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  1. Yes it's a mod to the houselogix driver to fix the polling issue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have a modified driver that works with 2.10 If your interested send me a PM Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Garage door sensor setup?

    send me a PM with your email and i ll send you the fix
  4. Weird HUE light Issue

    thats the way i ended using , Weird this project before 2.10 was working on the other way
  5. Weird HUE light Issue

    tried and didn't work , also tried program a macro just executing turn TV back light and doesnt work neither
  6. just aim to a cable that will give you a good period of time to make your test
  7. trying to program a hue led strip as a TV back light using hue driver on a 2.10 system , with in composer i can turn on/off the light but if i want to program it to turn the light when i turn the TV on it doesnt work , but if i press the execute button it works . i have it programmed the inverse way when i turn off the tv and it works fine . first pic is tu turn it on and doesnt work pic 2 is to turn it off and work great i also tried to turn it on with the receiver to check if the Tv was the issue but doesnt work any suggestions ?
  8. 4k apple tv

    Apple TV On Screen Display (OSD) Driver Outline The Apple TV driver enables IP control over any Version 1, 2 or 3 Apple TV. It provides all of the commands available on the Apple remote along with some additional commands. It does not enable you to browse content from the Apple TV on a Control4 UI. Additional Control Keys Guide - will always jump to the Home page of the Apple TV Menu - this will bring up the context sensitive menu 0-9 Keys - These will jump to a % point in the playback 1 will jump to 10%, 2 to 20% and so on. Additional Functionality The driver also provides some additional features which are selected on the Properties page. Auto Power Rooms - this enables the driver to monitor the Apple TV and when content is playing will cause Control4 to switch on the room and select the Apple TV. This is very useful if the customer Airplays content to the Apple TV. With this feature their Control4 system will follow. You can also have the driver monitor when playback stops or pauses. You can select if Control4 should power off the room in this instance. There is also a property which determines what happens to the Apple TV when the customer turns off the room from Control4. You can do nothing, stop or pause playback or jump to the Apple TV home screen. The ‘Send HOME on Power On’ Property will help wake some Apple TVs from sleep mode. If this is enabled then when the driver receives a Power On from Director the driver will send Home to the Apple TV. This will wake the Apple TV and return to the home screen. Installation
  9. 4k apple tv

    you do not need to run a wire to control it and its 2 way communication
  10. 4k apple tv

    yes but i recommend you the ip Version
  11. FS 2 Sonos Connect Amp , 1 play 3 and 1 play 1

    350 for both both are black
  12. Chowmain - Advantage Air MyAir Driver

    yes its an ir remote but it uses an app called Ac Freedom too , that why i think that it can be ip controlled too
  13. Chowmain - Advantage Air MyAir Driver

    You should make one for the aux Minisplit
  14. Audio Matrix

    i have a Triad 24x24 Audio Matrix Switch NIB