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  1. Card Access WCS10A help

    Hey guys, got a WCS10A-2 new but it will not ID for anything... Any suggestions? So far: I have reset device pulling out battery holding ID button till light turns amber.... then wait 20 seconds or so and try to id by hitting id button 4 times... NO ID one time it did say this device had already been added to the garage but I have a contact switch in this garage. Why would it be getting confused? is there a way to change the channel or something? ' any ideas why no id? One thing I should mention is that the driver I am using is the WCS10A driver. There is no Version 2 driver that i can see
  2. awesome clarification guys. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I am just curious about something and some defining of this might help others... On the Epic Alexa driver Let me see if I understand this right: If you run one Epic driver then you put all alexa devices in and have to use separate room setup ie... Living Room lights, Bedroom lights etc.. just like the C4 but there is a 30 line limit? If you want to run separate instances of the driver can you run separate devices for separate rooms? and use the same wording ie.... turn on the lights? turn on the room.... in each of the different rooms? I definitely see the advantages of this driver regardless over C4 but whats the setup exactly for multiple devices? Lastly... I get that ecobee would work but could not be setup as an independent device because it cannot be used to discover? Am I right? Thanks guys...
  4. Gees, thats crazy. Such an easy fix. Sort by ID by default if they want just add a sort by name at top lake some dd's have
  5. I was going to ask the question I mentioned above most of the dropdown don't sort alphabetically and they really becomes an issue if you have a ton of programming to find things. Just makes a simple job much longer to do
  6. Yes.... Just says not available.....
  7. Hey guys, I wanted to see if you guys run into this. It is driving me crazy.... The dropdown do not sort alphabetically.. Is there a fix? https://www.dropbox.com/s/6dcawkqw2r49pdt/Screenshot 2017-08-15 10.38.04.png?dl=0 also, is anyone seeing issues with C4 chat?
  8. FYI, Ari (Chopedogg88) has been awesome trying to help figure this out and he is even doing this on vacation. I am going to be back at that house later in the weeks to test somethings and will update the group once I see what is going on. Thanks ARI!
  9. Just telling you what I am seeing . BTW nothing changed just no communication from C4 to Google in the LUA. I am seeing communication back from Google.
  10. Ari, We are just wanting to help fix the driver. I replied to your email as well.
  11. U guys have issues so this kinda worked depending on where your at on the screen. Seem Left nav stops at security which makes it nice...https://www.dropbox.com/s/487x89wt8xiws15/Screenshot 2017-08-13 16.22.15.png?dl=0 Thanks guys!
  12. No, Mitch actually mentioned that right off. I tried it a couple ways both quick taps and delays