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  1. I have a room (kitchen) that is missing from the list of room on Control4 portal? Why would that be?
  2. Really? So I can delete all of my volume programming. That is great.
  3. Control-IT

    Adding to 8x8 Audio Matrix Amp

    Triad One
  4. Control-IT

    Intercom choice

    Which geolocation tools are you referring to? IFTTT? He can really just use his remote for the gate so not a big deal. Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done.
  5. Control-IT

    Intercom choice

    For an intercom at a gate: Doorbird, 2N Doorstation or other? Looking to have a camera of course but the customer is also looking to have the gate open automatically when he arrives home? I see the 2N has a bluetooth module but it takes place of the keypad which I think would be a bad trade off since the keypad is necessary. Integration into C4 to get announcements and video popup on Navigators or touchscreens if possible
  6. Control-IT

    Altice driver

    Anybody have a driver for this box. I thought I was setting up Optimum box and found a new Altice box on site.
  7. Sometimes I feel like I’m weird. This guy makes me feel normal. Thanks for that. If you want to be a DIY go buy a Dot and some Hue bulbs and have some fun otherwise just shut up already. Some people have way too much time on their hands. Hopefully I’ll be that lucky someday.
  8. I find the sound sound from my sonos connect to be much better than the streams coming out of my EA3. Both devices going into c4 4 channel Matrix amp. I just can’t get the ea3 even with tweaking the EQ to sound as good as the SONOS. I have KEF in ceiling speakers. With amazon echo integration sonos is used almost always in place of C4 audio.
  9. Control-IT

    Multiple Heat Zones

    If there are 50 zones they have a room available for 50 stats like the mechanical room running it all. We did a house with 30 zones and no stats just remote temp sensors and all radiant etc. they stacked them all in a room with a Tekmar Gateway. Using a driver works just fine. There is a lot that goes on with a stat besides firing a relay to call for heat, ac, 2nd stage ac, forced air, geothermal a heat pumps, humidificarion, dehumidification, etc.
  10. Control-IT

    MeanWell LCM-60UDA in Push Mode

    Switches are on/off and dimmers dim and aren’t switches so that’s an odd application. Maybe you could use a dimmer setup as a keypad only (not controlling the load directly). Use some sort of high voltage relay wired to the load that has a trigger trigger input. Using a relay off the controller as that trigger input you might be able to use some programming via a tap and then push and hold on the keypad? It’s just a guess but might be possible. I would call in to support.
  11. As of latest update I haven’t had any remotes fall offline but time will tell
  12. I have about 4-5 models currently in stock. I’d be interested
  13. Control-IT

    Odd HDMI issue?

    I put in a Sony receiver that I could pickup locally. It was setup and working great in about 30 minutes with no issues. Have a nice Integra paperweight now. Thanks for input.
  14. Get an alarm company to install your alarm and then just use alarm.com or Totalconnect to do what you want. Don’t rely on Control4 for security.
  15. Control-IT

    Energy Meters

    I just pay my bill when it comes