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  1. Had this issue when you could do announcements thru sonos How I fixed it: make a copy of the announcement file on Pc "file2" and make a new announcement in the program called "file2" and have the secindary controller play that one will be slightly out of sync but should work my best guess is there is an issues with multiple devices going after the same file at the same time.
  2. Nice thanks.
  3. Glad it's resolved! Couple things for future for you. - EA3/5 - ALWAYS include the extra zigbee antenna in the sale - lights are the best zigbee extenders and give customer more. Lastly what clipping program makes those awesome screen shots?
  4. Report back let me know how it working.
  5. Welcome to the world of zigbee. I guess last question would be where is the 200 on your map there? If it's close you could setup a mesh just for the motion to the 200
  6. How's the battery in the motion? i just saw the extender is full bars. Unplug the outlet switch and see what it connects to? Or unplug the extender and see what happens with all your zigbee plugged back in like it was now that the 200 is off
  7. The extender is exactly that. A bridge to the EA3 and has to be in range. Try moving it more central between the processor and motion. or just take it out all together and see what happens.
  8. Yea that's right. You might need to re-ID the CA pieces but see what happens. You shouldn't need the ZAP with the lights/fans in project.
  9. Zigbee channel 25 is the only one that's outside of 2.4 range or whatever and less likely to get interference from wifi cordless phones etc. when you turn turn off the 200 as a ZAP wait about 30 min to let the mesh figure itself out again
  10. It'll go for close to $40 on eBay.
  11. Wonder if OP even has a alpha kp lol
  12. Turn off zigbee on the 200 and make sure the channel is on 25
  13. You have to label them in the system and broadcast labels to the keypads/it100
  14. Set the controller to a static IP and use google dns
  15. Broadcast storm. Do you have the connects daisy chained too?? you should just let the sonos run off their own mesh or hardware them directly to a switch and disable the wireless all together. Just remember sonos tech support won't help you if the wireless is off