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  1. Odd HDMI issue?

    I called integra and they said that is probably the issue upgrade the receiver or bypass hdmi with a hdmi splitter but the dipshits ran no additional wiring to the tv but a since cat5 for the hdbaset balun or I would do that.
  2. Odd HDMI issue?

    Switching to regular HDMI input and also trying the unplug procedure didn't work. This is an older Integra 7.9. It worked with the old 720P Sony Plasma. Is it possible the new Sony 4K XBR uses a different HDMI standard or something? The FIOS box works fine but apple TV and Xbox (older models) do not work. I get blue screen. The only thing that has changed in this equation is the TV. Everything else is older equipment (except the cable boxes). I guess a new receiver then. That has to be it? The devices if I bypass the receiver work no problem.
  3. Interesting. So do you have to tell Alexa to play it in another room? How does that command work? I
  4. Odd HDMI issue?

    I'll give that a shot when I go back out. I have it plugged into HDMI 1 on the Sony. The manual says DVI-HDMI adapter for that input. Maybe that is the culprit. Thank you.
  5. I hooked up Alexa Dot to Triad1 for local control of audio in a room. The bad thing is now you can't hear alexa anymore since the headphone jack silences her. Kind of annoying.
  6. Odd HDMI issue?

    We just replaced an old Sony plasma with a new XBR 65850E. There is an older Integra amp with an Apple TV and a Verizon FIOS box connected to it. The out on the AV receiver goes into a Binary HDBaseT kit to the TV. Reprogramming on C4 went fine. After installing the TV I get FIOS working fine. Verizon outputs 1080i. The Apple TV no longer has signal. I bypassed the amp and went direct into the Binary and Apple TV works fine. So no issue with cabling or transmitters. The only difference is that Apple TV is 1080P. I changed AppleTV to 720P just to see and that didn't work either. I fooled around with Integra HDMI settings and setting a fixed output to 720P and even 1080P to match AppleTV settings. I set it to Auto and even Passthrough. Nothing worked. Is there something with the AppleTV and the amp causing this? Must be because it works when connected directly through the balun so it's not the TV/AppleTV handshake or the wiring or baluns. If I do passthrough on the amp though shouldn't that do exactly what it says though? It would be ridiculous to have to buy a new amp just to get the AppleTV to work.
  7. Just create a voice scene called NBC or whatever and then have it goto that channel in programming. Have to do one for every channel though
  8. Press vs Single tap

    Post it please
  9. 48 Port Network Switch?

    Went with ubiquiti 48’s. Running 120 - 4 megapixel cameras on 3 of them and so far not a hiccup.
  10. New Control4 Controller Soon?

    Couldn’t you add on serial over ip and then add zigbee io and everything else needed? Just a base unit like an EA1? What else could it offer
  11. New Control4 Controller Soon?

    Add a triad 1 and I/O
  12. Can you wall mount ecobee sensors ?
  13. c4 acquires Ihiji

    Bakpak is terrible in comparison to Domotz or even OVRC. They have more insight into C4 devices than Bakpak itself which is odd. Never used ihiji but it better be good under thier NX1 or whatever they are calling it now since it has a heavy price tag.
  14. I used a few keypad dimmers on fluorescent lighting in a commercial office. I set the min/max both to 100. So far so good. Don't see any issues