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  1. Can't update too 2.10

    Updated 3 sites with probably a total of almost 175-200 keypads/switches and 3 racks full of gear and haven't noticed any issues yet but it's only been a few days.
  2. I tried the same thing with an outdoor outlet for landscape lighting. I have 50 light switches with a bank of them probably 20' away and just going through an outside wall, almost line of sight and it wouldn't work. Had electricians put 2 switches in the basement which is even more out of the way and it works just fine. Waste of money.
  3. SR260 w/ Charging Station

    I just did a job with 6 remotes and charging stations. They'll be sitting on the charger for days, show green on charger, and the battery level on remote shows low. If you remove the battery and put it back in it goes to full. It's just all over the place.
  4. HikVision NVR Driver

    I have a remote and can work on making it however I need a camera icon. I based it on just a generic DVD player so I see a DVD that says cameras which stinks. How can I change this?
  5. 90% of the time it works..what the hell is with the other 10%? I have probably close to 1000 camera and alarm systems online so I have some experience with connecting to remote systems and have no issue connecting with them. Control4 connectivity is unreliable at best. Right now I can't connect to my own home and I know all of my other systems are online. Very frustrating.
  6. DSC neo

    What is the preferred method of connecting Neo to c4?
  7. Problems with music

    I have to disagree on every level. Have perfectly installed systems with all C4 equipment and the performance is truly sub par. Plug my phone into it or use a streamer like Sonos and it's all good. Native services are really a waste of time and money. I have 2 of my last installs with these odd issues and the sound is crap including my own house. Have to add a speakerpoint or whatever to solve this or that it's not good. It shouldn't be an issue with $1500 controllers it should just work. Been using it in my home for a year now with a matrix amp coming from a whole house sonos system and it was so much better. I sold all my stuff off and want it back. No comparison.
  8. Is there any way when using a matrix to add video to a room just like we do with audio. So if we are watching a source in one room is there a way to simply add that source to a bunch of other rooms so they are all watching the same thing? Customer just wants to tab a button to add a room like he does with music.
  9. Different music in each zone

    If you have the 5 Sonos players, will you see 5 separate icons representing each player in navigator and you have to pick 1 OR can you just see 1 and C4 will just pick whats not being used? If you see them all what would you name them something like Sonos 1, 2, 3, 4? If you see them all then it becomes a guessing game to know which one isn't being used or you are changing somebody else's channel?
  10. Using a sonos connect amp

    I would just use the connect Amp otherwise you would have to lock the inputs on the matrix Amp no? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. OVRC vs. Bakpak

    Looking to go all in on either one which would includes switches, power, and wireless but I guess that could be many other discussions. Maybe one doesn't fit all applications but looking for best fit. For us cost isn't a roadblock just looking for reliability and of course remote access Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. OVRC vs. Bakpak

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk