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  1. This thread is about as dumb as it gets. All of these people complaining that they can't get under the hood of their Control4 systems is beyond out there! JFH - You said that your wife was upset because she couldn't get light switch names changes quick enough. FIND ANOTHER DEALER!! I could change those names in Composer Express while I'm driving (but I don't do that while I'm driving). It's absolutely ridiculous to think that some of the post throughout this forum actually have people that were told to wait days, if not weeks, for simple changes and/or additional upgrades. FIND ANOTHER DEALER! You all get so upset because you want Composer Pro, but are perfectly content with the restrictions in technology that you live with every single day. Can you modify the source code on a Windows PC? Nope, you can't. People have been bitching about Microsoft releasing their source code for years, never gonna happen. Can you modify the computer chip on your new car, that is under warranty? Probably not without voiding your warranty. Try jailbreaking your phone and it stops working, then go into the Apple Store and demand that they repair since it is one of the most expensive phones on the market! This goes to the point of messing with your system, then if a dealer has to fix your screw up, actually charging more than it should have been. Show of hands, how many home owners have tried their own troubleshooting (i.e. - unplug, plug back in, maybe even incorrectly) and contact the dealer saying it "just don't work". Only to have the dealer call out the customer because the controller HDMI Out was supposed to be in HDMI In 3 on the TV. Holy sh*t, that HDMI cable jumped from 3 to 4 all by itself . . . and low and behold customer says, "well I may have tried disconnecting the HDMI and reconnect to see if that would fix my problem, I guess I plugged it in the wrong spot". I know, I know, it's sound like a bit of exaggeration, but there are plenty of instances like this that we've been through. Bottom line is that Control4 is an extremely stable, and fully functioning, platform when installed by people that actually know what they are doing. Unfortunately, some people have had bad experiences with some dealers. Why, I don't know. It could be lack of experience, period. But it seems like it puts a lot of targets on everyone's back on the forum, people that are truly worth their salt. With the right dealer, and your own copy of Composer HE, you should have a sound relationship that is not going to kill your checking account. Just a thought.
  2. stevenj - I just responded to your same post in another section of the forum. As you stated in that post, your service tech (that you pay $300 a pop to come out) called Control4 tech support and was told that "C4 will only talk to service technicians", so by that statement, I don't know who the idiot is that screwed up your garage, but don't blame it on C4. There is NO way is hell that if you paid a certified C4 tech to come out that C4 would not take a support call from them. Oh, and by the way, you picked a wonderful way of gaining support from the numerous certified C4 programmers on this forum, by bashing ALL of them in just 2 posts. Amazing! PS - msgreenf - is dead on, you need to find a better dealer.
  3. I wouldn't say 'is this the norm for C4', if your service provider is not a certified programmer. Also, you will probably get a better response on this forum from many of us who are qualified to answer your question, then comparing us to the idiot that broke your garage. Good Luck.
  4. There should be no issues with using it as your Blu Ray player. IR only
  5. Then is should be fine. It seems like you know the restrictions, so you're in good shape.
  6. lippasvisual: exactly right. The benefits of using Control4 matrix are numerous. The biggest of those is the matrix ability to handle a single HDCP handshake, regardless of how many video endpoints are using the matrix. Some cable providers are limiting the amount of HDCP handshakes their boxes with allow, which can cause problems. Also, the new controllers have the ability to allow 5.1 in one zone not be affected from someone watching same source in stereo (previously, if a stereo zone would watch the same source, it would downgrade audio in a 5.1 zone). There are also some other settings that have major benefits over cheaper products.
  7. You could use the HC-800 as another Navigator if needed. Do you have the Pioneer receiver app? Use could use that to see if it can no longer control the receiver when they drop as well. If they cannot be controlled through the Pioneer app as well, it would at least rule out an issue with Control4. May narrow down the issue to settings on the receiver.
  8. was going to provide an answer. Did you add rooms after the delay under the 'Digital Media' section? If you used another way, would like to know how.
  9. Do a MAC reservation on the controller IP address to avoid this in the future.
  10. Try connecting the small TV to the source cable at the end of the HDMI extender to see if it shows a picture, to rule out the HDMI extender as a problem. Did you refresh the power on both sides of the HDMI extender?
  11. Touchscreen benefits: 1. Instant touch to navigator 2. intercom communication If those are of no concern, then you should be fine.
  12. HDMI is the only audio out on an EA-1. EA-3 would be the preferred choice.
  13. eggzlot: did you get this answered?
  14. thegreatheed: I thought that might be the case. I guess that's why mine are working in the plastic boxes.