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  1. Motioneyeos

    Given that it's a camera that I will likely use inside my home, I like the idea of having a greater degree of control over the hardware and software. Do I know for sure that the hardware and software aren't sending video of the inside of my home back to China? No. But I think this is better than most of the alternatives. Do you know of a small, POE camera that easily works with C4 and behaves responsibly?
  2. Motioneyeos

    Has anyone been able to integrate a Raspberry Pi board running MotioneyeOS (https://github.com/ccrisan/motioneyeos/wiki/Installation) with their C4 installation?
  3. Layer3 TV all HD 4K

    Any news on this?
  4. Layer3 TV all HD 4K

    I've tried it. Its nice, but my understanding is that there is currently no support for IP C4 control. I tried back in the early part of the year, so perhaps that has changed.
  5. Door Station 2 issues

    Sorry, I reversed it, they changed it per your suggest from DIGEST To BASIC. It sill doesn't work. Apps are up to date. It's both the iPhone and Mac app. It only impacts iPhone when i'm not in my local network at my home or not connected via VPN. It's some firewall or authentication issue.
  6. Door Station 2 issues

    Dealer changed from DIGEST to BASIC. No change. Any other suggestions?
  7. Door Station 2 issues

    Is that something I can change myself? The camera does respond to the web inquiry at the camera's IP address, but I don't know username and password. Do I have to get my dealer involved? If so, what should I tell him to do?
  8. My dealer has installed two Door Station 2 units on the exterior of my home. They work very well and I can access the images from the C4 Tablets and my iPhone and iPad. I do have two issues that I would like to solve: 1. The C4 Mac Desktop Application, which lies within the network where the Door Stations are connected, is unable to pull images from the cameras. 2. My iPhone, when out side of the home, is unable to pull images from the cameras. If I connect to my home network with my VPN, I can access the images as though I'm in my home on my local network. I believe this is an issue with my Firewall configuration, but attempts to open various ports for the Door Station, my HC800 have not proven successful. I've done packet captures and looked through my firewall logs, but so far I haven't been able to figure out how to get this work. It seems like issue is related to multicast, but the Door Stations seem to connect to the C4 servers and then the iPhone, Tablet and Desktop Apps connect to the C4 servers to get the images, but I could be wrong. My firewall/router is pfSense and I have two stacked HP-2920-48G-POE+ as switches. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?