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  1. knowitall

    EA-5 work with 8 Zone Amplifier

    Lol dropping by the forums to find out why I don’t care anymore. As you were. PS.....anyone know here I can illegally download composer 2.11?
  2. knowitall

    Nest_um driver?

    Mini driver for Sony TVs. Meh
  3. knowitall

    Nest_um driver?

    Shows as a media service proxy. Downloaded it but was too lazy to open Pc this evening and install and read docs. Came out about a month ago. Whats it do? If it’s next cam mind blown
  4. Probably would have been cheaper to install a new $49 blu Ray player
  5. I’m here to entertain, but that screen shots is obviously from a phone/tablet, so what gives ? How are you going to see what happened 30 seconds ago? C4 camera integration was designed a long time ago. Should they update it and streams? Probably. If you all had to choose where resources are spent, google home integration, or better camera streams, where would you decide? Or any other feature for that matter.
  6. So you have both apps on your phone? lemme ask this: you hear a bump in the night outside, first app you open is C4? hell no, you open if MFG app so you can rewind and revieW who cares what it looks like thru c4 run the HDMI from our nvr to the hdmi matrix or MoIp
  7. You can all ask as many questions as you want and get as mad as you want. You’ll find out about google home integration when c4 releases it. They DO NOT disclose future product information to end users or dealers. Anyone who is privileged enough to be in the know has signed a NDA. Same as it ever was. You all sound like Veruca Salt
  8. knowitall

    Fan control

    The fan is not likely IR controlled and I personally would not wire it as always hot which is likely against some code.
  9. Historically Control4 has been very open and forthcoming of their future plans and features. And it’s Opposite Day
  10. Didn’t have any dealer affiliated just about smart / automated homes and control 4
  11. Sorry, jumping to “it’s toast” is not a solution. Either way, glad working now, no offense to anyone here. But throwing parts at a problem doesn’t work. Gear grinder.
  12. knowitall

    Comcast/Xfinity IP control

    I had a X1 pace since it’s release. Even tho firmware was correct couldn’t get to take an IP. Swapped boxes for the “same” but “Newer” and worked first shot. Honestly underwhelmed, prefer x1 remote still
  13. No something changed - I have installed thousands of c4 lighting devices. I have more fingers than I have sent back
  14. Dear control4, I didn’t read or follow you instructions about your product. Please send me a new one for free. Also cut costs MOSFET is not dead. Change bulbs and 13-4-13 it
  15. knowitall

    EA5 End of Life

    EA6 being announced tomorrow.