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  1. Crustyloafer

    Connections Issue

    ☝️☝️☝️ This. You HAVE to use the HDMI to optical adapter with the Beam for it to work with the C4 connections/bindings available. You then set the binding from the optical output on the TV driver into the line-in binding on the Beam.
  2. Crustyloafer

    Remote dealer UK

    Hi Womble, happy to help here where possible if required. Feel free to PM me.
  3. Crustyloafer

    Programming off of a video source?

    You will be able to do this. Once you have created and bound the RS232 driver with the extra commands you need you will be able to assign any of the custom buttons (1-3) to emit the required commands. Also, if any of the other buttons are not used for when watching a particular source, for example * or # etc then you could also assign the desired commands to those buttons instead.
  4. Crustyloafer

    Programming off of a video source?

    Hi Jeffrey, just as a follow up to this, I have discovered this driver: http://www.houselogix.com/shop/1x4-virtual-serial-splitter-av-receiver-zone-2-problem-solver You could use this driver in combination with my advice in my earlier post here: and create a small RS232 driver of your own so send the additional commands you want. This Houselogix driver would allow you to have the Annex4 driver and your own custom driver bound to the RS232 connection on Anthem at the same time.
  5. Crustyloafer

    Programming off of a video source?

    Sounds like they would add a terminal command option to the driver allowing you use any of the available commmand strings as desired and would avoid them having to add all the various combinations of commands to the driver. Win-Win in my view. Cheers, Chris.
  6. Crustyloafer

    Programming off of a video source?

    Another option would be to add IR control for the AVR too, as I’m sure there is a levels command which allows you to cycle between each of the channels and adjust the levels of each on the fly. I messaged the guys at Annex4 and they confirmed those commands are not in their driver.
  7. Crustyloafer

    Programming off of a video source?

    An alternative solution in the meantime would be to create a couple of new speaker profiles, each with slightly different centre channel levels configured but otherwise the same as the original speaker profile. You can then use the Annex4 driver to program custom buttons to select the speaker profile of your choice and apply it to the input of your choice. If you wanted to just apply the chosen speaker profile to all inputs being used so that no matter what source you are watching the chosen speaker profile would be applied to it then you could create a macro to do this. Some examples: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2bq7jjny63wazjw/Screenshot 2019-01-04 09.50.19.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hwwp9kcltwl6u8l/Screenshot 2019-01-04 09.50.42.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/xm925h3jiezsk0j/Screenshot 2019-01-04 09.50.56.png?dl=0
  8. Crustyloafer

    Programming off of a video source?

    Having looked at the RS232 command structure document, you are not quite using the correct commands there. The Z1LEV1+01 type command is a discrete commands which will set the addressed channels to a specific level between -10dB and +10Db, it does not increase or decrease the currently set channel level by a desired amount, it will just go directly to the set amount in the command. For example Z1LEV1-05 will not decrease the front speaker levels from +7dB to _+2Dbm it will set them to -05Db. The command you want to be using is just above that in the document which is based on the 'Z1LUPyzz' structure. For example Z1LUP101 will increase front channels + 01dB and Z1LDN101 will decrease the front channels by 01Db. I had thought about creating a generic RS232 driver with just the channel +/- commands you needed but you cannot bind the RS232 output on a controller to more than 1 device at a time. I have messaged the guys at Annex4 about this as I currently don't see any way to discretely adjust individual channel levels on the fly within the driver as it stands.
  9. Crustyloafer

    Programming off of a video source?

    Hi Jeffrey, I’m interested to know in what capacity are you using the Receiver as the video source, are you referring to the Anthem AV Receiver or is this some other video source you are referring to? I am pretty familiar with the Anthem AVRs, we use them on most jobs, with the Annex4 driver, I will take a look at how to achieve this later today.
  10. Crustyloafer

    HDMI + IR Sending

    Hi Keith, are you in the UK, if so I can recommend and supply a HDBaseT kit that would work seamlessly? I also have a couple of stereo to mono adapter cables specifically for this purpose that may work with the kit you already have. Send me a PM and I’ll see if I can help you out.
  11. As a follow up to this, for anyone using Spotify Connect on C4 and if you regularly play a particular playlist or selection of Playlists then favourite the Spotify playlist in C4 navigator once it is playing for the first time and then you will be able to select this playlist from the Stations list in navigator without ever having to go back into the Spotify app at all.
  12. In my view Deezer is the best all round fully integrated music service on Control4, with Tidal a close second. I use Spotify via C4 at home and it works fine but not as slick to use as Deezer or Tidal as you still have to use the Spotify app to browse and select music.
  13. Crustyloafer

    Any News On Updates ?

    I will be at ISE on 6th Feb so will find out all the news then.
  14. msgreenf is correct, use multiple instances of the Spotify Connect driver, one for each room/zone you want to play audio in. Then all you do is start playing audio from spotify app, send it to the relevant Spotify connect instance and it will play automatically in the correct room. Personally I tend to advise clients to switch to Deezer or Tidal instead of Spotify as they are natively supported.
  15. Crustyloafer

    Extending Antenna for EA-3?

    As above, this really needs a competent dealer involved and on-site to sort out all networking and ZigBee issues. If your current dealer is unable to pinpoint cause of issues in a timely manner then its probably time to find a new one