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  1. abovedeck

    Z2iO relay

    The wiring diagram you gave is for a push button setup, not trigger. finally got it all working though!
  2. abovedeck

    Z2iO relay

    lets say I use the trigger, what is the setup on the lift using the exterior 14 pin terminal?
  3. abovedeck

    Z2iO relay

    even if i just want to piggyback the screen? projector doesnt have a usable trigger port.
  4. I have an elite screen connected to a z2io and works great... down wire connected to c1, up to c3, and c2 and c4 jumpered. I'm trying to work in my projector lift too. It's a chief sl236sp. https://assets.touchboards.com/assets/1/26/documents/chief/sl236fd_installation.pdf Trying to figure out what connections need to be made on the chief to the z2io so that screen and lift are together. Wiring diagram attached above. Thanks for the help
  5. punch in your disarm code two times. should clear it. whenever you remove a cover the tamper warning goes off.
  6. I've got several ipads around the house in iport wall docks and since the change of security keys i've noticed the c4 app crashes all the time and quits unexpectedly. Any one else having these issues? I have the app always running, ea5 controller...
  7. abovedeck

    EA5 wont check in

    Thanks everyone! Dan walked me through re registering. All is working now. I heard Ubiquiti is hiring Dan, you'd be quite the salesman! hehe
  8. abovedeck

    EA5 wont check in

    Oh, I've never heard this one before 😎 But this is the first time in three + years that I've had this issue. What does re registering my ea5 entail?
  9. abovedeck

    EA5 wont check in

    Thanks Dan! I disabled SIP ALG and now I get a new error message code number. Still no connection off WIFI though.
  10. abovedeck

    EA5 wont check in

    ISP has not changed. Native music works.
  11. What could be preventing my EA5 from checking in? It's connected to ethernt and ONLINE, works with all my tablets and remotes, connects to app when on wifi, but I can't connect via LTE and when I open Composer HE, everything is greyed out and the actions window is too. According to customer portal, my ea5 has not checked in since may 12. I've restarted the router and ea5 about three times now.
  12. abovedeck

    4k apple tv

    i stuck to IR and have the new 4k one. Works fine!
  13. abovedeck

    Mac version of Control4?

    Not slow, just full of bugs
  14. abovedeck


    Solved! Thanks for the suggestion for the push notifications. I put those in everywhere and found that commands and variables were being changed at 4AM, not 7. So Iooked in to my programming and found this: What I did not realize is that part of my "goodbye" scene is programmed to "turn the living room off" which has programming of its own: I just added in the alarm "if conditional" because my alarm is set when I go to bed and the programming above is meant for something else. But it seems that at 4AM, the above programming was being executed in some way. It's the first time I have programmed something and did not realize that all of the variables and conditionals could be true at a time other than when I need it (when I'm done watching TV). What strikes me as odd, though, is that if the living room is already off and C4 has a program that sends the room off command, wouldn't C4 just ignore that request/command?
  15. abovedeck

    Mac version of Control4?

    +1 Been using parallels for about a year now and have no issues with speed. As for 2.10, that's another story!