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  1. osa

    Security remote monitoring

    WA10P-2.0 What is OP? Is there another module that can help integrate my Vista 10P with C4? Thanks to knowitall for suggesting Houselogix Security Integration Module! Free driver is a nice bonus.
  2. osa

    Anyone used a Reolink Security NVR?

    I have several different Reolinks installed. Mine are not integrated with C4 (don't think it can be). It's also not compatible with Alexa. Other than that, I really like these cams.
  3. So I have an ancient Honeywell Vista 10P security system. From what I read, it's compatible with C4 (with 4232CBM module). Once integrated: 1. can I control it with Alexa? 2. Does C4 sends push notifications for remote monitoring? If so, do I have to pay for 3rd party Security Monitoring service in addition to 4sight to get phone notifications? 3. Will I lose any critical controls if I get rid of old wall controllers? Thank you!
  4. osa

    Alexa & Control4

    Don't forget you need 4sight subscription (can be ordered online through control4 web page)
  5. Here are the 2 I have (I just bought them, not planning on using for flash mounting though as I find it inconvenient for video chatting and I already do have old flash mounted screens, so I know the difference the first hand): 1. this one is the deepest, yet the smallest on the outside I could find 2. this one isn't deep enough for flash mounting, but its' the smallest of its kind. Will work for flexible mount. Also if you're somewhat handy, you can try this solution (picture frame/recess outlet combo)
  6. If you tablet can be charged wirelessly, consider a recessed outlet with the charger stuck into it. You can then use magnets or a plastic mount (forgot it's name, very thin, practically invisible) to attach your tablet to the wall. Your tablet is gonna cover all the mess. You'll only see the tablet, nothing else.
  7. Few thoughts: * Intercom feature of the C4 is overrated. I installed Skype with auto answer on each of mine and it works similarly, except I can actually call the room from anywhere in the world. * I do have obsolete flash mounted screens. They look awesome, but they were limited in performance. Now with Skype (etc) I would much rather have my tablets on flexible mounts. Much like TV I want them at a certain angle (or different every day depending on a mood). That's very convenient for intercom and especially for monitoring (I can skype in from anywhere in the world to see what my maids are up to). * Also Fires now have Alexa activated. I didn't play with it yet. Keep in mind that it will require 4sight subscription and so far can only control the scenes (e.g. turn on "watch tv", but not "volume up" yet) If anybody have new thoughts on a topic, please share.
  8. Why wouldn't you install the recessed outlet behind your frame? Frame will cover the outlet, it will be flash against the wall, and you won't see any wires.
  9. Just like you, I absolutely cannot justify the price of a one-app C4 tablet which I need a total of 8-10 in my house. I've been researching alternative touch panels for a while now. The obvious difference in your proposed setup, which was a killer for me, is the phone being a stand alone unit vs. flash mounted on the wall (please advise if I'm missing something as I'm very much interested in the topic as well). Another option I'm considering that you might be interested in is fire tablets. I placed an order, will let you know how that works out. Fires (as opposed to Ipads, don't ask me why) have Skype with auto-answer function. Thus you can video/audio chat with any room just like you would using intercom (the receiving party doesn't have to press anything to hear you or to be heard). You can place group calls as well. Another Fire benefit is that they just launched an update that integrated Alexa. So with a push of a button (not voice activated) you can ask your tablet to turn on your C4 devices (or so I hope, my Echo Alexa could certainly do that). This might be very handy in a guest room especially if you have elderly visitors.
  10. So Amazon launched the new update that enables Alexa on fire tablets. Has anyone tried to control their C4 through the tablet's Alexa (voice commands)? The plan is to mount one of these in every room (I have 6000 sq ft + and it will be cheaper than buying just two C4 wall units), load skype or similar for intercom and being able to control my C4 through app and Alexa in every corner of the house. That being said, does anyone see any issues with the setup? Will appreciate any input. I'm planning on seting skype to auto pickup, thus theoretically I should be able to call any unit at any time. Hopefully skype supports group calls as "page all" function is very important for me as well.
  11. So i gotta tell you, that my C4 installers are technologically challenged thus I have to ask you - the experts. * I have DirecTV ready Samsung TVs, yet they've had no experience with them, so had to install mini boxes on each of the TVs. If you've had DirecTV you know how often those boxes fail. So here is my question: was anybody able to successfully integrate direcTV service through Samsungs (LGs)? Seems to me it's as simple as powering TV set and choosing the correct source. * I also have a big digital movies collection I would like to share throughout the house (network). Again, my installer suggested over a 10K upgrade. I was able to prove that ridiculous by simply buying the Personal Cloud ($115) that all my Smart TVs can see and play with no issues. The only issue I have is that the Seagate cloud I've had has VERY slow transfer speed so I had to abandon it (too long to download a new movie). Anybody has a solution? My router's USB is apparently for charging only, so plugging in a USB storage directly there won't share the data. Is there another way to share movies from something like WD passport (portable USB storage)? My TVs will see all the movies as long as they are network shared. Thanks!
  12. I also was considering dedicating ipads, but since I do need an intercom (and that's the only reason) I'm now considering touchscreens or new Nucleus devices. The latter have intercom and is Alexa integrated. So I'm thinking even though I won't have Control4 interface on Nucleus, I can still vocally ask it to do any control4 activities. I do however agree that the price of a C4 screens is outrages given it's a one app tablet only.
  13. So I have the latest hardware installed in June. Does anybody have time to put up a list of compatible touchscreens? Trying to explore e-bay options and my dealer isn't too happy about it and doesn't give me a clear answer. He said that the newest touchscreens don't support 3rd party apps. On the other hand the older ones can't be integrated with new hardware. Any clues (links etc.) would be highly appreciated.
  14. osa

    outdoor intercom

    Thanks so much Eggzlor for sharing your experience with the door station! It's really hard getting started with C4 trying to piece it together and your input was very valuable. As much as I like the door station (one of the models can even call the phone direct, but don't think that one integrates with C4), I don't think it's gonna work as intercom by the pool or in the garage simply because somebody would have to answer the call inside the house (e.g. I couldn't just ask for help with the groceries from the garage). I also wouldn't be able to hear the doorbell ringing when by the pool or in the garage. It's strange to me that nobody brought this up. I enjoyed having old style intercoms and would think new ones would offer same and more functionalities. Does anybody have an intercom in their garage or backyard? Can new touchscreens withstand AZ sun & dust??
  15. osa

    outdoor intercom

    I think you got it right. I need to be able to talk both ways (e.g. yard-room-yard), be able to hear the chime in the yard/garage and talk to the visitor, and be able to monitor the outside (e.g. see and hear what's going on at the pool when I'm inside AND at least hear what's going on in the baby room when I'm in the yard). Last but not least I want to be able to call the whole house for dinner (including backyard) with a push of a button. Thanks a lot for the link. This might be exactly what I need. Their site is down and most links don't open, were you able to integrate those units with C4 touchscreens inside the house or do you use your phone for video monitoring? Thanks!