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  1. Rack Layout

    Honestly I hate to jam all that into one rack, but if you have to, make sure you get the doors on it, and a really good fan cap at the top to suck all the heat out when you put the doors on.and a fan at the bottom to suck cooler air from the floor in. Good Air flow though the rack will help dissipate the heat. if you have the room I would use single space between each cable box, unless its a DVR, then double space. Each amp I like double space, AVR a single space and a single space Fan to suck out air directly above it. Depending on your network switchs, you could stack them as some don't have heat issues. The surge protectors, I like to definitely space if I'm using panama because they can run warm to hot. I mostly use Wattbox and mount them in the rear. everyone is different, its just my simple plan.
  2. Wiring a new house

    there is no splice, its continuous loop on all the cats, and with the spray foam yes absolutely because snaking spray foam bites, theres always some kind of, Hey can we do this?
  3. Wiring a new house

    the way we are currently wiring new homes are from headend to bedroom closets then loop out to TV locations to Closet 2 cat 6, 1 cat6 shielded, upgrade option is cat 6a 1 quadshield RG6 1 HDMI if under 75' 1 14/4 From closet to TV location 2 cat 6, 1 cat6 shielded, upgrade option is cat 6a 1 quadshield RG6 1 HDMI 1 14/4 also 2 cat6 to specific locations on each floor for Waps, depending on the size of the home, possibly 2 locations per floor wiring it this way gives the homeowner the option of putting cable boxes in the rack, in the closet, or behind a tv if the boxes are Tiny. or using a Balun if needed. Also gives them the option to have a soundbar at the tv location, or put speakers in the ceiling. we use Smurf tube from the attic to all tv locations when possible because most of the homes we do are insulated with Foam,
  4. Control 4 new user

    the ea3 will give you a Gui on screen for navigation, however after the first couple times using it, you will bypass and just look at the remote control. just my opinion, that most customers tell me. however I do use my own gui to quickly look at my cameras if my phone isn't nearby As far as lighting, your local dealer will help you choose the proper Dimmer/Switch for the Load it would be controlling. Programming, start to finish will vary on the customization to be honest. minimum 2 hours for initial setup and program, but then add in all the customization that can be done. hit watch movie, and everything will be set for you, sound and video parameters, sources turn on and input selections completed, movie starts playing, and lights automatically dim. much more can be programmed as well, All depends on how custom,
  5. Control 4 new user

    me personally, I would go for an Ea3 to start just so you have the processing power. I would then get an io extender to add more ir controllable items so my setup would be to start SR260 controlling my Theater, add some lighting control too Sr260 controlling my 75" and the lounge area, Lighting control as well. maybe have some speakers installed or utilize the sonos. this would get your feet wet, interest peaked and hopefully add some more automation.
  6. we just picked up a new customer with a similar dilemma as you, we offered varied options, but came down to setting them up with a EA3, because it was cheaper to integrate an EA3 for 2 streams of music, for them which is really what they wanted. basically it was cheaper for them to do that, rather than buying another multi-room amp and 2 sonos. just add an EA3, and enjoy controlling your music from your phone, tablet, with the option of adding additional controls as you get the itch again.
  7. ShairBridge VS Apple

    ive installed plenty of systems and none of them have a big delay, including my own system. most of my systems usually consist of controller stereo out, to an audio matrix to an amp. delay is just about a second or two. kids use shairbridge a lot, and I use it quite a bit to listen to my sons summer baseball games. only thing I can think of for you is to adjust audio delay turn on, adjust audio sensitivity, if you amp has these features.
  8. I have used hikvision cameras with the luma nvr, yuou have to dummy down the video quality a bit and adjust the sub stream but it works,
  9. Russound MCA series Wake-On-Lan???

    I have a c3 also and after speaking with c4 tech support, and russound, we set up a fake audio server in the russound settings on zone 6, that helped keep the russound from going dead. I haven't had the unit turn off in 6 months the other option was to hook up a russound keypad and those would wake it up, for me, I didn't want that option ok one more option is to get a resettable outlet, I use wattbox, but you could always use a wemo or something to reset the outlet that will reboot the unit, when it powers down.
  10. Maybe it's just me, but it would be unacceptable, id find a way to move it
  11. Remote issues continue

    I was having a similar problem, 2.9 and 2.10.. had my controller in a rack, so I switched my main zigbee controller to a 250 that was out in the open, fixed the problem now for 3 weeks.even though it showed my remotes had great zigbee signal I was still having problems until I switched the server to the 250
  12. 4K Matrix not displaying 4k

    Make sure any balun being used is 4k, and all equipment that is 4k are using 4k HDMI cables
  13. WiFi Solutions

    They are absolutely easy set up, work very well, l, the remote access is simple, and I keep up on all my customers sites, I know of issues before they do. Araknis in my opinion is the best option excellent software to really adjust to each site.
  14. WiFi Solutions

    Like I was saying, we all have our preferred gear we like to use, I can just say I have done a ton of full araknis setups, and none of my customers complain about thier networks, whatever you decide, just build a solid stable network otherwise your system can be a nightmare.
  15. WiFi Solutions

    Building a solid network is so important to automating your home. We all have our devices we like to utilize, I prefer using araknis, they have been solid, pakedge, ubiquity are also solid choices. When I build a network i try to minimize equipment, centralizing your wired network, and build a properly laid out wireless network. If I remember correctly using thjose airport expresses only gives you 10/100 If wired. My advice is if whether you are looking to stream audio and video, build a gigabit network that can handle the throughput, within the network and get a internet service that can handle your household needs. If you chince your network, your streams suffer lesser quality streams. I'm not looking to sell you on anything, just trying to give you advice, before you spend a few hundred dollars and hate the experience you are having with the entire system, because in the end, it's all tied together a.d only works as well as the crappiest parts in your system