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  1. I have to add a unique device to my system. I need to record some shows that were recorded on the DirectTV DVR. My son is a college athlete and I want to save his game films. I purchased a device called an Avermedia C31. it is really just a hard drive with some firmware to record off of the system. In working with my dealer we are trying to figure out how to create the right driver. The driver needs to specify the DVR to record from and point it to the Avermedia, and then I need to show the Avermedia device as something I can watch. We thought of setting it up as two seperate devices, one as an end point to capture the recording and the then sitting it up as a device to watch the output. It feels cluggy to me. Any advice?
  2. CharlestonC4

    WTB White Mini-Touch Adapter

    Looking for the adapter that is used to install a T3 7" Tablet in an existing mini-touch space. Thank you
  3. CharlestonC4

    Chowmain - Control By Web Driver Set 

    I am considering purchasing a Controlbyweb X-310 device so I can monitor my whole house generator. I would like to then have a notification via Control4 to tell me that the daily generator test ran. Also, I would like to be able to start the generator from Control4. Will this driver allow me to do both fo those functions?
  4. I am trying to add schedules to my Advanced Lighting Scenes. I feel like I am missing something obvious, but after many hours of research I still can't figure out how to make it happen. I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you! EDIT: I can't believe I could not figure this out. It was so obvious I just look passed it. Classic case of overthinking something.
  5. CharlestonC4

    Wemo Outlet on sale for $20

    Will the Wemo Driver work with any Controller or just the new E Series Controllers?
  6. CharlestonC4

    Mini Touch Replacement

    Thanks for the help! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. I have a Mini Touch panel in one of my walls. I don't use it anymore and would like to replace it with something more functional. I can't cut the hole in the wall any larger, any recommendations on how I can fill the space? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I have the need to extend my ZigBee signal. It so happens I have some HC250s that I replaced. Can I use those as extenders in other parts of the house? How do I configure them to do this? Thanks!
  9. CharlestonC4

    Switching channels on two TVs

    Thanks. I have two TVs in my media room. One is a projector, the other is a smaller LCD. I will often watch multiple sporting events. At times, I would like to flip what is on each TV. This way if something interesting is happening on the LCD, I can move it to the projector. When I am done watching I will flip them back.
  10. I have two TVs in one room. I would like to write a program that: 1) Determines the channel and source of what is playing on each of the TVs 2) Switches what is playing on each TV to the source on channel from the other TV. Thanks for your Help!