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  1. Yes, indeed. Would love to see a basic PoE powered controller specifically for ZigBee mesh extension and wall mounting behind TVs for providing GUI. CA Series could stand for Control and Automation losing all the audio capabilities and being a stripped back option for what I have suggested above?
  2. On 2.9.1 here and all customer projects are on 2.9.1 too. Usually use latest version on system at home to iron our bugs etc. Once a few months in and seems stable will roll out to showroom system and do remote updates to all client systems.
  3. Outdoor remote options

    How about one of the Card Access 5 button mini remotes? They are pretty water resistant from what I've been told. You could program two buttons for volume, two for channel up/down and the fifth to cycle between sources with a bit of programming.
  4. Looking to upgrade my system to an EA-3 and SR-260 and so need to sell on my existing kit. Owned for a year from new and all in excellent condition with all original packaging etc. Can ship anywhere in UK or Europe at cost and can offer remote programming services to the buyer. Looking for £450 plus shipping costs.
  5. Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    From the official C4 forums where this is also being discussed: "I know this sounds weird, but have you tried just pressing the "pair TV" command in the driver? I had a dealer call today reporting a missing menu on his 2017 Samsung. He had already entered the IP and WOL settings. I pressed the pair button, and a prompt popped up immediately on the screen. He accepted it, and it controlled fine after that."
  6. samsung smart tv

    Here is a driver for a Samsung UE55KS7000 I built from an existing driver and then added all the other codes I needed: (IR).c4i?dl=0
  7. UK Freeview Channels Media list

    Version 1.0.0


    A full list of all UK Freeview station with logos etc. All Radio stations are set as audio only sources so will only show up under Listen.
  8. Backlight color choices on keypads and switches

    I use green for on and red for off.
  9. Control of Existing Roller Blind

    This might be an option with the new Z-Wave capabilities of the EA series controllers:
  10. Agreed, and I'll second the request for access to map the Sky command to a button.
  11. TV Lifts

    Future Automation for all jobs with us where a lift or similar is required. They just work.
  12. MAC Reservation

    I can't deny its far easier and less time consuming to do it all via MAC address reservation in the router's GUI but overall static IPs on critical devices is going to be the more stable long term configuration. A good example is C4 panellised lighting, if the Director, Bus Ethernet Gateway, and all Dimming/Relay/0-10V packs are all on static IPs set within the devices themselves and all connected to the same network switch then even in the even of a completely failure of the rest of the network and the router as long as the switch is switch on then the system will continue to provide full lighting control functionality. Very useful in the event of a power cut and then when power is reinstated and the router dies dies due to a surge or spike on power on.
  13. MAC Reservation

    Setting static addresses based on MAC address reservation relies on the router being up and running in order to maintain the static IP. If you set static IPs on the device itself then as long as they are all connected to the same switch then the device will continue to operate and communicate with each over via the switch without there even being a router in place at all. I only use MAC address reservation for devices I wish to give a static IP but cannot do so within the device itself. Overall setting static IPs on the device also makes it much easier if changing the router over as you only need to configure the new router with the same IP and DHCP range. If all devices are set to MAC address based reservations then when you change router all the devices will end up on unknown IP address and you then have to start all over again.