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  1. livitup

    4K HDR & Atmos through C4 Matrix

    Mine work with 4K HDR through my Leaf matrix. I haven't gotten the Atmos update yet, so I don't know about that, but I'd imagine it should work... I have all mine set to 4k/24Hz/4:2:2, (I think that's right...) as that is the maximum my projector will support (Epson 5040UB) - I have no idea if that's part of the magic or not. The default "turn on 4k/HDR and test" mode did not work for me - but I don't know if that's because my projector is connected to the matrix, or what. The spec sheet for the matrix says it does HDR at up to 4k/30Hz/4:2:0. Again, these are not settings that are tried by the AppleTV 4k test wizard. You have to go into the settings, pick "More Resolutions" and manually set. If you haven't gotten it working by tomorrow afternoon, I can fire up my home system and get more detailed info.
  2. livitup

    annex⁴ - Voice Genie (TTS)

    Thanks! I figured that meant rendered and played. They should really rename that action!
  3. livitup

    annex⁴ - Voice Genie (TTS)

    I might be daft, but the "Synthesize Speech" action isn't playing the announcement - what I've read makes me believe it should be... am I right? This does nothing (though the WAV File is created/updated, so if I manually play it, it's accurate) But this works perfectly... Should the first example work?
  4. livitup


    Excellent point. It’s rated at 15 Amps.
  5. livitup


    Presumably it’s cheaper than a Zigbee switch, so the use case would be something like a customer has a light switch they want automated and a garbage disposal they don’t care to automate. Today we would use a C4 switch and a non-matching switch from the hardware store, or spend a lot of unnecessary money on a zigbee switch for the garbage disposal. The new mechanical switch would be used for the garbage disposal, has no zigbee so it’s cheaper, but matches the light switch so better than the random decora switch from the hardware store. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. livitup

    Local Video File Playback

    I found it. Awesome. I also didn't know there was an installation guide beyond what was in the documentation tab in Composer. I'm reading it cover to cover now. I knew I wasn't going to be able to do it through my K. I have the video files on my NAS, so something as simple as a Pi could do it, except Pi doesn't support Atmos, and I want to play the Atmos trailers. If the video files are just plain MP4 videos (or whatever) without DRM, and they're sitting on a NAS, then C4 should be able to index them and add them to My Movies, right? Someone named @mwiz visited the site once, announced a VLC driver, and then disappeared. VLC would be perfect for the Atmos trailer. The trivia/trailers thing might require me to code something up myself. I was really trying to avoid doing that, but I've yet to find a standalone pre-show application that isn't tied into the same ecosystem as the movies themselves.
  7. livitup

    Kaleidescape HDR/SDR

    You. Complete. Me.
  8. livitup

    "OR" conditional in programming?

    Familiar with 'else' but need to account for two scope sources (Kaleidescape OSD and Kaleidescape Movies), so else doesn't help. I don't see how variables will help - wouldn't I still need just as many IF statements?
  9. Hello everyone, I have 100% of my movie content in Kalidescape, AppleTV or physical disks. I don't rip/download movies. What I have actually downloaded is the Atmos demo/trailer files from the Dobly website. I would like to automate something similar to CinemaVision, (https://cinemavision.tv/) but with the ultimate movie source being a Kaleidescape, AppleTV, or Physical Disk. I am willing to do some prep work to overcome the lack of direct access to movies through these tools. I am willing to select, start, and pause the movie if I have to. @alanchow can your K driver allow for programmatic access to movies? I know that the "Kalidescape movies" driver can show and start a movie through the navigator - are the movies exposed anywhere in Composer so that I could program "Play <insert movie title here>" in programming? I'd be willing to pre-populate a variable with the name of the movie I want to play in order to get this working with one button. What methods exist for programmatic access to MP4 video? What physical player should I use? Low cost is better since I will only use it for demos/trailers and because I hope to never deal with it's interface. The final goal is to have trivia, trailers, Dolby trailer, and movie play all one after the other with one button press. Unfortunately, the movie itself must come from a source other than the rest of the stuff. Maybe use Kodi with Cinemavision for everything before the movie? Seems like overkill, but maybe that's the easiest answer?
  10. livitup

    Kaleidescape HDR/SDR

    @alanchow, I use and LOVE your Kscape driver, but I'm still manually switching my projector between HDR and SDR memories based on the movie I'm watching. Looks like K upgraded their control protocol to give feedback on the color mode of the movie being watched... http://www.kscapeowners.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2738 Any chance we can get that added to your driver so we can program off it? Pretty please? 😀
  11. Surely there's a better way to do this. My programming background has me wishing for an 'OR' command, but if nothing else, I've learned there's more than one way to skin a cat in Composer. School me, Jedis?
  12. livitup

    Alexa TV Channel Control

    I believe that if you leave the room off, it defaults to using whatever room was last commanded. So If I say "Alexa, Turn on the Lounge DirecTV one" then "Alexa, turn on the Bedroom DirecT two" and then finally "Alexa, change channel to 21" it will change the channel on DirecTV box 2, because that's the video endpoint currently being routed to the last room the voice command was given to. Volume is there in your list...
  13. And to continue on that point, if the dealer, knowing his networking abilities are minimal, agrees to install a product that has very specific network requirements, and that system fails, you’re also going to blame Control4, not Ubiquiti. Again, there are plenty of dealers who will install Control4 on customer managed networks - in fact they are probably the majority. But I bet the dealer you called has been burned too many times by customers unwilling to accept that their network might be the cause of a problem.
  14. It is extreme, but it’s the choice of your dealer, not Control4. I gather you’re in the UK, so things might be different there, but in the US it is common for dealers to warrant the operation of a system, including free troubleshooting and repair, if it is built using equipment the dealer specifies and installs. My dealer agreed to install a Control4 system and use my network gear. When I experienced problems they assisted me in troubleshooting, including involving Control4 corporate tech support. When they were able to determine it was my network equipment that was causing the problems, they (rightfully) washed their hands of it. Had it been their network equipment, they would have resolved it. Control4 has some very unique network requirements that the system depends on and dealers expect to work. They are not trained or qualified to troubleshoot and resolve problems resulting from non-complaint networks. Control4 purchased a network equipment provider specifically so they could give that guarantee you seek.
  15. livitup

    Alexa TV Channel Control

    From the customer site you can see/print a page with a list of your available voice commands from the Alexa setup page. Mine works in this format: “Alexa, change channel to 5 on Great Room DirecTV 1.” I have to give it room and device because my boxes are fed into a matrix, your mileage may vary. Check your command list for guidance.