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  1. I’m pretty sure any of the Pakedge PDUs would be able to do this, you could probably trigger on the power draw on a particular outlet going over a threshold.
  2. Crustyloafer

    Small Receiver with IP control?

    This is small, 5 channels of amplification and HDMI switching. Will almost certainly have IP control too. Price might be an issue though. https://artisonusa.com/backpack-p5
  3. Crustyloafer

    Samsung Smart IR Driver

    You need to import driver into your local database, then in Composer go to 'Driver' - 'Edit Existing Driver' and then you will get the option to add more commands including the DVR command to the driver and then map whatever IR code you want to it.
  4. Crustyloafer

    Samsung Smart IR Driver

    I didn’t feel their was any suitable function on the TV to map to the DVR button.
  5. Crustyloafer

    Cambridge CXUHD

    Not sure if this helps at all but here is an IR driver for the CXU player I have used in the past. https://www.dropbox.com/s/viwo5c3sbd2gd0h/dvd_Cambridge Audio_CXU.c4i?dl=0
  6. Crustyloafer

    Samsung Smart IR Driver

    This is the driver I use for all my Samsung installs. https://www.dropbox.com/s/56w6tf8659bqf5z/tv_Samsung_UE55KS7000 (IR).c4i?dl=0 Have created custom input changing macros to hide the Smart Hub bar straight away which pops up when you change inputs.
  7. Crustyloafer

    Amazon Fire TV Stick - Slow IP control

    That's what we do now too.
  8. Crustyloafer

    22 TV's

    We use the LG WebOS driver from Annex4 wherever possible, great driver, fantastic mini drivers for Netflix, Amazon, YouTube etc and really reliable. What more could you want.
  9. Crustyloafer

    HDMI Repair Kit

    ☝️☝️☝️ This.
  10. Crustyloafer

    Amazon Fire TV Stick - Slow IP control

    With a 1 second delay per button press, fat lot of good that is.
  11. Crustyloafer

    Outdoors Keypad to Give C4 Commands

    Perhaps a 2N keypad in flush mount box. https://www.2n.cz/en_GB/products/access-control/2n-access-unit-touch-keypad#tab-2
  12. This calculator is also good, just pick any camera that matches or exceeds your resolution needs and then pick the actual resolution you want to calculate on the basis of. https://www.meritlilin.com/en/support/tool/storage
  13. Crustyloafer

    Dolby to Stereo PCM for Matrix

    ☝️☝️☝️This AV Pro Edge is the way to go. https://www.avproedge.com/ac-adm-coto-toslinkcoax-converter-downmixer.html
  14. Haha, even on the cover page of the brochure you can see the Control4 logo on the hardware in the cabinet. https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/building/smart_connected/residential/data_sheets/S-C_Residential_Brochure.pdf
  15. As above, all end of line and old products. I'm pretty sure its long since been shelved by Cisco: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/cloud-systems-management/smart-connected-residential-solution/eos-eol-notice-c51-731973.html