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  1. I'm an ex dealer who now has a system at home and work that i cannot work on due to C4 removing my access to Compose Pro etc. I'm looking for someone who is willing to take on the system as the dealer, sell me HE/4Sight etc. and probably do some very minor remote additions like adding the odd lighting circuit to the CBus driver installed. Currently i'm running 2.9 but cant go any further as have HC300/HC250's on the system. Let me know :) Dean
  2. Big thanks to Mitch @msgreenf who did as much as he could to help me out, but to no avail as i'm still on 2.7.x Looks like i'm going back to the 90's and sticking IR emitters on all my cutting edge equipment
  3. Ok - so now i'm an 'ex' Dealer i cannot get an account with dealer central and in turn can't update my driver. Anyone able to help me with this before i kill the next person in my family who asks when will they be able to change their Sky Box channel C4 have gracefully allowed me to continue using Composer Pro so i don't need anyone to log into my system, just someone who can get the driver for me - i'm 'happy' to pay again for the driver I already own (or any other favours that will shut my kids up...) Dean
  4. Thanks Alan - it says 24hrs to register a new account at driverCentral I have the Houselogix version which is up to 8.0.6 - would like a quicker solution that 24hrs if possible
  5. All our boxes were off this morning - assume Sky pushed an update through overnight. Now i cant control any of my boxes via the ChowMain IP driver. IP addresses are still correct in Composer - but driver is shows attempting to open a telnet connection at then being closed Just me or anyone else ?
  6. Thanks guys - i did as suggested pulled everything network related, power cycled everything and gradually added things back in - has been stable now for around 8 hours !! The one things i didnt restart last time i tried pulling network stuff was the Sonos Connects... Thanks again Dean
  7. I have a HC800, HC300, 2 x HC200, 1 x HC250, 1 x Infinity Edge, multiple SR260 remotes Its all worked fine for years, but over the last couple of days and getting progressively worse, something is failing, and stopping the SR260 and the Infinity Edge from functioning. At some points i can see the infinity edge saying 'connecting' every 5 minutes, and when it does this none of the SR remotes work. If i wait another five minutes everything comes back on and the remotes work and the edge displays like normal - another random amount of time and everything stops again. If i try and key presses while its all frozen, they are remembered and coming streaming through. I've restarted every device in the house including, switches, routers etc. but still the same problem. After a full power cycle, everything works for upto and hour, but then the lock ups start again and get progressively more regular. Any pointers would be appreciated - i still have access via Composer Pro at present (only for 20 days before C4 cut me off as an ex-installer) Thanks Dean
  8. Rolecgroup

    HC800 still issuing commands after deleted

    You're a genius !! As soon as i read that - i realised what i had done... I had bound the AV1 to TV Out - totally forgot i did that when i set the amp up Thanks for prodding me in the right direction !!
  9. This is driving me crazy I have an HC800 controlling via IP a Yamaha RX-AV660 Programming using Composer Pro 2.7.1 I programmed a simple when "video source changes" switch Yamaha to AV1 which worked fine I realised this was wrong deleted it and changed to AUDIO1 Problem is the HC800 seems to have totally ignored the changes i've made and still switches to AV1 I've deleted the command totally and still it is switching to AV1. I ran the Detective Suite, and there is no programming for switching Yamaha to AV1, but still its happening. Have downpowered and repowered to 800 but still its doing it - nothing i can do stops it. Any suggestions appreciated !! Cheers Dean
  10. Had exactly the same problem this morning. To cure it (worked for me) start composer, at the 'connect to' page, select system manager at the bottom left - then connect to the 800 via system manager, close it then try connecting via composer again. This worked fine for me on composer 2.8.0 Dean.