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  1. Power failures

    Wattbox IP with battery is amazing can assign what outlets stay on and “gently” turn off and program off power notifications.
  2. C4 Leaf 4k Matrix Switch

    this is why my proposals are only good for 90 days. Sorry you’re having trouble.
  3. TuneIn / Digital Audio

    I would have all your drivers checked/updated. Lot of improvements.
  4. TuneIn / Digital Audio

    What controller do you have and what was the original firmware of your system? the tune in app was updated for 2.8 maybe? Idk, but sometimes it doesn’t get updated with the system. You’d need pro to check tho had a customer with similar issue and updating the tune in app fixed it
  5. Security remote monitoring

    That panel will not work with the Honeywell 4232 unfortunately OP stands for “original poster” basically person who started the thread/conversation Since the HSIM is a generic interface, it may leave out some functionality, but will allow for zone open/closing reporting and arm/disarm how many total zones do you have? Any wireless?
  6. Security remote monitoring

    And OP has a vista 10. Open the door and look at the chip on the panel. Version ???
  7. FS: 4 Wemos + Driver

  8. Security remote monitoring

    You need the vista 20 9.x for the 4232, but the 10 will work with the houselogix HSIM 1. Short answer no, but yes, although I don’t recommend automating a disarm function 2. Control4 does not monitor your security system. Yes you need 4sight to notifications. 3. Not really but you should keep at least one, especially near entry door
  9. XBOX in Rack

    Nope. Best bet is to keep it in the room it will be used in and back feed the rack with a balun. Remotes won’t work and if they happen to they’ll be spotty at best. AND you’ll have to go all the way down to swap games.
  10. Control 4

    Bah oh well. Hope you get it resolved
  11. Control 4

    My guess is zigbee ranger extender in use and EA3 on wrong IP scheme whos takin bets?
  12. Control 4

    Hmmm EA3 hardwired or WiFi? How many WiFi networks do you see? zigbee should be on ch25, is there a range extender in use?
  13. Control 4

    Also who is your ISP and are you using their router?
  14. Control 4

    I’m asking what the system stops doing when you have to call the dealer for support? zigbee devices don’t work (lock, Remote, lights)? music won’t play? app won’t connect? or just entire system crashes? do you have an EA1/3/5?