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  1. Xfinity XG1v4-A

    Also http://forums.xfinity.com/t5/X1/X1-Boxes-and-IR-Locations/td-p/2720333
  2. Xfinity XG1v4-A

    One of the Xfinity X1 drivers should work it
  3. Check your bindings again? TV software? HDMI splitter or AVR with dual out?
  4. navigator menu on TV

    Same reason you don’t “Y” out the audio outputs if the controllers. Backend programming andA/V paths that are set when you make bindings can get confused and lock up/mix up signals. Not that it CANT be done, it’s just do it at your own risk and don’t call support when it doesn’t work. Basically it makes the controller think it has 4/8/16 whatever HDMI outputs when it only has 1
  5. 2.10.1 Released

    Do you expect major changes when you update your iPhone to iOS 11.1.2? Lol it’s a bug fix release and you didn’t even really need it unless you were having issues. This thread is a CA1
  6. Wireless Outlet Dimmers

    Biggest POS c4 makes. Stopped installing them couple years ago. The 2 I have at home work fine. Overall extremely unreliable
  7. Alarm for circuit interruption

    New gfci would be my first step if it’s outdoor with a bubble cover use a belkin wemo and @alanchow driver
  8. 2.10.1 Released

    Lol apples dev team is probably 1000x the size of c4’s so they can push updates I read the notes and honestly it’s the most boring release ever. And the CA1 is worthless imo
  9. It’s also not recommended by C4 to distribute OSD via a matrix so
  10. Nest/Temperature Issues

    What did you update from? Probably need to update the drivers
  11. iPad vs T3

    things with rechargeable batteries left plugged in basically forever is not a good idea, and I tell people that, and i still install iports and such. my only thing - ipad sizes going to change....c4 will make sure you can retrofit your stuff. Apple does not care that you have an inwall ipad mini4 and can't get a replacement in February 2023
  12. I’ll look at it if you wanna create me a login but am weary to make changes remotely
  13. 8-Zone Power Amplifier shuts down

    @abemoore mom guessing you have the matrix “smart” amp, OP had the “dumb” amps do you have att as your ISP and are you using their router? when did you inherit the system and what is different now that at that time? repair costs sound about right. C4 gear has a 2 year warranty and that’s tracked by the MAC address so hard to fudge it
  14. Networks in the real world


    Where are you located? yes, you could go a “DIY” route and have 15 apps to control your home - WITHOUT automation. Sure you could spend time on IFTTT and Alexa to get it together but it won’t be the same C4 brings that all together and greatly simplifies the process. Yiure obvisiily spending a great deal on your home in which you will spend a great amount of time. Why skimp on the system that will operate said home? Keep in mind, this is something that you will use on a DAILY basis. Even if you’re not “using” - the programming is going to do so many things. Interview several dealers and be clear on what you want/expect. Keep in mind that the “pinnacle” or “diamond” dealer in your area is simply rated on VOLUME and not necessary knowledge and quality of work. You might find a smaller dealer will provide you with the face time and support that will make you LOVE you C4 system. And not just flip some lights on with your phone. Good luck