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  1. Zigbee question

    Yes, I learned that this weekend. Apparently, both controllers were not on the same server or ZAP. I noticed the next day that a couple of my switch's were not responding after moving the controller downstairs. I ended putting the controller back upstairs. It wasn't that important either way. I just wanted to use the C4 remote with the TV and satellite that I had moved downstairs. Thanks for the info.
  2. Zigbee question

    Thank you for the answer.
  3. Zigbee question

    This might be a dumb question, but if I move one of my controllers from an upstairs room to a downstairs bedroom, will all the zigbee devices that were connected to that controller automatically reconnect to a different controller that is located upstairs?
  4. I need to replace a dead TS. The model I have is a C4-TSWMC7-EG-BL. Need both the TS with the back plate it mounts to. Thanks.
  5. Problems with music

    I have the same issue with Pandora on 2.9 of freezing up and have to reboot the controller to get it to work again. Also, I have the issue of slow response when starting it up. Typically, it takes 8-10 seconds for the music to start playing after the command is given. Is this a 2.9 issue as well? Will updating to 2.9.1 fix the both of these issues?
  6. Thanks for the replies, ended up fixing it by jiggling the RCA inputs on the back of the amp and the channel came back. Going to replace the RCA cables tomorrow with a new set.
  7. Anyone know what would cause the Pandora driver to only play thru one channel. To be clear, music is only playing thru the right side on my C4 amp, but the left side of my channel does not. Other music works and plays thru both channels just fine. Originally Pandora worked find and it wasn't until this week that I noticed it.
  8. Did you ever find a solution to this? I am having the exact same issue you are.
  9. I am having an issue connecting to an HC800. Basically, it is not showing up on my network. I first did a network reset by unplugging power, hold ID button, the plug back in. The screen confirmed that the network settings were reset, but still couldn't connect or find it on the network. So I did a factory reset . During the process it was flashing IP Not available on the screen. After the restore is complete the screen says connecting to director. Also, on the back of the RJ45 when the network cable is plugged in on the green light comes on constant, never blinks and the amber light doesn't come on at all. Just wondering if I have an issue with the network adapter on my HC800 or if there are any other things I could try before giving up on it.
  10. Custom program issue

    Thanks for the responses. I was able to get around the issue by triggering the light to come on when the garage door opens versus from pushing the button on the switch. Not sure why programming it this way works, but it now does what I want it to.
  11. I had a question on a problem with programming. I've done a lot of custom programming with great success, but cant figure this one out. I've programmed a 3 button switch so that when a button is pushed it triggers the deadbolt to the side door of my detached garage, opens the garage door and turns on an outside light. Both doors open, but the outside light comes on and then immediately turns back off. I did have a 45 sec delay to turn the light off after it is on, but removed the delay and it still turns off immediately. There is nothing in the program to tell the light to turn off. My question is if this same light is on a schedule and the period is set to be off would this be causing it to turn off immediately? If so, is there a workaround? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  12. My devices showed back up today on my Alexa app after doing a search for them. Not sure what it is, but would suspect something going on with the C4 website and it taking longer than 20 seconds to discover them and communicate with Alexa and C4 website. It might be helpful to set the timeout a little longer. I've had the same thing of Alexa saying the device isn't responding then a second or two later the device responds. Really cool integration, but seems there are some bugs that needed to be hashed out.
  13. After reading a few of the reviews on Amazon on the C4- Alexa integration, it seems that there are others that have experienced the same issue as mine. I'm starting to lean to that the issue is with Control4's website. The last thing I did before it stopped working was a couple of days ago I renamed a few of the scenes that were too closely named and was confusing alexa. No other changes were made to the system. Does anyone know how Alexa connects to the controller? Does it go thru C4's website then back to your controller?
  14. Thanks for the recommendation. I tried re-naming a device and saved, then did a device search, but still Alexa still didn't discover any C4 devices.
  15. On 2.9, and I've had Amazon Alexa connected and working great for a couple of weeks now. Came home last night and noticed when I would give a voice command that Alexa would respond, "I'm sorry, but the device is not responding." Tried several commands and same thing. Tried another command on an echo dot and same issue. I went to the Alexa app on my phone and deleted all my devices and then re-searched again for them. No devices were found. Disabled the Control4 integration thru the Alexa App and then re-enabled and still no change. Checked my Amazon Alexa Configuration on the Control4 website and it is showing several active scenes and lights. Any ideas as to what might be the cause of this. Thanks.