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  1. Control4 can absolutely handle this, however it will take skilled programming. It depends on how you want to control each tv and volume but can be done. Here another thread on same tooic
  2. Controversial Topic

    As it's been mentioned before, be happy with what you have. RTI, crestron, savant have nothing like HE and you want to talk about being tied to a dealer? Yikes. Im done being trolled again.
  3. Controversial Topic

    Well unfortunately, even if they did open the training to the public for a cost, that doesn't stop people from going around doing programming on the side. Unless they brought back the old licensing system for iOS and what not, but that's for sure not worth their time. Nor is over packing training. And tbh, the training is a great jumping off point if you know NOTHING about anything, as with most things the best training is in the job trail and error. This forum is a small nitche. Like someone said above most c4 clientele just want it to work and don't care about anything other than pressing a button and stuff happening. I have been doing this over 10 years and have sold 1 HE license.
  4. Any kind of power management? Like a wattbox or blue bolt?
  5. Controversial Topic

    Logitech : Control4 :: Apple : bowling ball
  6. That is not at C4 unit and is 1080p
  7. Google fiber hmm each box is an access point !?! surprised Comcast doesn't have data port active on their boxes yet.
  8. Google fiber

    Anyone have any experience? Are boxes coax or data? Wireless? I have a client getting the service within a month and have not seen it yet!
  9. Nest protect integration

    It's been a while since I set it up, but IIRC once you add the master driver and login/authorize the account it pulls in all the devices automatically on said account. May need Cpro to do so. My guess is it's not setup properly or maybe you added devices after initial install? cannot answer the geofence question. My best will go "away" then my dog wakes up for some water or food or to bark at the door for no reason and makes my system think someone is always home. Or she's smart and gets hot and knows how to turn the air on
  10. Luma 501 NVR

    Ok so manual says basically don't move the original HDD it came with once it's been setup. If you have 2TB already I'm guessing it's the 16ch so get a 4TB purple and put it in there. Or use the sata input. All the same. Super easy to configure either way
  11. Nest protect integration

    What OS and drivers are you using? When you pull them in it should show all the proctect which you can then bind to generic smokes and program. I've never been satisfied programming off the protect itself. Glitchy for some reason for me.
  12. Luma 501 NVR

    Oh yea? Never read the manual. I would recommend powering it off, installing the drive, and powering it back on, then formatting the drive. Can't say for sure but I'm sure at some point I've added a drive after it's been setup initially. Might need for format both drives , but that's no big deal
  13. Luma 501 NVR

    Why not just buy the purple WD's and put it inside?
  14. HC800 - Disadvantages?

    LOL 40 years?!?!? Put the pipe down. As others have said, it's tech and will go obsolete. Also, it's running 24/7 with no breaks. I can assure you my clients know exactly what they are getting into up front, and recently after upgrading several 300's on the upgrade program (thanks C4! Apple or any PC mfg doesn't do that) to EA3/5, the people actally thanked me and they couldn't believe how much more they enjoyed the system operationally and feature wise. And most even what to know what ELSE it can do now, which got me back installing more stuff (which they happily paid for)
  15. Amp Fan Noise

    Less than 2 years it's under warranty