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  1. Long Distance Motion Sensor?

    ifttt / ios location based detection?
  2. WTB: Speakerpoint

    I am on 2.8.2 (I think). Wanted to extend audio to my study using a speakerpoint. Not looking to spend too much. Please PM with offers. thanks.
  3. Hi Eddy - I suppose I could but I was thinking I would get better sound quality this way as the receiver is in the family room and the sub would need to be in the study. I tried a wireless connection for my main sub and it wasn't very good. thank you for the input.
  4. @VINCELdUB thanks for the detailed response. The EA-3 and receiver and C4 amp are in the family room and we ran wire in the ceiling to the ceiling speakers in the study. So yes it would not be possible to run another wire (I could tap into the ceiling speakers but it would be messy). I do have the main router and a switch in the study so was planning to connect the speakerpoint via LAN in the study and run a powered sub off speaker level out from the speakerpoint. I will be almost exclusively using ea-3 as the source (tidal and tunein). Thank you!
  5. so just to confirm @lippavisual I would need to create a room with the sub and tie room to the study, and I would need to use speaker level out from speakerpoint to speaker level in on (powered) sub? thanks!
  6. I have wired ceiling speakers in my study tied in to C4. Mostly listen to streaming (Tidal or Tunein) through EA-3. I have a matrix 4 channel amp that then sends the audio to the study zone. Wanted to add a little bit of low end bass through a small sub. Would a speakerpoint do the job? Would the audio to the ceiling speakers sync with the audio to the sub through the speakerpoint and would the setup be straightforward or is there anything else involved? Is there a minimum OS capability that I need on the speakerpoint to work with my system. I'm on 2.8.2 (I think). thanks very much for any input!
  7. Doorbird Experiences

    No issues whatsoever with the IOS app (sometimes its a bit slow to establish the live connection but that could be due to cell coverage). There is an updated driver as well I believe.
  8. Tidal vs Spotify in C4

    I switched to Tidal after installing c4 (but I like the lossless streaming from them)
  9. Motions and Lighting

    I use two different timers to accomplish something similar. I would do one for sunset to midnight set to 5 min and then the other one after midnight for 3 min.
  10. 2017 Thoughts for Control4

    As a recent entrant to the fold I echo what a few are saying here - good system but dealer model/interactions a serious PIA (not generalizing, I'm sure there are tons of great dealers). Ultimately there will be a lot of pressure from open systems and current model will have to change. As an example I've used google home with IFTTT and the possibilities it opens up are endless. A closed system will find it hard to match the pace of innovation from open systems. Security and reliability are the deterrents today for open systems but the difference will rapidly diminish. My two cents - understand people feel differently about this so not trying to rain on anyone's parade.
  11. xmas pattern with hue lights

    thanks - used a variable for on/off timing and 3 timers to cycle between colors. works well!
  12. This isn't addressing your question but after messing with Alexa for a bit I switched over to google home using Alan's IFTTT driver and couldn't be more pleased. Much better accuracy and more flexibility and more natural (imho). If you are still not satisfied with Alexa might be worth giving it a shot.
  13. I have several hue lights integrated with C4. I'm using a 3rd party app to run a x-mas sequence but it doesn't allow for a timer. If I was to do this from within composer what would be the best way to do this? Scheduler for lights on and off and within the on interval Set colors and use delay to cycle through 2-3 colors? Is there a better way? thanks!!