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  1. poseidonsystems

    Control4 HDBaseT connectors dying

    Don't get me wrong, when they work they're great, but when they don't I'm filling my day with service calls that I can't justify charging..
  2. poseidonsystems

    Control4 HDBaseT connectors dying

    Nope, this has been sitting on 2.10.5 and has not been unplugged at all frankly. These clients don't go messing with rj45 connectors. Also these hdbaseTs run pretty hot...
  3. poseidonsystems

    Control4 HDBaseT connectors dying

    No ez ends here.. These things were installed correctly and the units were working correctly. The wire was tested numerous times and passed cat6 cert tests with the right tool. There have been storms, but seriously? How do we manage customer expectations and avoid Sunday calls when customers are just trying to watch the football game and these things give out?
  4. I installed a Control4 4K Ultra HD HDBaseT Receivers at several projects and I've had one receiver at each location actually die out within the year. Not sure if this is a common issue but it raises concern about the quality of these products. Anyone else having an issue with these? They're $$$$ expensive so I was expecting at least 3-5 years of use especially when I'm using the Control4 Matrix in these installs.
  5. poseidonsystems

    Can the Logitech Harmony remotes work with Control4?

    Please tell me more about how it would work cheaper with Rpi and flirc?
  6. poseidonsystems

    WTB:NYCE Motion Sensors for C4

    Yea, ceiling mount?
  7. poseidonsystems

    Amazon Fire TV Stick - Slow IP control

    Too late, customer had to go with roku. But thanks!
  8. poseidonsystems

    Amazon Fire TV Stick - Slow IP control

    Looks like USB debugging had to be turned off!
  9. poseidonsystems

    Amazon Fire TV Stick - Slow IP control

    Thanks! I have a customer with an Amazon Fire TV (not stick). We installed the dongle to the USB connection on the Amazon Fire TV and the IR USB is not recognizing the device. Is there something I missed. The Videostorm instructions are confusing.
  10. Yep, going with all Rokus for recommended streamers!
  11. Hi all, I had a customer that has the Amazon Fire Stick 4k version. The native control4 driver didn't work at all so had to go with the IRUSB with Control4 coupled with an OTG dual USB dongle. From now on I just tag on an extra $150 to install a fire stick with Control4 set ups, I just can't rely on the native driver and then customers get pissed.
  12. poseidonsystems

    Denon HEOS Drivers Released

    Can we get announcements to stream through the heos amps?
  13. poseidonsystems

    Doorbird and Control4 intercom anywhere

    Yeah they like the doorbird app, but are excited to keep everything in the Control4 app.
  14. Hello all, The release of intercom anywhere is pretty cool, however I have several clients that have the doorbird front door video doorbell and was wondering if the intercom anywhere would be supported to notify the homeowners remotely on their mobile phones similar to what the ds2 control4 door station does?
  15. Sony recommends getting the pro TV settings enabled which would fix the lock up.