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  1. Seems like my native Alexa integration has actually gotten quicker
  2. Just missed some guy selling 4 play 5's on here
  3. Just get a Sonos and use its app. No point in integrating imo
  4. The system isn't monitored and you don't have the installer code? Default is 5555 you can find how to turn off communications. Which should have been done on install if it's not monitored.
  5. Is the system monitored? That comm trouble will clear itself when it checks in or call ur alarm company and put the system on test and hit the medical button or set the alarm off and once it dials out call them back to see if they got the signal and the alarm will go away
  6. Whe you power cycle did you unplug the battery too? You have a cell radio? That will clear.
  7. lol. Check and make sure the 3.5mm is plugged all the way into the 250, power cycle the sec systemp
  8. And prevent forest fires.
  9. I'm in The south, let me know if I can be of assistance 😜 Fwiw, you can use the 120v wires KP's with panelized lighting to help with zigbee and avoid having to deal with that wire that i can't think of the name right now for the comm loop. It's expensive and annoying to terminate. Panelized lighting is cool but need to be plannednwell. What I hate is ending up wth all these keypads just trying to make up operations / scenes to fill up buttons.
  10. Control4 sets a MSRP and every dealer I know charges that. Looking at a list of prices isn't going to do you much until you decide what you're buying. A panelized lighting system will cost you more. An EA5 is $2k. Budget $200-500 per lighting load depending if you want a keypad if it's a 3,4 way switch etc. i don't know if there is a retail price list out there.
  11. I would recommend interviewing multiple dealers for a project that size. prewire to finish on something like what you've laid out I'm gonna say $70k +/- $10 for the low voltage and equipment.
  12. Get my home for PC and try it there if you don't have a c4 screen in your project.
  13. How are you creating the schedule? You can't make schedules thru your phone. I believe it works on iPad / tablets. But before it had to be native C4 device. Your dealer never called support or level 1 support for c4 has gone way down hill.
  14. Is it an audio only zone? No tv? when room turns on set led to xxxx when room turns off set led to xxxx
  15. Goto the button in design and change its behavior to programmed not push/release or follow