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  1. knowitall

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    I guess I haven’t looked at doorbird in a while, they were like $600-$700 last time I checked.
  2. knowitall

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    @Matt Lowe when you say audio unclear both ways or on the app? Video obviously app related. You think just too much demand for allocated server space for all the traffic?
  3. knowitall

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    Ring and Hello rely on cloud too tho. I know ring and hello are cheapy DIY amazon market, and would probably take Hello over ring just because of my thermostat and 1 less app. I have a camera on the porch, but I do like the idea of motion notifications without tons or programming and/or 300 emails from the DVR when the wind blows. Haven’t played enough with any of them. Doorbird was a though but at that price why not do DS2 i guess I’m between DS2 and Hello personally.
  4. Obviously they all have their advantages and disavantages in a connected home, but excluding price, assuming no system or wiring limitations, and now with the intercom anywhere app, what would you choose and why?
  5. knowitall

    Infinity Edge

    Bigger than a 1 gang and box sits lower portion of the screen. Get a 7”
  6. knowitall

    Control4 Intercom App is out! Go get it!!!

    Wow, good job c4! I literally had to do nothing but update and it works flawlessly
  7. knowitall

    C4 Control Of Sivoia Qed Shading

    Is this doc still available? Can’t find in files and the link does not work please/thanks!!
  8. knowitall

    Looking for small remote task

    Are you running an HC300?
  9. knowitall

    *** NEW *** Is Composer HE down AGAIN?

    I do this for a living and don’t program as much as some of you guys lol
  10. knowitall

    SnapAV media over IP

    Total copy but it if works well much rather but from there. Tempted to get a demo kit as long as they give me 120 days take back if it sucks
  11. knowitall

    SnapAV media over IP

    Who’s gonna guinea pig this?
  12. knowitall

    New Home - Framing

    People still do central vac?!?
  13. knowitall

    EA5 performance as audio switch

    You know what’s a better audio switch than an EA5? A C4 16x16 audio matrix
  14. Does audio come thru tv? You can easily select tv/AVR audio