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  1. Heck yeah it is... way to go, C4!
  2. livitup

    houselogix client MAC address

    Why wouldn't you be using the push notification agent at this point, instead of an external driver?
  3. livitup

    Aprilaire Thermostat

    Dunno about the photos... What kind of unit? Heat Pump, Gas, Boiler?
  4. livitup

    Media Scan

    Actually, it's the number of local drivers on the computer running Composer that need updating. Fun fact, ComposerHE is the exact same software with some buttons removed as Composer. It also includes all the pre-installed drivers that installers use in Composer. When using Composer, it's routine to update the drivers on the PC, but that capability is removed from ComposerHE. So HE users can never change that number, because they can never run the driver update, but ComposerHE still checks every time, just like Composer does. Usually it starts low when a new version is released, and creeps up over time as new drivers are released. If you've ever wondered what it is that ComposerHE is doing when it counts to 500-something when you start it up - it's counting the local drivers available on your PC. Those are the ones you can't update. The icon and number are stupid where they are - right next to the controller IP/status, but it really has nothing to do with the controller.
  5. BMW and Mercedes make affordable cars with cloth interiors, mechanical seats, and manual transmissions. They sell them for mid-market prices all over Europe. A Mercedes or BMW in Germany is the same as a Ford or Chevy in the US. They're just cars. They choose not to import those less expensive cars to the USA, because both companies have decided to market themselves as a premium brand in the US, and premium brands don't sell cars with cloth interiors. It would cost them nothing to start selling those cars here, and in fact they would probably sell a bunch. But how many people are going to buy the $100,000 BMW when the brand starts selling $20,000 cars to the masses? Maybe everyone in this forum is enlightened to the point where they wouldn't make decisions based on such snooty airs. I'm not making personal judgements on anyone in this forum. But you and I both know that there is a percentage of high revenue customers who would bolt. BMW has chosen not to target the $20,000 car buyer. C4 has chosen not to target the DIYer. While we might wish it were different, I'm just saying I understand why.
  6. I thought I had made it clear that I do think it would be nice for a truly capable customer to have the freedom to manage their own system. For the record, I do wish that it was possible for a truly capable customer to have the freedom to manage their own system. It would have saved me (personally) a lot of effort if a truly capable customer had the freedom to manage their own system. Also for the record, I do understand C4's decision to scope their market as "consumers who are more conscious about a clean, functional finished product, than the ability to build it themselves." And I do understand C4's decision to make business choices that protect the brand image they are interested in protecting. Whether they are right or wrong, I can't tell you, because I haven't done the market research. But I can tell you I face similar decisions regularly in running my business. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/217926
  7. First off, I in no way, shape, or form intended "DIYer" to be derogatory. I am a "maker" at heart and constantly DIY stuff. The problem is that C4 has no way of being able to tell if an individual is capable of making a C4 system sing like Pavarotti, or William Hung. In the case of the former, the upside to C4 is probably relatively low, compared to the large downside of the latter (IMHO). Poorly trained and unqualified dealers are a blight on the ecosystem. But at least Control4 has the ability to remove them from the ecosystem (not that they're particularly good at it). Control4 would have NO ability to remove DIYers that do a bad job from the ecosystem. They have made the choice of (ignoring for a moment the issue of untrained/unqualified dealers) retaining control over their ecosystem. I have faith that, as a successful public company, they made that decision after significant analysis and thought. I actually wish that individuals had access to Composer, but I can understand the risk to the brand image that C4 has worked hard to build, and I can understand, agree with, and respect their decision. Hey, it could be worse... We could be on a Crestron forum.
  8. My 2 cents, for what it's worth... My car integrates components from MANY manufactures. So do jet planes. When my throttle gets stuck and I can't stop and I drive into a wall, who gets the blame? Ford, or the company that sourced the throttle cable, or maybe the computer chip that opened the throttle? When a fan blade separates from a jet engine, slicing through the cabin and killing someone, who gets the blame? Did a "GE Powered Passenger Plane" have a fatal accident, or did a "Southwest Plane" have a fatal accident? Control4 is not so unlike Ford or Southwest, that when their product (which is really built off 1000s of other products with C4's "glue" as the secret sauce) fails, then C4 fails... not Sony, not Samsung, not Apple, not the crappy network in the house... Control4 fails. Control4 knows they have a complex set of kit, and posts on this forum notwithstanding, it works to the customer's satisfaction the majority of the time. A lot of that is because of the dealer network. If I were C4, I would weigh the amount of additional revenue from DIYers, offset by the loss of revenue from people who muck it up and trash the reputation, making the non-DIY customer wary of "that C4 junk" and make a business decision about their distribution, installation, and support model. Oh, wait... I bet they did.
  9. You rock. Muhahahahahaha, an evil plan is forming...
  10. Never mind the wiring... each light needs 1 amp at 24V DC, if my 20-year-old EE degree is any good. So where are people finding multi-amp plug-in 120VAC to 24VDC converters? Or am I way overthinking this? My pidgin Goolging showed nothing turnkey - and I'm not feeling creating my own transformer package...
  11. livitup

    Multiple speakers in one zone

    In Composer you bind them to whatever they're connected to. Smart *** answer, sure, but true... The better question is what do you want driving these 8 speakers? Same thing always? Individual control (maybe to set different volume levels on each pair)? Once you figure out how you want them to be driven, the physical connections will get sorted out, and then the Composer bindings will follow.
  12. @jackstone... links?
  13. What are you using for landscape lights?
  14. livitup

    Programming for the cleaning lady

    I ask this already knowing full well what the answer will be... Any chance of "modifying" the wife's behavior? For example, if you could get her to use a custom button (also available in iOS/Android navigators), then the custom button could run your macro. I don't know of a way to take a snapshot based on a scene trigger, without the snapshot occurring after the scene is set/active.
  15. livitup

    Failed Logins With Tapatalk

    Same here.