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  1. knowitall

    ShairBridge Configuration

    video/audio volume bindings are backwards and really should all be the McIntosh
  2. Might be reading this wrong, but fixing a “buggy” system with programming is not a solution, but a bandaid masking an underlying issue.....
  3. All of the above can be enabled/disabled by schedules, variables, experience buttons, keypad buttons, custom buttons, mockupancy driver, etc. nothing you NEED to do every time you go away. When I go on vacation, I triple tap a keypad by the front door and everything I want to happen while I’m gone does.
  4. You guys need to put down your torches and pitchforks. Seriously. Your systems aren’t broken nor are they not functioning. RyanE going out of his way to inform you guys - and probably getting shit on from his bosses for it, since we all know that C4 loves their NDA’s.
  5. I’m gonna need a bigger bag of pop corn
  6. You really need a zigbee extender in this project?
  7. IR bud isn’t in the right spot? see page 7 https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/StaticFiles/Manuals/Home/PRO-141FD_OperatingInstructions0905.pdf
  8. knowitall

    Zigbee Failing

    Yet here we are......
  9. knowitall

    Zigbee Failing

    Whoever left the zigbee on the 300 should be banished to the land of wind and ghosts. ffs
  10. You guys login to your systems THAT much? I haven’t touched my system in 6+ months and normally only login if I’m trying to test a thought process before I deploy it in the field
  11. knowitall

    FS used hc250

    Snooze ya lose!
  12. knowitall

    FS used hc250

    Still got one? @msgreenf
  13. Got one ya didn’t use?
  14. Cus it’s not supposed to run on batteries, it gets power from the HVAC system’s air handler (ideally) or other 24v AC power source. That is always on, not a sleepy node and one of the best zigbee antennae’s ever made.
  15. Wild! That thing going nuts. Have you reconfigured any keypad dimmers? ie- button 4 in dimmer KP activates kodi in living and now is bound to some lighting scene and the programming is “when xxx happens > press button 4 on dimmer KP” which would fire both events i like cy’s Train of thought but I bet the programming is off “when garage door closes” due to the about 6 second delay can you see detective suite in HE??