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  1. 4k apple tv

    i stuck to IR and have the new 4k one. Works fine!
  2. Mac version of Control4?

    Not slow, just full of bugs
  3. variables

    Solved! Thanks for the suggestion for the push notifications. I put those in everywhere and found that commands and variables were being changed at 4AM, not 7. So Iooked in to my programming and found this: What I did not realize is that part of my "goodbye" scene is programmed to "turn the living room off" which has programming of its own: I just added in the alarm "if conditional" because my alarm is set when I go to bed and the programming above is meant for something else. But it seems that at 4AM, the above programming was being executed in some way. It's the first time I have programmed something and did not realize that all of the variables and conditionals could be true at a time other than when I need it (when I'm done watching TV). What strikes me as odd, though, is that if the living room is already off and C4 has a program that sends the room off command, wouldn't C4 just ignore that request/command?
  4. Mac version of Control4?

    +1 Been using parallels for about a year now and have no issues with speed. As for 2.10, that's another story!
  5. Blinds

    I'd stay away from Hunter Douglas. I have powerview in all rooms in one property and am not happy at all.
  6. variables

    What do you mean? It shows that sunrise is every morning at 7am.
  7. variables

    I'm going to delete all programming and start from scratch. I've removed, changed, deleted, replaced all forms of the variable. I check before bed to see where the variables are... for some reason, it's just not hitting correctly. I'm going to add the push notification as well, good suggestion. Will know tomorrow morning!
  8. variables

    Before I went to sleep, i checked and made sure all the variables were correct. I also changed the programming from "when room house power is on" to "when variable monitor is true" and based my new programming off that. When I woke up this morning, house room was on, the macro had not been executed, and the variable was changed as if the macro did execute.
  9. variables

    House room is on when the security monitor is on. The house room has been on when this macro was supposed to execute. When I go to sleep, I press "Goodnight" which executes macro "monitor night" and part of the programming for Monitor Night is to set the variable to true. Like I said, when I wake up and realize that nothing has happened, I can click the custom button that I set on one of my navigator screens and the macro executes.
  10. running 2.10 on an ea5 and ea1s... For some reason, I cannot get this to execute. If I manually execute the macro via custom buttons, it works. But when I wake up in the morning, the event has not occurred even though sunrise has happened. What gives?
  11. directv mini genie

    thanks. not extended though and i've tried this with two other emitters, same issue.
  12. i have several of these around the house and theyre all controlled by IR. All of them but ONE works perfectly. The box misses a lot of the IR commands. I've monitored the blaster and it sends out a signal every time, but it's like 3/5 times it hits. Does anyone know exactly where the IR sensor is for the mini 4k genie? THANKS.
  13. Security 101

    I have cameras surrounding my entire home, one set of domes along the roof for an aerial and more "surveillance" use, and another set of bullets/etc at face level for identification purposes. Mine are HIK and while I cannot integrate the motion capability in to C4, you can set it up separately. I have different triggers set up on my DVR based on time of day, etc. I can also receive emails and snapshots based on the camera's motion sensing. I also have contact sensors on every single window, door and object that can open in to the house. I have motion sensors as well, both inside and out. They are all linked to a Vista 20p and I have a lot of programming for exterior motion to keep me informed of what's going on when I'm not home. You can also program the motion sensors to run programs when you are asleep and the system is armed. It can offer many different uses, from deterrents to notifications. But the truth is, if someone wants something, they'll get it.
  14. New Apple 4K TV

    what is the neg of IP driver for this? Currently using gen 2 IR but bought new 4k and not sure if I should switch to IP.
  15. Garage door sensor setup?

    Ohhhhhhhh, I didn't understand. Now I do. You want to avoid polling and go direct to C4. Gotcha. I was gonna say another way is if you have an alarm panel connected to C4, you can always add a tilt sensor and bind it to c4. But card access like everyone said is probably your best.