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  1. Positive. Powerview hub and the little antenna looking repeaters, not platinum bridge. And I don't have Luminette yet it still is noisy. Slow as in response. I've dealt with my HD dealer several times about this issue. I have enough repeaters, I have optimal placement of them. HD is releasing a new hub that is supposed to be more wifi based rather than RF so we'll see if that makes a difference. But like I said, this has been my experience and I would never buy another HD shade product. I have another home with wired Lutron shades and it works flawlessly. I spent a lot more but if I were to do it all over again, the extra money is worth the silence and responsiveness.
  2. You're going to spend about 1k per window if you go the route of Serena/hunter Douglas and closer to 2k for Lutrons more advanced dealer options. In my experience, I'd do wired control all the way. Radiora, rf, zigbee... they're all OK, but they miss signals here and there. It's frustrating to have four shades lower but not the fifth. I'd rather have battery operated motor but wired trigger/control over wired motor and rf trigger/ radiora Lutron is is going to be quietest and most expensive. The hunter Douglas PowerView are noisy and slow-- you get what you pay for. But they do the job. I have PowerView in one home and the rf signals get missed a lot. I have Lutron in another and had similar issues so hardwired and have never had an issue.
  3. using the houselogix hsim, is there a negative impact on the controller if i change the intervals from 30 seconds to 10 seconds? ive seen threads where people call it "stress"
  4. room off, #, *, 1, 3, 4, 1, 3 will leave the current mesh and restart. Then press control4 button 4 times to re id.
  5. EA3

    I'm not a dealer nor do I have equipment to sell. I'm answering the ops question... look on eBay at sold listings. Correct! If you go to eBay and look at "sold listings" you'll see the above prices are pretty average.
  6. EA3

    EA3s average 5-600, EA5s closer to 1k. EA1s 2-300 with no remote, 400-500 with remote bundle. EDIT: These are prices you'd find on eBay. Beware-- no warranty and unknown history, it is always recommended to buy a controller from a certified C4 dealer
  7. It's just such a bummer to upgrade to EAs and T3s and not be able to do this!
  8. Under actions tree, find the orange Sonos driver (not the sonos network), click that, go down to Device Specific Commands, and click "SKIP FWD" under the drop down menu.
  9. press the top button 15 times... it reboots the switch.
  10. i have EA5 Analog Audio Out 2 to C4 Amp Input 2. Uploaded a file via announcements agent but i get no sound. Should the connection be done a different way? Also have a sonos connected but cannot find the file anywhere under the device specific command variables dropdown. SOLVED
  11. Does the bluebolt still require a serial or ethernet connection directly to the controller to read/program? Mine is connected to my network, but not directly to the ea5.
  12. Furman Bluebolt.
  13. is there a database of screensavers for the t3?