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  1. MonsterIT

    WTB: EA5, matrix, 7/10" T3, SR260, Pakedge

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  2. Model Number M65-E0 interested !!!
  3. MonsterIT

    Hikvision IP Camera Stream

    2.10 in t3 touchscreens
  4. MonsterIT

    LG OLED TV Driver

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  5. it depends on how many switches/dimmers you want to automate , if ifs only a few and are located close to your ea1 go with control4 but if you want to add a lot of switches c4 gear will be too expensive , i will recoomend you lutron or insteon , bit of them you can integrate their hub to control4 and both are way cheaper than c4
  6. https://www.youtube.com/embed/cy-eK-NX0u0?rel=0
  7. or just check the air switch on the top
  8. as always you're right thanks Mitch
  9. MonsterIT

    Hikvision IP Camera Stream

    using 16 cameras with Manfell Services driver at 1080 h.264 and working great
  10. just one maybe the hc500 on the theater or the one try using channel 25
  11. MonsterIT

    Apple TV 4K, Infuse and Control4

    thats why i always ended using roku instead of the ATV
  12. MonsterIT

    Programming with Hue

    youre rigth i was thinking just with the Control4 Switches not lutron or insteon or other brands
  13. MonsterIT

    Programming with Hue

    you can use double or triple tap on any c4 switch r dimmer (new gen only ) to manage a hue bulb
  14. MonsterIT

    Yamaha Driver for rx-v683

    try this one Yamaha_RX-A670_MC.c4z
  15. MonsterIT

    Yamaha Driver for rx-v683

    You can use the one for the rx a660 Ip