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  1. Suresoft

    UK Blind control

    Btw you only need the vpn to download the app. After that no need for it.
  2. Suresoft

    UK Blind control

    You need the app to setup the mylink. It's off the app store. Just search mylink
  3. Suresoft

    UK Blind control

    The mylink isn't for outside the US. I had to install the app on my phone with a VPN to get region setting. Also they only 110V and UK and SA use 220 so have to put an auto transformer. Does work tho and for me cheapest solution.
  4. Hi all. I was wondering if there is a Modbus driver that would work with this module. It has Modbus TCP/IP. Pretty powerfull/cheap and user friendly. Anyone done something like this before? what options are available to incorporate. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated. module is a standard Siemens LOGO 8 FS4 cheers
  5. Suresoft

    Controlling Somfy Motors

    Hi. I went the cheapest route and used the Wi-Fi module mysomy. Range is an issue on it so if you have multiple rooms you going to need multiple units. Wi-Fi range to them is an issue too - ended up mounting next to the Wi-Fi router. Works for me though.
  6. Suresoft

    Somfy RS485 RTS wireless

    Hi there I have an issue. all documents don't really explain the steps for integration simply. I have the remote setup for 11 blinds and it works. the RTS module is installed and powered. when the dial is changed and the button pressed it lights up but nothing happens on any blind. is there an easy step by step method. I have confirmed that data is leaving the EA3 but need to know how to confirm the RTS unit is functioning correctly. seemed that in the manuals the button should jog the motor. anyone tried and succeeded? thanks
  7. I know serial max transfer is 20 meters. try proper shielded cable not just the twisted pair. I haven't had issues with cat5 in industrial applications though so doubt it's the twisted pair. you have a soldering iron, and make sure your ugly connections are solid connections. else I've had weird comm's issues before where noise gets into the comm's cable that's why say try shielded.
  8. Suresoft

    Seeking HC-800 19V Power Supply

    I searched every supplier here. For some reason Control4 uses a non standard interface. Well maybe that's in South Africa. I could have maybe bought a multi format one but i have never had any joy with those as the connection is never really a truly solid one. So with my skill-set it was a far more reliable option to change to something readily available and Meanwell PSU's are really good quality. Also the cost of the PSU was about $35 and the female like $1. Not sure what an original replacement PSU would cost.
  9. Suresoft

    Seeking HC-800 19V Power Supply

    I bought a meanwell PSU thats 19V and above the rated amperage. After i had sourced a viable power supply i then asked the components store to supply me with the female that goes with it for surface mount on a PCB. Thats how i got my hands on it. The PCB on the HC800 has a lot of solder to support the female so be ready to turn the soldering iron to max and wait for the heat soak to set in. Slow process but at least power supply is an off the shelf unit now.
  10. Suresoft

    Cyber Monday 2016 One Day Sale

    Any Dealers willing to buy a license and sell me one? would like to snap up the special.
  11. Suresoft

    Seeking HC-800 19V Power Supply

    I had the same issue. Ended up opening up the HC-800 and replacing the female adapter to one thats a standard fit. Need some knowledge on how to solder though. but perfect after that hack.