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  1. Tims . . . funnyfarm299 is correct! You're reading the wrong wiring side of the wiring. Look at your inside labels to determine what color wires are going to what terminal. But as I said in my last post, pull the wiring diagram for that model thermostat and make sure that you match up the specific function to the Aprilaire. An HVAC guy can use whatever wires HE wants to use when wiring to the unit. It would be cheaper to have a 1 time visit by an HVAC professional to confirm where each wire is going, wire your thermostat, and configure features that are not 'enabled' by default, then to mess something up on your unit. I wish there was an industry standard that HVAC professionals must follow, but here are the recommended uses for single stage heat pump: G: Blower. (ON when any heating or cooling is called for) Y: Compressor. (ON when either A/C or Heating is called for from the heat pump) O: Reversing valve. (Typical wiring, ON = cooling mode, OFF = heating mode) B: Reversing valve. (Alternate wiring, ON = heating mode, OFF = cooling mode) W: Auxiliary heat, stage 1 E: Emergency heat (in emergency mode 'Y' is not energized and E is energized to indicate the need for emergency heat. This mode is used if the heat pump fails during cold winter temperatures and the compressor must remain off.) C: Common (low voltage power used to power most current thermostats) R: +24vac NOTE: Either 'O' or 'B' is used depending on the system, but not both. Also, systems with advanced features (i.e. - dual heat pump, dehumidification, etc.) can be wired with the Aprilaire, but some of these features are not enabled in the menu settings on the thermostat, and will need to be 'enabled'. So it is imperative that you know exactly where each wire is going and exactly what features are needing to function on your specific unit/setup. That 1 time visit will leave you with (hopefully) a wiring diagram of your specific wires, what features are a part of your specific unit, which you can use for future reference.
  2. Lookup manual to your specific Honeywell and find out what function is E and Aix is for and match to what function that is for aprilaire. As for ANY standard setup depends on what the AC guy is using what wire for said function (I.e. - I've seen black used for Common and blue for something else). Blue is usually your Common wire. As for functionality, the Aprilaire should accommodate newer AC functions just fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Theory, understood, but if a someone is asking what is the best integration with regards to Control4 for MOTORIZED blinds, it would probably be best to tell them which motors work the best (regardless of who is making the shades).
  4. perfect, thanks!
  5. Hey msgreenf . . . any headway on TV image and PTZ with iOS from C4?
  6. We've had seemless integration with Somfy motors.
  7. You've got Pan and Zoom, you're missing the T!
  8. touche msgreenf . . . touche.
  9. Achoudhary, Eggzlot is right! You provided the least amount of information possible for any of us to decipher what is in your environment. All we know, so far, is that you have 4 controllers located in your Master Bedroom. 'guessing since this (HC800) would run director, it would be faster than the above config'. What config? Those are components in your C4 setup, not a config of how your project is laid out. 'experience some slowness every now and then'. Tells us nothing. When did it start? Did you start seeing performance issue after a latest OS update? Maybe a piece of network equipment was replace. Final NOTE: 'can anyone answer the specific question I asked?' Not unless you plan on providing as much information about you overall C4 setup and environment (network, number of devices, etc.) All of us are happy to try and help you identify a potential problem in your 'config', but please provide as much information as to allow for a true answer to your initial question.
  10. You would be looking at the EA5 not the HC800. And it would be better to make this the Primary Controller, must faster than your current setup. As for 'not interested in upgrading to EA series', not sure how you would get the HC800 (ebay maybe), but I wouldn't throw good money after bad, considering the warranty lapse.
  11. A couple of ideas for his room!
  12. lol . . . great response!
  13. Joshua, sorry, but you don't get the value of security at ALL if your kids "know the passwords I normally use". You're concerned about security? I don't follow. Control4 login guessing is the least of your concerns (i.e. - your email, banking, etc.) Tighten up your password and log into your account and setup user accounts for them. Then, have your dealer setup an Access agent that would prevent them from changing rooms.
  14. Just installed an Atlona switch (integrated network control with Control4) and it works great.
  15. lol, I know, I don't think he passed!