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  1. Crustyloafer

    Lights problem on Wakeup?

    Where are you based?
  2. Crustyloafer

    Lights problem on Wakeup?

    No problem, you're welcome. I can offer remote programming services too for anything you can't to in HE.
  3. Crustyloafer

    Lights problem on Wakeup?

    Just create the old style wakeup and only include the Radio station selection, no lights. Then in programming I would program off the wakeup activating and tell it to set just set the bedside lights to whatever you want. Similar to this which I just created on my own system to illustrate: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p0do29ymakmo4th/Screenshot 2018-09-15 16.36.43.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/totk8wsfx367iaf/Screenshot 2018-09-15 16.37.32.png?dl=0
  4. Crustyloafer

    Lights problem on Wakeup?

    Are the lights set to enable?
  5. Crustyloafer

    Lights problem on Wakeup?

    On the EA controllers it looks like it shows on page 20 of that user guide I linked to earlier.
  6. Crustyloafer

    Lights problem on Wakeup?

    Hurrah, it worked.
  7. Crustyloafer

    Lights problem on Wakeup?

    Found this in another thread: The Wakeup/Goodnight agent is available on T3 touch screens and through the On-Screen Navigator on EA controllers. The new agent also supports V2 touch screens and HC-800/HC-250 On-Screen Navigators, but with UI elements from the existing Flash-based Hospitality interface. Looks like you have to go back through the older interface via Comfort Icon but should still get the new functionality.
  8. Crustyloafer

    Lights problem on Wakeup?

    I think it only shows up on T3 touchscreens, and the HDMI GUI output from controllers. Do you have an EA1 behind the TV in that room?
  9. Crustyloafer

    Lights problem on Wakeup?

    Are you an authorised dealer/installer?
  10. Crustyloafer

    Lights problem on Wakeup?

    Yes, refresh navigators and Wakeup/Goodnight icon will show up on homepage of onscreen GUI/Navigator for room. You can then enable/disable it from there. Does not show up on app on phone but will on Controller GUI, T3 touchscreens. Edited: Does not appear on iPad/Tablets, just checked on mine.
  11. Crustyloafer

    Lights problem on Wakeup?

    The Goodnight/Wakeup agent is something that shows up on the C4 GUI/OnScreen Navigator and on T3 touchscreens etc allowing you or the end user/client to enable and disable it as well as edit its settings without requiring Composer to reprogram it. Visible means the component is visible via the GUI and therefore adjustable from the GUI/T3 touchscreen and enabled means that component part of the wakeup configuration is enabled and so will take place. See page 20 of this user guide for example. https://www.control4.com/docs/product/control4-system/quick-start-guide/latest/control4-system-quick-start-guide-rev-t.pdf You cannot have more than one wakeup/goodnight agent per room so to set the TV to switch to a TV channel afterwards you would probably need to do this via Scheduler agent and then program it to carry out the necessary actions at whatever time after the WakeUp/Goodnight agent turns the lights and radio on.
  12. Crustyloafer

    Lights problem on Wakeup?

    I would use the newer Wakeup/Goodnight Agent instead. You can then select what lights you want to included as part of the wakeup and do not need to create a separate lighting scene to activate. See screenshot below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3z4nfyfmr1iku5n/Screenshot 2018-09-15 12.56.35.png?dl=0
  13. Crustyloafer

    HDMI Cables

    Under 7m long, just make sure properly rated as High Speed with Ethernet and they will work fine. Longer than 7m, I never use HDMI cables, always a set of baluns, especially for 4K sources.
  14. Crustyloafer

    New Sonos Rack Amp and other big Features

    Going to realistically take up 8U for 8 zones Not actually properly rack mountable, they just sit on a shelf with a faceplate in front of them so no different to the old Connect Amp No browsing of music sources within C4 $600 per zone of audio 8 Power cords for 8 zones No high res audio support or Triad TS-AMS8 + TSPAMP-100 = 8 Zones audio, 2U rack space (4U if you space out generously), $350 per zone approx, high res audio, native browsing of supported music services, two power cords. Hmmmmmmm........let me think on that one.