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  1. big mistake installing the wap behind a tv, the interference that occurs when that happens is unbelievable, you definitely do not want it behind a tv, that will not be the reason its connecting at 100 though, that could be factors as such, poor terminations, bad cable. incorrect settings, or incorrect settings in managed switch or even a loose not tight inserted cable into wap or switch. buy a cheap tester from home depot, or amazon and test your cable. make sure inserted into ports fully, and definitely move that wap from behind your tv.
  2. Mix C4 with Lutron Caseta

    I mix C4 lighting and Lutron lighting, I strategically placed the c4 in bedrooms to make sure ZigBee was being spread around well. then I have my casetta pretty much all over the rest of the house with the casetta bridge in the rack and a few casetta outlets around to repeat the casetta wireless. my wife likes the casetta better because she can visualize dimming the lights on the dimmer, most my lighting scenes are very simple so their isn't much comparison, yes there is much more you can program with c4 lighting, vs casetta, but if your doing simple and don't worry about the dimmers dimming its own leds, then by all means go with casetta and save the bucks. They work well.
  3. Schlage sense

    The specific schlage sense lock I have is apple homekit enabled, so it will connect with apple tv so I can use siri to unlock or lock the deadbolt, it's not leave, this one is Bluetooth, however it uses an apple tv for outside the house capabilities and no zwave butni can't use c4 unless I use the apple homekit driver available.
  4. Alexa Skill won't Discover any devices

    I had a problem where mine would not discover all my devices, or scenes, until I went into composer, clicked discover then when into into my dot and clicked discover there too. That worked for me,
  5. Hi and thanks for any advice you can offer i have denon AVR-4306 IR controlled i have a Samsung 8000 series tv IR controlled i have to use the Samsung inputs as well as all the denon inputs because I have 7 HDMI DEVICESand my denon only has 3. I love my Denon and don't want to give it up for a newer model with more hdmi inputs. Ea3 controlling them with sr260 remote the problem I'm having is that when on initial turning on of the activity when I click watch, select my source to watch everything turns on however the tv doesn't always select the proper input because of how long the tv takes to turn on. I will have to select another device and then go back an select the device I wanted to watch originally. Is there a way to program a delay in composer pro for when selecting inputs on the tv after initial startup. Everything works fine once the tv is powered, just not working on initial startup. I had a urc remote that did the same thing, but the fix was to put 5 second delay in the process and then it worked fine. icurrently am an associate installer and waiting on attending the in class course next month I've read and read through the knowledge base and haven't found an answer, done some internet reading and decided to come here and grab some help. thanks in advance Bill
  6. Schlage sense

    Anyone know if there is a Schlage sense door lock driver?
  7. Echo Dot Driver`

    This is what I did to get Alexa echo dot for each room Kid room 1 ran a cat6 from from room to my rack with 12 channel amp I used audio baluns, 1 side 3.5 minimstereo to rj45 the other rj45 to stereo rca, plugs into say zone 1 on amp that runs kid room 1 kid room 2 ran 50' stereo mini cable to rack plugged into zone 2 living, dining, kitchen I have dot placed in location it can hear us very well, and ran 50' stereo plugged into global A on amp running zone,3,4,and 5 sonos plugged into zone 6 amp is set to on, auto on or trigger and it cuts off the beginning of Alexa sentence. you cannot tell other rooms to play music. You can only tell the dots room your in to play, or answer what you ask. Dots audio is not as crisp as a Sonos, so once Sonos,dot Skill/driver is released I will switch my main rooms back to a Sonos. no way to adjust bass/treble on the dots.