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  1. GT Slider

    Audio Matrix

    StroTek, how much?
  2. GT Slider

    I would caution Control4 Support

    Gary, With all due respect, I don't think your looking in between the lines of my concerns. Us dealers live on these forums, and it's not to say "hey, how is everyone", but rather the desire to help other dealer, AND CUSTOMERS, with problems that we all experience. As I stated before, I welcome all of the support that Control4 has to offer. It's definitely a refreshing step on their part. And yes, the customer is king. However, some will feel that the amount they've spent on the initial roll out of Control4 should warrant free support, long after the initial implementation. You want to talk about the way of the world, too many examples will contradict your blanket statement of 'Customer is King'.
  3. GT Slider

    I would caution Control4 Support

    I understand what you're trying to say, but if I read it very carefully, she already paid for a site evaluation (whatever that means), was told that this issue would be a trip charge + hourly, but she felt that he should have provided remote assistance which he apparently disagreed with. Listen, I'm not trying to pick a side, but if a dealer says that they cannot aid in troubleshooting remotely and that a trip is required to resolve, then what? Does that warrant Control4 jumping in to help the customer change their dealer of record, WITHOUT getting all of the facts first?
  4. Haven't been on here in a while, but I've notice (too much fanfare) the presence of more Control4 employees contributing to numerous posts. Again, while I am in complete favor of this new found interest, I did notice a response to a customer that I, and Sonic, were trying to assist with her problem. In the original post, the user expressed a concern that her dealer was not calling her back to walk her through some troubleshooting techniques. WE do not know the back story behind that conversation, as stated in an additional post, the customer was not willing to pay the hourly rate + trip charge that was being asked. Hence, the point of this topic, while your presence is very much needed (more so from the dealer standpoint vs. the customer standpoint) Control4 responded with this: Maybe others can chime in here, in case I'm just way off base. But, I think this could lead to a whole host of issues. This forum has provided countless answers to customer questions (free of charge, for the most part), but if Control4 is going to start providing support to customers of this forum, then why not just open up a hotline for ALL of our customers. I just think that without YOUR knowledge of customer/dealer back story, this is crossing a pretty thin line (i.e. - customer feels they've already paid enough, but wants additional troubleshooting for free). Thoughts?
  5. Yes, I usually remove the battery cover and tap it against my palm, the rechargeable battery pack will pop out slightly. Just push it back into place and put the cover back on. The remote will power up with the room that it belongs to.
  6. Pop the batteries out of all the remotes, and insert back. When the remote comes on it will display the ROOM it belongs to, make sure your husbands labels are still correct. As for the empty options in your 'Guest Bedroom', sounds like the setup for that room was not done correctly. Need to check the bindings for that room. You are doing too much troubleshooting for possibly a simple fix in programming.
  7. Shivam, Before ANYONE can help you, you will need to answer ALL of the questions that were asked by Cyknight. The capabilities will be limited to the answers you provide.
  8. GT Slider

    Controversial Topic

    lol . . . we're half way there!
  9. GT Slider

    Controversial Topic

    Elvis, I've got to admit, that was pretty damn funny! I hope you took advantage of all of those prices from someone/anyone. That's a hell of a deal.
  10. GT Slider

    Largest C4 home you've done

    If any of you are familiar with Top Golf. The entire complex is run using 2 EA-5s with Savi Controls overlay. Each Top Golf has about 250 TVs being controlled using Control4.
  11. Lone Pine . . . turn off updates on the Sony TV and you won't have problems.
  12. GT Slider

    Echo dot

    Click on the 'Kitchen' room in programming and choose 'Turn the room off' for the command "turn off kitchen music".
  13. Control4 forum stated that the Sony updates are clearing the 'Normal and Pre Shared Key' option back to just 'Normal', you need to setup the 'Pre Shared Key' again. Some have also reported that manual IP is going back to DHCP. So check that as well, if you have static.
  14. GT Slider


    Did just that, you're low averages are nowhere near that on ebay.
  15. GT Slider


    I don't think so. Ebay pricing would be below MSRP, not dealer pricing.