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  1. Program Override on scheduled lights

    What about schedules done in say a thermostat? They dont come up in Composer as a shedule that can be overidden? How can I have a thermostat shedule overridden?
  2. I am quite surprised that there are no new drivers for the 2017's Sony TV's. Anyone know why or have a workaround for this? I have 2 new KD-65XE9305 and 2 new KD-49XE7096. The drivers that are avalible are for the 2016. Is it normalt that it takes this long before new drivers appear? I was under the impression that C4 and Sony was working good together, hence the reason I went for Sony.
  3. Denon HEOS Drivers Released

    Could you colaborate a bit more on how this is done now? Cause the new driver took away the announcement part...
  4. Denon HEOS Drivers Released

    Ok. coming week I will get a heos for test and compare to my sonos in C4. See what is what. And probably write some discussion topic on an own thread
  5. Denon HEOS Drivers Released

    Then the question is if it will become avalible and what is best between heos on sonos. Sonos is pretty much useless. Does proper tidal, deezer, tunein etc work with heos, cause it does not work properly in sonos any more. Also how is sound quality compared? I will be testing more soon but good to hear from others.
  6. Denon HEOS Drivers Released

    I am wondering a bit what to do. After Sonos driver went to shit i am not comfortable selling sonos and are wondering if Heos is the new way to go? Also does the Heos driver work for announcements? Before I could have An announcement like doorbell sent trough sonos, which is no longer possible...
  7. Split unit AC

    Interesting. I agree in the IR part. I try to stay away in all projects if possible. But many AC that we use in Scandinavia don't have proper inputs for wired control. So IR is the main control in most cases. I will investigate further into the intesisbox and get one for testing.
  8. Netatmo Weather station driver

    Triggering is not the same as reading. I don't care much about triggering from netatmo. I want to see inside the C4 app live readings of the different values. Also triggering through IFTTT is not preferred as it's sometimes very slow and unreliable. Best would be if someone made a proper Netatmo driver. I don't understand why nobody have made one. Netatmo has been on the market for years and they have had open API for quite some time...
  9. Split unit AC

    How are the prices on intesisbox? We have several customers where this would be an interesting product, and the Sensibo works good on most ACs, so having a driver for C4 would be the best.
  10. Split unit AC

    Thats sad. But there is an API for Sensibo, so there should be a possibility to create a driver for this. I hope someone makes this soon.
  11. I am trying to get a X500 to work with C4. And we are using a Global Cache IP2SL (IP to RS232). First I could not find the codes at all for this with RS232. I have tried the driver in the answer above but it does not work. I have tried with both a nullmodem cable and a straight RS232 cable. I found some codes but it seems to be for newer JVC projectors: http://support.jvc.com/consumer/support/documents/2015model_JVC_External_Control_Command_spec_v1_0.pdf Any idea why this does not work?
  12. Making RS232 Driver

    Update: I got hold of a Global Cache IP2SL. Tested it on my own system towards a Marantz receiver and it worked beautiful. Went down to the client and started testing, nothing. Ok so then I started backtracking and testing more. At hand I have: - Straight Trough RS232 cable - Nullmodem RS232 cable - Gender changer adapter - Nullmodem adapter - USB to RS232 - Termite 3.2 Software From the PC with the USB to RS232 I am able to send On/Off commands with various combinations of adapters and cables. When plugging the USB to RS232 from the PC onto the GC product and then send a On/Off command from C4 I am able to sniff the commands, so the commands comming from the C4/GC is correct. But when I try different combinations of cables/adapters from GC to the EC DAC I am not able to turn the device On/Off. This just doesn't make any sense, as the same commands works from the PC and the same commands are being sent from the GC. What is going on here??? I did some more testing from the PC and in Termite I can change a little on how the command/text is sent from the PC to the device. I can transmit text as: 1. Append nothing (transmitt text as is) 2. Append CR (Transmit the text and append a carriage return (ASCII 13)) 3. Append LF (Transmit the text and append a new-line character (ASCII 10)) 4. Append CR-LF (Transmit the text and append a carriage return and a new-line character (ASCII 10 +13)) Trying to send the command with 1 selected nothing happens. sending as 2, 3 or 4 and the device goes On/Off. So can it be that C4 sends the command as plain text not as ASCII? Is there a way for me to change this? How can I send the command #PON<CR> as ASCII 10 or 13? Update2: I have also used the iTest provided from GC to send commands directly from GC to the unit and that does work as well so there should not be any cable problems here. The problem seems to be how C4 is handling this.
  13. Seems like a bug with the naming. I named it like this: LG 70LB650V-ZA It does not like the "-" in the model name. That just fubar it
  14. I have made many drivers before, but for some unknown reason when I now made this new TV driver for a LG TV, The HDMI does not show up as available. I have made the inputs in the driver as HDMI 1, 2 ,3. Then assign that to HDMI video. But after created it does not show. Is this a bug or is there something I have completely forgotten?
  15. Making RS232 Driver

    I have now ordered 2 Global Cache products instead. I have more faith that those will work better. Sent fra min E6853 via Tapatalk