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  1. Thank you so much. Now I have a new problem. I plan to write a driver to communicate with my phone. The driver consists of the C library code and lua code. Everything went well in my own computer before I run it in the HC-800. When the lua interpreter in C4 requires my C library, it always complains error "undefined symbol: lua_getfield(lua api function)" or other errors like this, which never happens in my computer. I use the same lua5.1.4 in my computer. I have checked all documents about the C4 drivers, and there is nothing about how to use the c library in the driver. Can you give me any tips? Thank you!
  2. yang.fourier

    The C library code in driver

    Recently, I want to write a driver to communicate with my phone. I have some C library as part of my driver. Everything goes well in my computer with lua5.1.4, but when I load the library in HC-800 it complains errors like this "undefined symbol: lua_getfiled". Does anyone meet the same error? What should I do?
  3. I am trying to create a client driver to receive message from the remote server. In the control4 sdk api, there is a Lua TCP Client interface, it may be helpful. But I have one question. CreateTCPClient function could create a class worked like a socket. The class has OnRead method as a callback funciton. The question is how do we know the read data is available? I just can not find the way how the class notifies the driver. Is there anyone can help me? Thank you!
  4. Hi, I am a new one to write the control4 driver. I have met some questions and hope someone could help me. And because I do it by myself, is there a group or something we can talk about the driver? I would love to join it. I read the api reference document carefully and there is something about the system event. I think it is really important , but nothing else about the event function except for the "OnPip". How can I know the variable id of a device? Could I fire an event in other device? It seems that the API reference losts something. I have the SDK 2.9 API Reference Guide, and are there any other documents I need to know?
  5. Hi, it is me again. I have learned making the control4 driver for a while, but have no one to talk about the question. I do not know whether you have a group or not. If you have one, may I join it ?