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  1. 100% of the time as well. I had the power go out during a storm, went out to eat and knew my power was back when my 4sight connected to the house again.
  2. Looking to get some used dimmers/fan speed controllers for a decent price if you have any extras laying around
  3. Amp is now sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Getting this error in composer Is this something I could fix myself? Not that I kicked on the AC I realized it is not working on Control4 at all.
  5. Adding pictures
  6. $350 shipped and it's yours
  7. Looking for $400 shipped
  8. Upgraded to an 8 zone so need to get rid of this Testing the waters on here, before it goes to ebay
  9. So what you're really doing is keeping control4 and using a harmony remote instead of SR-250? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Is there a big difference between the drivers lab and blackwire drivers? I didn't even know about BW when I recently got my driver, but not super impressed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. is that first link I posted kind of like a starter kit? I guess you'll always need some NVR to run them. What other big considerations are there picking the hardware out?
  12. Full disclosure - I don't have much experience with security cameras yet, but I thought I'd share the deal if these integrate well with C4. I know I've heard Amcrest thrown around a lot of here before https://slickdeals.net/f/9877140-amcrest-qcam-8-channel-1080p-nvr-poe-security-system-w-2tb-hard-drive-for-293-free-shipping?src=SiteSearchV2_SearchBarV2Algo1 https://slickdeals.net/f/9841427-amcrest-prohd-1080p-wi-fi-security-camera-w-two-way-audio-64-90-free-shipping?src=SiteSearchV2_SearchBarV2Algo1
  13. Thanks, that makes sense. I figured it wasn't really copyright. Kind of frustrating this is a limitation at all on their flagship AVR. I'm ready to upgrade my C4 matrix amp so I don't have to deal with the workarounds, but I'll show my dealer that driver if I keep using the zone2/3.
  14. It sounds like you inherited a solid system even if some things are dated. You really can't do much until you get a controller online and if the installer has the project already that will save you a lot of time instead of starting over. I think you'll get an idea pretty quickly once you get up and running if this type of system is right for you. I have a technical background too and it can be annoying to have a dealer do work for small things you get, but at the end of the day control4 integrates everything together seamlessly so I eventually get over it. Your controller cannot upgrade to the later OS, you can see if the updated features mean much to you or not to upgrade.
  15. Thank you for this insight, very helpful Someone went off on me on another forum telling me to put my new AVR at the very top after I said it was running hot after movies. I have the "mild active cooling" now with two fans on top Does it ever make sense to have matching fans pushing air in the bottom while the top fans pull air out? I was debating on this recently, but don't know if it would do anything