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  1. I know I’ll have to go through the dealer to add to the project, but if you’re swapping and upgrading dimmers is there an easy way to keep programming from button taps and macros linked to the new dimmers the same way? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Like other's suggested, find a local showroom. Play around with the demo and it will all make a lot more sense. They might try to sell you an EA1 for every room and things you don't need, but you'll at least start to see how everything ties in so you can make better decisions. Get all your wiring out of the way and don't regret anything in the initial build. C4 dimmers or lutron or whatever are probably the easiest to retro later.
  3. You're describing a video matrix
  4. You're getting into what you might only find once you really start using your system and see what works best for you. For example, I have a keypad button for garage door and "house off" (I don't have an alarm system integrated). I like the house off button instead of phone, because if I'm running out the door I don't have to fumble with my phone opening the app. Same concept for a quick button push for the garage door. For the remote, I found cheap SR-250's. They integrate perfect and I find it much easier to use these than an app to adjust volume or even turn off the light from once the TV starts. The app has a place, but you'll see its all about what works best in different situations.
  5. Multiple Load Configurable Keypad

    Also, a keypad dimmer combined with fan controller switch! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. My apologies for the frustration

    I've had really good luck on thumbtack.com actually. I found a local shop that supports a number of small businesses and was a linux/unifi shop. You'd be surprised what you find if you look locally for networking help outside of control4.
  7. My apologies for the frustration

    I can also say residential and commercial is not different. I work in a fortune 100 network and your unique challenges are not that unique. I feel like you're in the wrong forum for this discussion once again. When I built my house I did all the cat cabling myself and found a local company to terminate and test and give me some other tips. They were not a strictly residential company and mostly did small business installs and monitoring. I think this is the route you should look since finding a good C4 dealer is hard enough, don't try to find someone who's also a networking expert. Just find a local networking company that will come in professionally configure to your needs and setup monitoring if needed.
  8. Commenting to say that's a pretty awesome joy division dead lift platform
  9. Thoughts on QNAP NAS

    I went 4 bay for the RAID 5 too. The general thing I found is more small drives are better. Think if you have 12TB storage...2 x6TB is 6 usable in RAID 1 and 4 x 3TB is 9TB usable in RAID 5. Also, easier to swap out a failed 3TB than a 6TB. I think Synology sounds really solid and the features @ILoveControl mentioned have a similar QNAP counterpart and I've been really happy with my TS-453A. I got this one because QNAP has the built in HDMI out, but as WAP mentioned already. I didn't expect great 4K support. I only have 1080p still and it runs great and saved me from tempting me to spend $200 on a shield for a while. What WAP hinted at just proves, don't get a NAS for video out specs. HDCP/HDMI specs change so much you're better off getting new 4k players as it comes up. I hope my QNAP can outlast as server/storage longer than HDMI specs change.
  10. Is it typical for yeelights to always drop offline? I’m ready to ditch them and just move to the hue strips if they have a decent app and actually work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Deako Smart Lighting

    True. At $90 a dimmer you'd be better off just going with an adaptive phase C4 dimmer. Are there any non-C4 dimmers that integrate similar to a C4-KD120? I think the keypad volume control functionality is super convenient in any "zone" with audio, but haven't been able to find a cheaper alternative to the keypad functionality.
  12. Has anyone ever seen/used these? Just realized my friend works for this company and don't know much about it. They look pretty sleek. Assuming there's no C4 driver though... https://www.deako.com/
  13. My ecobee3 does humidity. I re-wired it myself after my new construction. The main tstat has humidity, not the sensors. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. You could also hide the thermostats and use remote sensors with the ecobee Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk