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  1. Controversial Topic

    lol . . . we're half way there!
  2. Controversial Topic

    Elvis, I've got to admit, that was pretty damn funny! I hope you took advantage of all of those prices from someone/anyone. That's a hell of a deal.
  3. Lone Pine . . . turn off updates on the Sony TV and you won't have problems.
  4. Echo dot

    Click on the 'Kitchen' room in programming and choose 'Turn the room off' for the command "turn off kitchen music".
  5. Control4 forum stated that the Sony updates are clearing the 'Normal and Pre Shared Key' option back to just 'Normal', you need to setup the 'Pre Shared Key' again. Some have also reported that manual IP is going back to DHCP. So check that as well, if you have static.
  6. EA3

    Did just that, you're low averages are nowhere near that on ebay.
  7. EA3

    I don't think so. Ebay pricing would be below MSRP, not dealer pricing.
  8. EA3

    abovedeck . . . your prices are below dealer cost! Can I order my stuff thru you!!
  9. Remote service

    Sounds like you have multiple controllers. The one the fell from behind the TV, was it your primary controller or was it just for 'Navigation' in that room? Only one controller will check in to C4, the other ones are slaves to the director (primary). A little more information on the system might help.
  10. Alexa / Control4 / Austria

    HOMECINEMAS . . . Doesn't work that way. You will need to specify a key word for each device (i.e. - living dvd, master dvd, etc.). Once Amazon allows for multiple accounts on the echo, then you would be able to assign separate accounts to each Echo and do exactly what you want (from a more generic command).
  11. Switching Integrators?

    Lizard . . . we just need your account login to access your project. As for payment, I'm assuming most people have a paypal account. Good luck with your project.
  12. Control4 stuff for sale

    Eddy . . was thinking the same thing. Looks like a little over $3,000 in just cost. Something doesn't sound right for brand new equipment.
  13. RussDraper . . . I don't want to have to pay Comcast to change the channel or when I add a TV. You most certainly do have to pay Russ, if you want to have Comcast on that added TV. Cable box sound familiar?! I understand what you're saying. There are many end users on this forum that have enough tech savvy in them to integrate what they want (and with a little help from forum dealers, tie the bindings together remotely). Don't get me wrong, I understand where you are coming from, but don't think that we are all naïve to believe that you're not paying for many services in life. Being a technologist is great, but what about the many other things in life that you pay for (when you could do it ALL yourself)? Do you change your own oil, spark plugs, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, brakes? For some of us, these are simple tasks. But for others, they would just rather pay and make sure it was done by a professional. The experience you have in doing your own thing (albeit with a little help, here and there, from us online integrators) will keep your costs in that minor range. Just be glad you didn't buy a house with Crestron!
  14. Security App On GUI Screen

    Probably something that the dealer has to do. It can be done remotely by him. Check security under Navigation for that room, and also refresh the project.