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  1. tekki70

    HC300 and OS 2.10.3

    how many ir do you need in your theater, can always go with a ZigBee IO, has 2 IR unless you need more and cant do any ip control
  2. was tryng to add a custom wallpaper for either t3 touchscreens or gui but it wont let me. did some research and found this. any work arounds?? Any Control4 navigator running on flash will only have the default theme wallpaper once been updated to OS 2.10.0. Hardware affected: HC-800 OSD HC-250 OSD Control4 For PC and MAC C4-TSWMC7-EG ( C4-TSWMC5-EG ( C4-TW7C0 ( C4-TSMC7-EN (
  3. Use an input on tv that has the least bells and whistles
  4. if you want to see exact differences research at www.snapav.com
  5. use araknis all the time, its very solid,easy to setup and maintain. you wont be sorry.
  6. honestly buying a wifi-router combo isn't the best for an automated home. it could be your bottleneck. what you want is a routers processor do all the routing, let a switch take the load and do all the switchin, let the processing power of any router do its job. add in a few waps, I would do 1 in top floor and 1 in basement on opposite sides of the house about 25' from the side of the house this way most of your signal is in your houses and not filling your side yards, and see how your coverage is on the 1st floor. adjust output power on waps if needed or add a 3rd if needed. shouldn't really need a 3rd though in a 3k square foot house, but if theres is a lot of metal. or concrete you may need 1 wap per floor.
  7. tekki70

    Back Box for Samsung Frame TV

    honestly id rather wiretie that box to the bracket on the tv, feel a bit safer for the fiber cable.
  8. easy solution, go into denon settings, and select a default video source for the the audio source
  9. tekki70

    Lutron - Pico -Sonos

    I use the pico In my upstairs bathroom,i programmed volume buttons, I use the center button to shuffle my favorite pandora stations in the bathroom from my controller and skip function. is just a quick, cheap way to turn on some music in that bathroom
  10. tekki70

    C4-16AMP3-B Matrix Amp

    pick up a used 250 from ebay, have a dealer, or remote dealer set it up, and then you can use it
  11. tekki70

    Wattbox WTF

    where are you located?
  12. never happened to me using the native c4 Pandora, but it happens on sonos Pandora, another reason I ditched sonos, but for a 3rd streaming ability I now use heos, ill have to pay attention to see if it happens on that.
  13. tekki70

    Software Upgrade Cost

    being charged an hour time for the upgrade is fair, there is the 15 minute or so upgrade time, login time, and test time, Run through all the devices in composer to make make sure everything is good.
  14. you need a license to work in the state of new jersey, as well as a trade certificate, if its Low voltage Fire alarm, you need a burglar alarm licence if its cat 6, speaker you also need a license to pull the wiring, and a permit
  15. tekki70

    Video Distribution in new house

    There is quite a bit of 4k if you search for it, and atmos is just a standard, get the best quality sound you can get, whenever you can get it.
  16. tekki70


    its pretty loud and pushes speakers well has good depth however if you barely want to hear the person talking next to you then this amp isn't for you
  17. Lutron Caseta is a solid choice for dimmers and switches, much cheaper.
  18. hit list on the remote, scroll left or right through rooms, find the room and there you go
  19. Some situations require the use of ARC, Feeding sound from the TV back to the AVR because a customer doesn't want an, apple TV, Roku et,,,,, and wants to use the TV gui. Dolby Atmos is not passed through optical so you are stuck using ARC from the TV to AVR.
  20. I use the epic driver, I sometimes get the same message of such and such is not responding,so i ask alexa to discover devices but it never fixes it, but if I go into composer, hit send discovery and then do alexa discover devices it fixes it every time. sometimes I can go weeks at a time without any issues. I'm running latest firmware, Ea3 about 40 devices total on my system, everything is hardwired for network.
  21. tekki70

    9.2 receiver

    I have the Denon 4400 and absolutely love it, its feature rich and performs excellent
  22. tekki70

    Right Receiver Choice?

    take a look at the denon 4400 before you get the 2400, I have one and absolutely love it. I used to sell the Yamaha aventage line, but Denon is a workhorse, and feature rich, supports my 4k HDR, Dolby Atmos setup perfectly
  23. tekki70

    T3 10” touch screen

    honestly, since you are having multiple devices fail it all sounds like some kind of network conflict, most likely an improperly managed switch,I would wipe it, and start from there, as fart as the alarm goes I would remove it from the project, and if the problem persists you will know that its something with the alarm, if not then add it back to the project and then see if it happens again