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  1. Control-IT

    SnapAV MIOP system

    Sonic any lip sync issues? How about delays between TV’s
  2. Control-IT

    SnapAV MIOP system

    Anybody have any installations out there using MOIP having any feedback on the system?
  3. Control-IT

    Kohler Dtv system

    Is there any integration with this product? If not is there another substitute? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. They should make a watt box that is vertical in the rack. Would be much better for wiring the rack than having to run all thes power cables to 1 location.
  5. Control-IT

    RGBW Lights

    I use the Yeelight and the TP link stuff and it works awesome with the Chowmein drivers. I programmed it via Alexa and C4. Alexa turn on Blue...Alexa turn on Red or whatever. I have TP link bulbs in decorative lamps that turn on during the day bright white and then lower the color temp and brightness in stages later on in the night. Cool stuff.
  6. Control-IT

    Subwoofer location

    A bit off topic but building out a room with a large closet behind the TV wall. Not much room for a large sub in the room itself but if I could put a giant sub behind the TV wall would it be heard/felt in the room? It is a non insulated wall...just sheet rock. Or would it just be a waste? Only other option is an in wall. Looked at the Triad Bronze in wall but in wall? Tiny box means tiny noise no? I have a large SVS sub to dedicate to the cause already.
  7. If you were going to do shades in the house would you do C4 lighting and pick a shade that is controlled or just go with Lutron for lighting AND shades across the board OR does it not matter?
  8. Is the Shairbridge driver reliable for this?
  9. Are there any other options for Apple Music besides Sonos?
  10. How do you handle the multiple Sonos Connects in the C4 navigator. If you are in the room you select the sonos you want to play? You'll see 3 of them in there and you are selecting 1 of them? How would another person in the house know which one your are using and not steal it away from you? If doing it this way I assume you don't or can't use the Sonos app when going through the matrix?
  11. Is panelized lighting recommended for jobs with 75+ switches? Won't switches pretty much get the job done? Electrician isn't into the idea of doing panelized since he has no experience with it. This is new construction. Homeowner also doesn't want to get locked in to the panel. (not that 75 switches isn't locking them in)
  12. I have a room (kitchen) that is missing from the list of room on Control4 portal? Why would that be?
  13. Really? So I can delete all of my volume programming. That is great.
  14. Control-IT

    Adding to 8x8 Audio Matrix Amp

    Triad One
  15. Control-IT

    Intercom choice

    Which geolocation tools are you referring to? IFTTT? He can really just use his remote for the gate so not a big deal. Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done.