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  1. koxkp

    Sound delay

    Tunein is a digital sound. Is the audio outputting from the HDMI of the EA5 and delayed vs the analog to the other rooms? I solved this by using the analog out to feed into my matrix Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Wanted to make a thread to post any deals spotted for C4 or C4 integrated gear or drivers Personally, I might be in the market to finally pick up some smart outlets
  3. I believe the EA1 is the more future-proof upgrade, but similarly to the HC800 you *could* do an HC250 behind the TV to replace the HC200 Those being your two options, I think you’re still better off getting the newer EA1
  4. koxkp

    C4 stock

    Did they give any reason for the forecast adjustment in the earnings report?
  5. koxkp

    Closet Ventalation

    Mines in a coat closet and I ended up adding a return air to the unfinished basement below and tied it into the furnace. It worked well enough on its own I didn’t have to add an inline fan.
  6. koxkp

    2017 Thoughts for Control4

    So, as someone who’s not an investor or customer what are you trying to accomplish? Convincing people on the forum of control4’s demise seems unlikely.
  7. Picked up some outdoor string lights for my patio at Costco. Is there a smart outlet that would be outdoor rated to use with something like this so I can have more control than just plugging and unplugging them every time?
  8. Go on... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. koxkp

    Ecobee driver - Native now

    Anything to migrate if we already have the blackwire driver?
  10. koxkp

    WTB - C4-KA-WH

    Thanks guys, got what I need! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. koxkp

    WTB - C4-KA-WH

    Looking for 3 of these in white to complete some 3 and 4 way circuits I just added dimmers for Looking for WH color, from what I understand you can't get the color change kits for these and looking to match the dimmers and keypads I have now. PM me with offers.
  12. I get the appeal of one app, but sometimes it doesn’t compare to the real thing. I like Tidal being inside the C4 interface but it’s really limiting when I just see 4 versions of the same album and I just have to guess the master, edit, explicit etc versions. Any word on an update to improve this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. So do you plan to open your phone for the control4 app instead of the visor button in the future? I feel like i'm missing something since that doesn't seem too safe. This is also more button clicks moving the app to room garage, security, and then the door instead of something that is one button click now.
  14. I haven't got into integrated motion sensors yet, but for room like the garage and mudroom when walking in it made more sense for me to go with a simple switch like this. C4 integration didn't really make sense, just because it should always turn on and off in the garage and no need for it to be "smart". Same in mudroom walking in. Nothing smart, just always motion detects when you walk in to turn the lights on. As far at the actual garage integration, I'm also interested after the free myQ driver broke last year. I'm still not really convinced $200 to integrate the driver is worth the value IMO I just don't use it that often, but the nice thing is having the front door keypad open the door. I do have some extra wires run in my attic above the garage I could use to run back to the HC800. If I have wires available for the relays is there a way to hard wire and not use the MyQ driver or is the relay WITH the MyQ driver for better polling? I'm still confused on the setup with relays. I'd like to figure out the contact relay solution so its directly integrated and not rely on a third party driver and broken API's
  15. What is the KA-WH used for? Would that be a traveler for a 3-way or something used in panelized lighting?