one room tracks the lighting scenes correctly. The individual circuits in iLight are set up exactly the same way but in room A the scenes track perfectly, but in room B they never activate. There is no difference in the two rooms as far as Advanced Lighting setup or programming. I suspect it is probably the driver but can't be sure, it is pretty old and communication is only 9600 baud. In this situation I have had to program all keypad LED behaviour.
  2. I remember having a problem like this before and it was caused by the lighting system never reporting a light level of 100%. Control4 was expecting feedback from the system saying that a light was on at 100% to match the scene level, but the maximum level in the lighting system programming was 90%. So the 100% level on Control4 was actually 90% on the lighting system. I think I changed the max lighting level on the lighting system to 100% and this seemed to fix it. This was on an iLight system and not Lutron though.
  3. OK, so do you want the statement: Turn the Spa -> Déshumidificateur on To execute when the variable Déshumidificateur is true? If so then you need to drag the Turn the Spa -> Déshumidificateur on to the question mark (?) before the IF statement until a right arrow (->) appears below the cursor. This will embed the statement within the IF Like this one:
  4. Ah, you need to drag the Turn on Spa to the ? so it is nested within the IF statement
  5. We would need to see a screen capture of the programming script to make any sense of it.
  6. Yes, I'm not in the US, so brands may be different. But any electrical outlet will have ceiling mounted PIR sensors that can be connected to lights. The PIR needs a permanent 120V feed and the output goes to the light fixing. In the UK I may use:
  7. When it comes to closets etc I think we get a bit excited about putting Control4 or some integration in there. If it is just a closet then install a cheap ceiling mount motion sensor with a timer ... costs about $20 ... not connected to Control4 or anything else, just works when you go in and switches off when your not there.
  8. Ah OK, the tapes I have been using are 2700k on warm white. As you say I set them up as RGB full and W full for kitchen stuff.
  9. Isn't that two different tapes? RGBW is an RGB and a White chip combined which saves a lot of hassle. Also IP65 rated or waterproof (non-submerged) For installations that require extra smooth light emission then I use diffusers. If there is anything you need to know about LED strip or controlling them then email the guy that owns HiLine, what he doesn't know about it isn't worth knowing.
  10. I would like to be able to add notes to Programming. Sometimes I forget why I did something. If we had a notes panel below the Script window that would be great.
  11. - Nothing wrong with the Bluestream matrix - the V2 matrix series is 4K HDCP 2.2, used them on a few projects and had no problems. Very good value for money! - Agree with the EA-1 in the Living Room, nice to have on screen interface in there. - The Home Theater has a SR-260, is it close enough to the Living Room to connect to the EA-1. Not good to rely on an EA-3 in a metal rack for ZigBee connection. - Interestingly I have been hearing rumours that Legrand NuVo are planning Apple Music integration ... but if it's anything Apple that could be a loooooong time. Personally I think NuVo has the best integration with C4 at the moment. I use it and really like it, sounds better than Sonos too (in my opinion, but it is playing through Linn Katans)
  12. Thanks Matt, I reckon it just isn't in the driver. I will try and find the IP command and build a mini-driver for it.
  13. Anyone know if it is possible to set shuffle mode on NuVo player with the Legrand driver (Houselogix)? Looked around everywhere and can't seem to set it, playlist always starts sequential. There is the ability to set shuffle and repeat from the Control4 UI, but nothing I can see in programming. Cheers
  14. I'm in the UK and pretty much exclusively use Don't know if the products are available in the US, but should give you an idea of what to look for. The specific strips I use for warm white: I always go with 24V strip. If you are looking for RGB, then definitely go for RGB-W tape instead of RGB. It is very difficult to reproduce warm white with RGB tape. As for control, I would look at mains dimmable power supplies for single colour and DMX for RGB-W. Houselogix have a great driver for DMX.
  15. The ropes shine in all directions, but are not as consistent as a directional strip. That's why I would try it out before committing and fitting it, then firing it up. The LEDs are also 1 inch apart, the LED strips I use have 120 LEDs per metre (3 LEDs per inch) and look more like a constant light source along the entire length. I find rope LEDs look a bit like Christmas lights
  16. One thing to consider is that these ropes are omni-directional, so they don't produce such a consistent directional illumination as an LED strip produces.
  17. Remember that the room also has to have heat removed, no use blowing around hot air through components. Middle Atlantic did a great PDF about it ... I will see if I can find it for you. Found it ... attached. ThermalManagement.pdf
  18. Thanks!, I was going to recommend a smart lock to a client, but I think I will tell him to forget about that. Every 60 days is way too short a time, I would be getting calls all the time about this. Are the Yale locks any better on battery life? Thanks for the head up.
  19. The spec says it is mains voltage dimmable so should be fine with a standard dimmer. There is no transformer with this type of rope light. I would test it before installing though ... nothing worse than pulling it out again!
  20. I would convert the optical out of the Xbox to coaxial and bang it down a coax to the receiver digital coax in.
  21. +1 for Sony and the new Panasonic Viera with Control4 integration built in. First time I've seen a screen with a Control4 menu option!!
  22. I've seen it happen a few times ... you think you got away with being close to minimum load and then a few days / weeks later the LEDs won't dim all the way down. The load the LEDs provide probably reduces when they have been 'run in'. I would check with your electrician to see if there is a neutral connection to the PUK.
  23. Name and shame them I'd say! If you are UK based (assuming you are from the Cbeebies!) then send me a PM if you need help.