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  1. Crustyloafer

    WTB UK light switch

    I can help with remote programming too.
  2. Crustyloafer

    WTB UK light switch

    Steve, apologies for the slow reply, was away on holiday. See the for sale post I just posted.
  3. Bought recently for a project in my own house but going to have to put it off for a while, I have the following brand new unused keypad dimmers and switches for sale. 4x Square Dual Load Adaptive Phase Dimmer, 240V (Neutral) - C4-SDAPD240-N - https://www.control4.com/docs/product/square-dual-load-adaptive-phase-dimmer-240v/data-sheet/english/latest/square-dual-load-adaptive-phase-dimmer-240v-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf 3x Square Dual Load Switch, 240V (Neutral) - C4-SDSW240-N - https://www.control4.com/docs/product/square-dual-load-switch-240v/data-sheet/english/latest/square-dual-load-switch-240v-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf These are without buttons or cover plates as I had not decided what finishes I wanted. These are the UK 240V dual load models and I would prefer to only ship to UK addresses. Looking for £175 each included postage for dual load dimmers, SRP normally £210 each inc. VAT and £140 each including postage for dual load switches, SRP normally £168 inc. VAT. Will be willing to negotiate a cheaper package price for anyone wanting to buy the lot.
  4. Crustyloafer

    Apple TV and SR-260 Remote issue

    You need to use a IR driver for press and hold to work.
  5. Crustyloafer

    Custom Pictures per Room

    You can customise the background picture on the T3 touchscreens and the onscreen GUI from the controller. Here is the one I use on most of our projects.
  6. The Blustream CAT100AU is £120 and can transmit optical or coaxial over CAT cable. Has a built in DAC at the receiver end and transmitter is powered from receiver end too so no need for separate power supply behind TV. We use them for audio return from TVs on almost every job. http://www.blustream.co.uk/cat100au/
  7. Without a lot more information you are going to need a visit from your dealer.
  8. Crustyloafer

    Multiple speakers in one zone

    ^^^ This, just use the global input on the Triad amp. You would connect the output from the matrix for that room to Input 1 on the amp as that is always part of the global input group and then set inputs 2, 3 & 4 to be part of global input group using dip switches on amp. Then the 4 pairs of speakers would connect to Outputs 1-4 on the amp. Job done.
  9. Crustyloafer

    Doorbird no video on SIP

    Edit, misread original post.
  10. This is just the dealer wanting to make sure he is not going to be wasting what would normally be his personal time off put together a quotation for someone who may not be that serious or is just shopping around. I'm not saying you are not serious about this but they don't know you from Adam and are just covering themselves. Normally I would expect such a fee to be deducted from cost of install should you decide to go ahead. For what it's worth, we charge a design fee for every job. There is no call out charge for initial visit to establish requirements normally, but to go beyond just a basic overview of what we can offer and the likely costs involved there a non-refundable up-front design fee for any full quotation/proposal. Works extremely well at sorting the wheat from the chaff and almost all our projects are good quality and decent sized jobs.
  11. Crustyloafer

    Doorbird no video on SIP

    Which version of the Cinegration driver are you using, there is a brand new version just out recently which is miles better than the original one.
  12. Crustyloafer

    Panelized lighting questions

    That is definitely the better solution, no point in complicating things by wiring some loads to keypads and others to panelised lighting modules. Just wire everything back to the panelised system and use a mix of wired and wireless keypads throughout the house to create a good ZigBee mesh. The wireless keypads can still be powered from the same keypad bus cables that power the wired keypads, you just bypass the data pair and connect the power pair only. Each wireless keypad counts as 1.5 wired keypads when calculating the maximum number of keypads you can use per keypad bus power supply or per wiring spoke depending on your wiring configuration. Here is an example of how I have distributed wired and wireless keypads on one level of a job I am working on. The wired keypads are green and the wireless ones are yellow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/upct6d90h8vgb09/Screenshot 2018-06-25 17.55.56.png?dl=0 We do this as standard practice, in any rooms which has more than one keypad in them, at least one of those keypads will be wireless keypads. For clarification on the above screenshot, we will also have EA1s at every TV point and certain areas like the garage we don't need ZigBee coverage so I did not bother with wireless keypads there.
  13. Crustyloafer

    WTB UK light switch

    Hi Steve, are you still looking for some UK keypad switches?
  14. Yes, it's in the default Composer drivers database. Just search for square.
  15. Crustyloafer

    Red triangle on remote

    It's downloading a firmware update or patch for the remote that has been pushed out by Control4