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  1. caudingo

    Realtime Event Webhook Driver

    Thanks for the help. The little php script I did serves the translation purpose for now, while I look into Nose RED (which is new to me). +1 for the retry functionality, as hiccups happen and when traveling I don't have access to Composer to reset the driver. One little thing: even though events are registered, the properties screen always says 'false': And here too: Is this correct? Thanks for this great little gem!
  2. caudingo

    Realtime Event Webhook Driver

    @harper, I'm trying to use this to see the alarm motion sensors in Home Assistant (sensor.http), but I guess I need to build a kind of translator, right? So I'm using a web server to get the webhooks, extract what I need and then send it to HA's API. Is there a better (more direct) way? Thanks for the great work!
  3. Hello, the outside temperature based on the location coordinates is usually wrong big time (let alone the weather forecast) as I'm in a little village in the Swiss mountains and Weather Underground's models are plain wrong for here (yes, also by checking their website directly)/ I have a a reliable weather station at home and would like to use that data instead. I read everything I could and reached the conclusion (hopefully wrong) that the only way to work around this C4 limitation is to divert the API calls and spoof the responses. However, I have a hard time figuring our which API calls are made, as I'm not familiar the BusyBox OS and can't find a way to monitor all requests. Can anybody help? Thanks Chris
  4. I need to control a C4 connected gate and some lights from my garden by entering a PIN. Aside from the C4 intercom which would be an overkill, is there any other device I could use? Or is there a "normal zigbee" to "C4 zigbee" bridge so that I can pick any of those keypads? Thanks for the help!
  5. caudingo

    Monitor states

  6. caudingo

    Monitor states

    I'm new to C4 (running 2.8.2). How can I monitor the state/value of an input? I'm trying to figure out what my alarm system send as events, but I can't find the possible values anywhere. So I'd like to see what changes when. Thanks!
  7. caudingo

    Play audio announcement on panels

    This would actually work for the the time being! Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi, I'm very new to C4 (2.8.2). I've been looking for an answer about this everywhere without success. Is there any way at all to play a sound on panels when an event occurs? For example, I'd like all panels to make a beep when the garage door opens. With the announcement agent I manage only to show a text message, but no sound. Thanks Chris