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  1. EA3 vs EA5?

    I'll second David's recommendation to look at Bluesound, they have a product to match pretty much everything in the Sonos range and far superior integration with C4, not to mention full high res audio support including MQA.
  2. Triad Equipment Specs

    We have a few of these in wall mounted data racks without issue, its more to do with how you have the data cabinet mounted as the weight of the Triad units are unlikely to tax and decent quality data rack's weight limits. From memory I don't think either unit weighed much more than about 6-8kg each.
  3. Motorized Shades

    We use QMotion on most C4 jobs, they offer wireless battery operated models with native ZigBee control from Control4 and low voltage hard wired models that are controlled and power via a single CAT5/6 cable to each blind. We also use Silent Gliss a fair bit for any 240V mains power blinds and control them via Rako twin relay units which integrate nicely with Control4. However, I cannot guarantee any of these options are going to be significantly less expensive than your current Lutron quotation. My experience has shown that most blind options that integrate with C4 and are genuinely reliable too are all about the same price point.
  4. Control4 App

    There isn't any programming there to tell the system to change the LEDs on the keypad when the lights are changed, only when the button on the keypad is pressed. You need two sets of programming: 1) When Entrance Hall Keypad Scene 1 is pressed - Turn on Entrance Hall Lights then separately 2) When Entrance Hall Light are turned on - Use On colour for Scene 1 on Entrance Hall Keypad.....................and so on etc. This way, when the Entrance Hall lights are turned on via a means other than the keypad button then the status change of the lights should prompt the LEDs on the keypad to change accordingly. There are probably other simpler ways to achieve this too.
  5. LG OLED WebOS 3.5 driver

    Mine too, just started using it and it is awesome.
  6. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Out of interest, what do you use the pop up messages for? Only just started using this driver and like it a lot but have not used any of the toast message functions or know how to go about configuring them.
  7. This definitely sounds like external EMI coming from the lighting circuit when the light load is powered on/off. I encountered a similar issue when the HdBaseT feed from a matrix ran too close to the piezo electric starter for a gas fire, video would drop out briefly whenever fire was turned on. As has been suggested, you really ought to be using shielded cables for any HDBaseT transmission unless you have full control over the cable route and what other electrical cables it passes nearby. Even the spec page for that product specifically recommends either shielded CAT5 or CAT6 cable.
  8. I'm not quite sure why you feel you would need to hide the dimmers elsewhere, why don't you just use the keypad dimmers/switches, which will look identical to a keypad but have the dimmer/switch built into it? Are you in the States, the UK or elsewhere?
  9. Not going to be a major issue there, the zip-clip frame and a grille which they use for their speakers, which the Origin Echo Dot mount is based only retails for about $25, so I don't see it as a an expensive proposition to change the mount to fit a newer and differently shaped Echo Dot product.
  10. Probably not with existing hardware. Origin Acoustics are unlikely to make their own bespoke version of a Dot without the built in speaker and Amazon are unlikely to build a bespoke version of the Dot just so it looks neater when used with Origin's genius Valet amplifier idea.
  11. I suspect it will be because the Laundry Room Sonos is not set to be visible under the other room's Music sub menu. For example, see here for a project I did a while ago, in the Living Room only the Living Room Sonos is visible under the main music Listen list, however all other Sonos zones are still visible under the Music sub menu which is where I think the Zones menu gets it's available zone list from. See below for examples: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ke5w6n4acid1bex/Screenshot 2017-10-17 14.36.16.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/w7my4oo71uo93jq/Screenshot 2017-10-17 14.39.07.png?dl=0
  12. Can you control and play the Laundy Room Play:5s independently on the C4 interface or do they just not show up at all anywhere?
  13. I use the My Movies database with a Mede8er MED600X3D and QNAP NAS and it works flawlessly
  14. Zigbee question

    That's not quite true, they will only re-connect with the other controller if the the other controller is acting as a ZigBee Access Point for the ZigBee Server running in the original controller. If you have both controllers operating as separate ZigBee Servers then the ZigBee devices will need to be removed from the mesh and re-identified with the other controller.