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  1. This definitely sounds like external EMI coming from the lighting circuit when the light load is powered on/off. I encountered a similar issue when the HdBaseT feed from a matrix ran too close to the piezo electric starter for a gas fire, video would drop out briefly whenever fire was turned on. As has been suggested, you really ought to be using shielded cables for any HDBaseT transmission unless you have full control over the cable route and what other electrical cables it passes nearby. Even the spec page for that product specifically recommends either shielded CAT5 or CAT6 cable.
  2. I'm not quite sure why you feel you would need to hide the dimmers elsewhere, why don't you just use the keypad dimmers/switches, which will look identical to a keypad but have the dimmer/switch built into it? Are you in the States, the UK or elsewhere?
  3. Not going to be a major issue there, the zip-clip frame and a grille which they use for their speakers, which the Origin Echo Dot mount is based only retails for about $25, so I don't see it as a an expensive proposition to change the mount to fit a newer and differently shaped Echo Dot product.
  4. Probably not with existing hardware. Origin Acoustics are unlikely to make their own bespoke version of a Dot without the built in speaker and Amazon are unlikely to build a bespoke version of the Dot just so it looks neater when used with Origin's genius Valet amplifier idea.
  5. I suspect it will be because the Laundry Room Sonos is not set to be visible under the other room's Music sub menu. For example, see here for a project I did a while ago, in the Living Room only the Living Room Sonos is visible under the main music Listen list, however all other Sonos zones are still visible under the Music sub menu which is where I think the Zones menu gets it's available zone list from. See below for examples: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ke5w6n4acid1bex/Screenshot 2017-10-17 14.36.16.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/w7my4oo71uo93jq/Screenshot 2017-10-17 14.39.07.png?dl=0
  6. Can you control and play the Laundy Room Play:5s independently on the C4 interface or do they just not show up at all anywhere?
  7. I use the My Movies database with a Mede8er MED600X3D and QNAP NAS and it works flawlessly
  8. Zigbee question

    That's not quite true, they will only re-connect with the other controller if the the other controller is acting as a ZigBee Access Point for the ZigBee Server running in the original controller. If you have both controllers operating as separate ZigBee Servers then the ZigBee devices will need to be removed from the mesh and re-identified with the other controller.
  9. This is a bug with version 58 of the Sonos driver I discovered and reported to C4 a few weeks ago. I think it relates to the new 'Send Pause When Not In Use' functionality of the driver. Just disable this and all will work fine again. C4 have acknowledged the issue and are working on it.
  10. Mac version of Control4?

    I use Composer Pro in Parallels and have no issues with speed at all. Perhaps a hardware update required?
  11. Keep C4 remote synced with Voice Scene

    How could you not know, that is part of the fundamental basics of C4 programming and all covered as part of the prerequisite training? Are you a C4 dealer/installer or and end user who has somehow got the Composer Pro software? Just interested, not having a go at you really.
  12. HC-800 & High Res Audio

    That's not strictly true, Tidal offers a small quantity of MQA format audio streaming music titles which are higher than CD quality and can natively be played back via Bluesound audio equipment
  13. annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver - FREE

    Step 1 in the instructions for setting up your driver states: 1) IMPORTANT: Setup DoorBird for SIP on the DoorBird application Do you offer any guidance as to how to configure all the SIP settings on the Doorbird app? I went into the SIP settings screen on the DoorBird app, but beyond actually turning on SIP there seems to be a great number of other settings that need configured. I am using this as I am keen to use your driver on a couple of projects we have, however I have only used the Cinegration driver previously and it automatically configures all the SIP settings for you as part of the setup process of the driver which makes it a much smoother process. Also, I assume your driver can respond to the 'Door Unlock' command being sent from the app, for example to unlock a Control4 Yale ZigBee lock?
  14. Virgin, Sky, Cable Box Offline

    I encountered this the other day when installing a system with 3x IP controlled Virgin TiVO boxes. Make sure they are all set to allow IP remote control, if one of them is not it will not show as online to Control4.
  15. annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver - FREE

    What led you to decide to make this driver free?